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Marbles Movie Maker
Okay, James Camera-on, let's see if you've gotwhat it takes to win this year's Ostar for Best Flixture! Use theMarbles Movie Maker app together with Marbles: The Brain Store’svery own SpaceFlix Movie Maker Kit to be the director of your veryown space themed stop-motion movie! Each kit comes with all thatyou need to film your own masterpiece and with the app’s help,you’ll be making stop-motion movies in no time. Decorate your ownbackdrops and shape the modeling clay to create the stars of yourfeature flick. Don't be too Sirius, have fun and show off yourQuarky sense of humor! And who knows, perhaps your film will be sogreat, the Earth will revolve around YOU!Don’t have the SpaceFlix yet? No problem. Go ahead and downloadthe app and use objects from around your house…clay, stuffedanimals, chicken nuggets…anything you can find has the potential tobe the star of your next flick. Let your brain go wild!
Remote Camera
Turn your device into a remote camera for Stop Motion Studio.
Stop Motion Studio
A unique animation app. Powerful, easy to use, and lots of fun.
Stop Motion Studio Pro
The world’s easiest app to get you into stop motion moviemaking!