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God Stickman: Battle of Warriors - Fighting games 0.6.4
The battle war was started 🔥🔥🔥 and the enemies are an armyofstrange stickman and they want to destroy your country. Youwilltransform into a brave warrior, stand up to fight anddefendagainst the invasion of enemies. 🌟🌟🌟 FEATURES -A battle warof truespear throwing warriors -More than 200+ challenging levelsand 5+different stages -Discover all unique weapons with specialskills-Upgrade your weapons to boost your throwing spear power-It’stotally spear battle games for free -Addictive gameplay withsimplecontrols -Great graphic effects and background music ️🏆️🏆️🏆HOW TOPLAY -Swipe your finger to adjust your angle and control yourspear-When everything is ready, throw your spear and kill theenemyquickly. Can you make a headshot? A nice headshot cancompletelydestroy a stickman enemy or even two. Try it! -Use coinsand gemsto collect all unique weapons. In the spear fighting games,eachweapon has a special skill so using it in a reasonable way tofightbest -Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons to maximizeyourthrowing spear power Like shooting bow & throwing speargames,the stickman top fighting games help you show your bestskills.Choose the best spear weapon, start a classic battle war andbecometop spear throwing warrior. Download now! 👉👉👉 Are you readyfor anew spear throwing battle?
Funky island - Banana Monkey Run 1.17
🍌 Help our little monkey run out of the bananas island andcollectall banana in this journey game by awesome jump and run.Collect asmany bananas as possible to unlock more items, getupgrades,specials and power ups... 🍌 Bananas Monkey Run - GameFeatures: -More than 100+ exciting levels and updating every week -Easy toplay - one touch to run, jump and slide - Cool graphics -lovelymonkey games - Different costumes for your monkey kong -Thejourney game with various obstacles - Use one finger tocontrolmonkey banana have swing shot or monkey jump in thissuperadventure journey game 🍌 How to play monkey games: - Tap, longtapscreen to control king kong jump and parachute swings. -collectbananas as many as you can. - Slide when you are full ofenergy togo further - Finish all levels with 3 stars to earn bonusand somuch bananas. Monkey kong is very hungry, help monkey runavoid thedanger, kill all enemies,get more monkey bananas to reachthe finaldestination. Banana monkey waiting for you to conquer,collect asmany bananas ... you can have completed the goal !Journey gameclassic but very charismatic, you just tap and slideskillfully isable to pass easily. Download Bananas Monkey Run -neverending run!
Idle Cat Tycoon: Build a live stream empire
Are you ready to become the richest business tycoon of all eras?🐱Build the largest automatically live stream empire in the world.🐱Discover tons of beautiful live stream Topics: Studio,Fashion,Gyms… 🐱 Manage 100+ famous cat idols, who working to theirheart'scontent for you. 🐱 Collect Fame and Fortune from yourbusinessesjust by tapping! 🐱 Invest intelligently in theprofessional catsekips to receive even more money. 🐱 Upgrading yourlive streamPalaces to develop your live stream empire. Have youalways dreamedof building your own entertainment business empire?Do you want toform your own multi-national conglomerate to create aworldwidemonopolistic economy? Then Idle Cat Tycoon is the game foryou!Let’s come to the live stream colorful world in theentertainmentindustry, where your success will bring a ton of fameand fortune,enough to building even your own live stream empire. InthisBusiness simulation game, Tapping will be your greatest asset!IdleCat Tycoon’s features: 👉 ADDICTIVE AND SIMPLY GAMEPLAY: TAPTORICH! • Broadcasting videos form you live stream palaces; •Collectmoney and fame through likes, flower, heart your fan givingyou; •Hire the Cat Idols to work and manage the business in placeof you;• Upgrade live stream content and move to new live streambuilding• Sit back and watch your empire grow into the greatest oneof alleras. 👉 MANY OPTIONS TO BUILD YOUR LIVESTREAM EMPIRE! •Purchasingsuper-level package; • Joining the Happy Time event anddancing tothe heart’s content; • Catching the golden parrot andearn a greatdeal amount of cash; • Using your cash to upgrade thequality oflive stream contents & idols. • Reborn into a newbetter lifewith the old memory and bigger fortune await; 👉 VARIETYOFBUILDINGS, TOPIC & AN ARMY OF CAT IDOLS! • Make money whileyourenovate your live stream business building. More moneymeanshaving better and more stunning tower and palace appearances!• Newtopic will be unlocked as well as you continue raisingyourbusiness into the new levels with whole new set of live streamroomand equipment. • New 100+ overload cuteness cat idols willappearand work for you as far as you process the game. • Therefore,youwill always feel fresh when building your live stream empireafterhours and hours collecting fame and fortune. Start idle gamesnowfor free! Enjoy your own business adventure and build the dreamofbecoming the richest you’ve always wanted. All you need to doisjust tap and tap, getting all that fame, fortune and ton ofsweetcash! Grab a chance now to become the richest and mostfamoustycoon in the world! Let’s jump the business adventure to getthatfame and fortune!
