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Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts. 1.6.1
More than 2800 grids of the best puzzle-game available.Moreaddictive than Sudoku, with even simpler rules. For hours ofplay,whether you are a beginner, or an expert at Kakuro. Kakuro(alsocalled Kakkuro, kakro, cross sums or カックロ), is a logic gamethatconsists of filling in a grid of numbers, in the same way asacrossword puzzle. If you enjoyed Sudoku logic, you'll loveKakuro'spuzzles As with Sudoku, the rules of Kakuro are simple andcan belearned in a few minutes. All you need to do is makesimpleadditions to put your logic to the test. Kakuro Plus offers11different game levels and 200 puzzles per level: It willprobablytake you more than a couple of hundred hours, and a lot oflogic toget these 2200 puzzles finished. As with Sudoku orcrosswords, eachpuzzle has a unique solution. It is up to you tofind it using yourlogic and perspicacity. This version of Kakuro ++allows you : • Toaccess all the 2200 Kakuro puzzles. • To begin andprogress, somepuzzles have been specially designed for beginners.Their smallsize and difficulty levels is suitable for first-timeplayers. • Toaccess grids of any level. The 11 game levels providea smoothprogression, from beginner to logic expert. • Annotate thetable,to record assumptions and move forward in complicated cases.• Togo back: there is a "UNDO" button to cancel up to 100actions.Don't be afraid to test your assumptions anymore. • Toenjoy highdefinition graphics for maximum readability. If you getaddicted tothis game, you can add new puzzles of different levels.Thisversion of Kakuro ++ adds unique features: • An automaticdeletionof unnecessary assumptions, when one of them is no longerlogical.• A help system, which offers you several possibilities: •Check ifyour grid has errors, without showing them to you. Thisallows youto remove a doubt, without providing you with thesolution. • Showyou where the mistakes are. • Give you a hint,which will allow youto move forward in difficult cases. • Avisualization of allpossible combinations of a clue. A color setshows you the possiblelogical values. The Kakuro rules: • Your goalis to fill in thegrid with numbers from 1 to 9 like a crosswordpuzzle. • The cluestell you the amount to be reached in each groupof horizontal orvertical boxes. • As with Sudoku or crosswords, youwill win whenthe game board is fully filled, without any mistakes.Feel free tosend me your comments (via the app) so that futureversions will beeven more attractive. Good Kakuro to all of you!