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Rogue Legend
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Our hero begins a legendary adventure in a quest to restore themagical order that once protected this land. After fighting endlessmonsters corrupted by foul magic and dangerous encounters withdemon lords, our hero finds the great magician who can repair themagic order…   Game features: ▶ Shooting Roguelike game, everybattle is a new experience. ▶ Simple one-handed operation, conquerthe world with one hand! ▶ Hundreds of skills, thousands ofcombinations, every battle is a unique experience. ▶ Endless gamelevels, hundreds of unique monsters and powerful bosses await. ▶Powerful and loyal pets to fight by your side in your arduousquest. ▶ Choose from a large variety of powerful weapons to slaymonsters and demons.   START YOUR EPIC ADVENTURE NOW! Ifyou have any problems in the game, please feel free to contact us.- Customer Service Email: [email protected] - Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Rogue-Legend-106543344316990/
しあわせアニマルホスピタル 1.10
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You are the first doctor in the new hospital! Run a hospital andsave a bunch of troubled animals!