Cube Runner 3D - Running games 1.3.0
Welcome you to Cube’s adventure. You will join a really funadventure game with blocks and boxes.Your mission is to controlCube to pass all walls on the road. In this unique cube surfinggame collect the blue cubes and dodge the red boxes to win therace. You must really contrencate to cross all obstacles. Try tonot hit on the wall, you must be stopped and fail this mission.Collect the boxes and make high towers. More cubes, more fun. Chaincubes get double the coins and get more rewards. Cube runner 3D isfunny hyper casual games that help you alway relax once you play.Addective Features: 18 new characters with beautiful fashion 9beautiful boxes colors Attractive environment in game Free to playforever Amazing control and wonderful sound, graphics Ton of levelsto play Difficult more than you think HOW TO PLAY Touch the screento control the Cube character across all the obstacles Adjust Cubebetween right and left to avoid hit on the wall block Collect manyboxes to get high scores Reach top of score to multiply the scoremany times Earn gems to unlock new character and new block colorsTry to get out of the orange zone as soon as possible to win Watchout for the rotating hurdles. Surf your cube tower stack away fromthe rotating hurdles and dodge them to get across. Understand therotation pattern to get across because they are the tough one! Now,time to join the Cube adventure. Let explore and make the towerhighest if you can. Play and get a high score to become a top userand change your friends.
Assassin Attack - Become legend hunter, hero games 0.0.6
If you are a loyal fan of real killer assassin games,AssassinAttack will be for you - new game of hunter hero assassin2020.Assassin Attack Game’s Features: + Transform yourself intoaprofessional assassin based hunter + Challenge hundreds ofhardchapters + Unlock and own a collection of 50+ new hunter skins+Ultra stunning graphics and realistic hunting animations+Experience smooth hunting battle HOW TO PLAY - Controlyourassassin and hide behind the wall - Touch the screen to movewhereyou want to go - Move faster and faster and hunt downanyterrorists you see - Get valuable rewards and gems to unlockmoreskins You will be one of the assassin masters of the SpecialForceTeam. Your main goal is to eliminate terrorists armed withguns,find and kill Terrorist Tycoons and take Top Secret documentstohave the opportunity to open new challenging stages. Don’tforgetto ensure the secret of action because when discovered youwill behard to escape. To kill down terrorists one by one, theassassincharacter you control need have the following assassinskills: ✔️Skill to use a knife ✔️ Skill to hide ✔️ Skill to move ✔️Skill toselect opportunities to take action and escape quickly ✔️BecomeLegend Hunter ✔️ Hero of assassin games ✔️Assassin'sCreedAdventure In this hunter assassin fighting game, your rewardiswell worth it. Each completed mission, you will receive medalsandbonuses. These rewards not only help you unlock new hunterskinsbut also to be from a private soldier to a general, yourassassinhunting skills will increasingly develop. Assassin'sCreed,Assassin's Creed, Valhalla, Creed Rebellion: Adventure(Assassin'sCreed Rebellion) Hunter - Hero of assassin games, CreedIdentity,Hunter : Assassin Sniper 2020, Ninja, Samurai, Hero,AssassinKiller: Shelter & Attack Assassin Attack gives you allthe mostthrilling and exciting feelings. You will burst out of joywhencompleting missions. What are you waiting for, download nowandstart to your special adventure with the new hero hunter game-Assassin Attack Whenever you have some questions aboutAssassinAttack game, please contact us at: [email protected] - - - Thank you - - -
Zombie Defense - Plants War - Merge idle games 1.1.12
