Krishna Run: Adventure Runner
-------* Krishna Run was nominated in Indie Game of the year category atNASSCOM Game Developer Conference, 2014.* Krishna Run was ranked in top 100 Free Games (Rank 72) - GooglePlay India - November 2016* Reviewed and Recommended by BAAP APPS: Graphics of game are good.The visualization of Gokul, Mathura and Vrindavan are done prettywell.* We were an official game partner for Baal Krishna seriesBroadcasted on Big Magic channel (in India)-------Download this free and best Krishna Game yet 'Krishna Run' as itredefines action & adventure mobile game. Jump, slide, dodgeobstacles and shoot enemies in your way to kill Kansa. Collect gemsand perform all moral tasks for a high score with three peacockfeathers.Enjoy the adventure run through exotic locations in this actionpacked auto-runner platformer game.You are little cute Krishna, the runner & shooter who fightsand kills all the bosses in his way. While dodging obstacles, don'tforget to restore Krishna's energy with delicious butter.Strategize your jumps for different cliff distances to saveyourself from deadly pit.Lets see how fast you can kill 9 bosses.Introduce this 3D krishna game to your children & kids.Download it now for FREE and have fun!!Control:Swipe Up on right to jump.Swipe Down on right to slide.Tap on left to fire.Collect gems, shoot all the enemies and do moral tasks to earn 3peacock feathers.Game Features:Play 36 exciting & adventure levels and fight 9 bosses who weresent by evil king Kaans to defeat Krishna.Enjoy the best 3D effects & graphics in this free game.Shoot to kill enemies & complete all Moral tasks to defeat thebosses.Use the Baal Krishna Makkhan Pot when in need of extraenergy!In this Platformer game dodge obstacles by either jumping over orsliding under them.Compete all levels with friends & kids for moreachievements!Connect with usIf you liked our game or think there could be more improvementsthen please do review the game OR Connect with us on:•Facebook Page:•Twitter:•Website:•Email: [email protected]
Dice Math 1.0.4
Dice Math- Train your brain!Polish your numeric skills.The dice game will boost your mathematical skills. In thisfreemath puzzle game to solve the equation (which includesGreaterThan, Less Than & Equal To) swipe only verticallyandhorizontally to make the sum of dices on both side of thesigncorresponding to the sign; also, swipe equal number of dicesoneither side of the sign.Features:-Three different modes to play:- Classic Mode- Turn Mode- Time ModeYour feedback is vital to us, help us make this game better;weare waiting for your comments.Contact us on: [email protected]
Astra Slash 2.0.2
Slash all weapons of Ravan coming towards LordRam while you avoid slashing Ram’s weapons. Every head of Ravandefeated unfolds a new challenge and introduces a new weapon to beslashed.Your goal is to slash as many weapons of Ravan as possible,which will eventually help Lord Ram to behead Ravan’s 10 heads ofAdharma.Key Features• Easy to play (slash across screen to cut Ravan’s weapons)• Slash combo Astra (weapons) and collect more points• Checkpoint: Ability to continue from 4th & 7th Head ofRavan• Impressive Aesthetics, Visual Effects & Soundtrack• 10 unique weapons introduced after defeating each head ofRavan• Compete against friends on Leaderboard and Unlock challengingachievementsLearning: Ravan is said to have ten heads of Adharma, whichcould be countered only by a man who was perfect in all aspects –the Purushottam (ultimate). The goal of game is therefore to helpchildren learn subconsciously about the ten fundamentals of Dharma,which are essentials of making our life happy. Check out the"Learn" section in Options Menu.Connect: If you liked our game or think there could be moreimprovements then please do review the game OR Connect with uson:• Facebook Page:• Twitter:• Youtube:• Website:• Email: [email protected]
ZOONO : The Rescue Hero
OSMO the planet has fallen!! PYRO with hisevil powers has captured Osmo and all its inhabitants except ourlittle hero ZOONO.Team up with ZOONO and save his friends and their planet from theevil hands of PYRO.Zoono is an addictive, challenging, skill based and fun puzzlegame. Solve the puzzle by swiping and link each shape with singlepath and avoid intersecting itself. Complete all the puzzles withinminimum moves to earn 3 stars in every level. The visuals in ZOONOis aesthetically pleasing and emits relaxing atmosphere withdetails in each animation.The accompanying ambient music and audio have been carefullyselected to help creating immersive experience.Build towers, collect Blits and break the enemy gates to defeatPyro, the demon who captured all the Osmonians and rebuild the OSMOcity.Play all the exciting levels of ZOONO to thrash Pyro!Features• Exciting Levels: Play over 150 challenging levels free withunique challenges introduced in every region.• Rebuild OSMO: The player needs to collect energy and use hisstrategic skills to rebuild various elements in the world in asequence that aids him to progress faster through variousregions.• Stunning Graphics: Graphics that set the tone just right and alsoset the stage for a powerful adventure; Zoono’s dazzling visualsand visual effects are one of its kinds. With such invigoratingelements, the game-environment, characters and visual effects allcombine to give a real-life game play.• Purposeful Story: The game has a terrific plot that gives itsplayers a strong sense of purpose and a sense of achievement.• Arcade Mode: Sure to give you adrenaline rush! This time basedarcade mode pushes you to think faster and solve as many puzzles aspossible. Gear up for the challenge and compete on the leaderboard.For any questions or comments reach out to us at:[email protected] with ZOONO! Facebook: