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Ringo Ringtones & Notification Sounds 2.0.24
FREE Ringtones and Notifications for Android phones The RingoRingtones app offers thousands of top free ringtones andnotification sounds in the most popular categories and from popularsongs and music. It also provides tools to easily manage ringtones,alarm and notification sounds for Android phones. Customize yourphone's ringtones Ringo allows you to easily change your Androidphone's default ringtone, SMS ringtones, notifications sound andalarm sound. Also, you can set custom ringtones for your contactsto identify who is calling. Customize your apps' notificationsounds and ringtones Use Ringo to set the notification sounds ofsocial apps such as Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram. Set ringtonesand notification sounds for communication apps such as Messenger,WhatsApp and Telegram. And any other app that includes ringtones ornotifications. Just choose Ringo when setting notification soundsor ringtones from the desired app. Or, go to your phone's "Settings> Notifications", select the desired app, choose the desiredringtone or notification to set and select Ringo as the app tocomplete the action with. Download ringtones, download sounds Ourringtone app allows you to download for free any ringtone or soundto your Android phone and use it as a ringtone or notification withother apps. Popular Categories Some of Ringo's top ringtonecategories include: Music and songs categories such as Classical,Children, Dance, Hip Hop, Love, Movies, Pop, R&B, RAP, Soul,Reggae, Religious, Rock, Country and Latin. Sounds, melodies andexpressions categories such as Funny & Comedy, Contactringtones, Notifications tones, Sayings, Sound Effects and phonefactory ringtones such as iPhone. Music, songs and sounds forholidays such as Christmas, New Year, Valentines. And more beingadded regularly. Key difference from the Zedge app Ringo Ringtones'main difference from the Zedge app is that none of our ringtonesand notification sounds/tones are community generated. This allowsus to better control the ringtones and notification sounds/tonesavailable in the app. Therefore, unlike Zedge, Ringo' categoriescontain ringtones that are relevant to each category. Also unlikethe Zedge app, Ringo does not include multiple copies of the sameringtone or notification sound/tone. Factory Ringtone CategoriesAlso, Ringo Ringtones app allows you to access and assign yourAndroid phone's factory ringtones and notification sounds directlyfrom the app. A much simpler way to set your factory ringtones andnotifications! No need to access your phone's complicated settings.Use any music file on your phone With Ringo, you can browse and useany music file on your phone as a ringtone or a notification sound.Find which contacts have custom ringtones Our ringtones app showswhich of your contacts have special ringtones (not set to thedefault ringtone) and allows you to change them or reset them toyour Android phone's default ringtone directly from the app. Also,every time you use the app, the app checks and lets you know if anyassigned ringtone or notification sound file was deleted by mistakecausing ringtone problems. See your default ringtone settings Ringoshows your Android phone's default ringtone settings on one page:default ringtone, alarm ringtone, SMS ringtone and Notificationsound. No need to access your phone's complicated settings. Shareringtones and categories The app allows you to share your favoriteringtones and ringtone categories with your friends. Even when theyhave not yet installed the app. Other features - Keep your favoriteringtones in one list for easy access. - Search any keyword orphrase to find your favorite ringtones. - Manage all your savedringtones from one list. If you have any questions, comments orsuggestions, please email us at [email protected].
Ringo Word Connect Crossword 1.0.3
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