Zombie Defense 🧟 is the legendary zombie game genre 🔥, addingmanyinteresting and new features. A zombie pandemic appeared aroundtheglobe, causing people to flee. Scientists have createdgeneticallymodified plants 🌼🌼🌼 with special abilities to fight ⚔zombies. Thegenetically modified plants' noble mission is tocompletelyeliminate and prevent zombies from attacking human bases.Thegameplay is simple, but you will need to be creative andusetactics to win against the zombies and home defense. 🧟🧟🧟 HOWTOPLAY CREATIVELY 👉 Unlock soil plots to plant trees.🌻🌻🌻 👉Mergeplants of the same level to create a new tree with more power.👉Move plants to another plot to attack zombies. 👉 Use Angry Boosttoincrease the power and attack speed of plants. 👉 Kill allzombiesbefore they enter the human base. UNIQUE FEATURES Many newfeaturesare only available in the Zombie Defense: 👉 Upgrade plantsquicklyby double-clicking on trees to automatically merge 2identicalplants. 🌷🌷🌷 👉 You get 1 plant every 15 seconds (UseBooster "FastGift" to speed up plant generation). 👉 You can alsoget more plantsby watching the ads or buying it in the Plant Store.👉 Use theautomatic machine "Auto Merge" to avoid manually mergingplants. 👉Enjoy exploring 3 chapters and 200 levels. 👉 There are 70types ofplants with different strengths and 62 types of zombies.. 👉You canuproot unnecessary plants. 🌻🌷🌹 And many other interestingfeatures.You will be a talented hero controlling a team of plantsto destroyall zombies. Zombie has appeared, fight now!!!
Cooking Marina - cooking games
- Start cooking games restaurant. Discover tasty dishes inSingapore
Cooking Travel - Food truck fast restaurant
🍭 Make your own cuisine fever 🚎 Travel in the truck restaurants
Cooking Sweet : Home Design, Restaurant Chef Games 1.3.12
👩‍🍳Angela, a young and aspiring star chef, needs your help toachieve her life-long dream. From starting as a breakfastrestaurant cook ☀️ to becoming a fine dining restaurant head chef🌙, travel together with Angela on a cooking voyage 🚢 around theworld and satisfy your craze for cooking. 👉 Visit other culinarycities 🍛 and learn their distinct cuisines. 🥮 👉 Experience themadness of lunch rush fever 🍱 and dinner service frenzy. 🍽️ 👉Discover and unlock fresh🍍, exotic ingredients. 🥗 👉 Explore newyummy 🍜 and tasty recipes. 🍝 👉 Buy and upgrade new cookingequipment 🍳 and appliances to expand your kitchen. 🧂 👉 Serve sweetice cream🍧 and pudding 🍮 to make customers happy! 👨‍💼 Henry, afterhanding over the family restaurant to his niece Angela, returns tohis old dream of becoming an interior design professional. Followand help Henry become an amazing interior designer❗ 👉Sketchbeautiful house plans 📐 and give every room an exquisite makeover.🎨👉Choose the best decoration ☎️ from a wide variety of selections. 💻👉Renovate and decorate 🏚️ to give every room the best look. 🏡 👉Helpclients build their dream mansion 🕌 and luxurious beach resort. 🏝️👉 Take pictures of your accomplishment 📸 and share them withfriends and family! 🎥 🤔 So what does this game FEATURE? 🤔 🥧 COOK 🥧✔️🎮Simple tap control to prepare ingredients and serve food. Nocomplex maneuvers required.🎮 ✔️💥Fast-paced and addictive cookinggameplay to simulate real restaurants.💥 ✔️🎉1000+ levels from a widevariety of restaurants, each with its own ingredients to unlock andappliances to upgrade. (More to be updated in the future)🎉✔️✨Manage restaurants well or use boosts to quickly fulfill theendless flow of customers’ orders.✨ 📐 DESIGN 📐 ✔️⭐Collect stars andunlock new decorations.⭐ ✔️🎄3 styles for each decoration to mix andmatch.🎄 ✔️🎀Beautiful and realistic design selections.🎀 ✔️🎁10+ roomswith hundreds of decorations to choose from. (More to be updated inthe future)🎁 🎧 EXPERIENCE 🎧 ✔️📝 Engaging storyline 📝: Follow Angelaand Henry on their respective journeys and help them achieve theirdreams. ✔️💃 Endearing characters 🏄‍♂️: New supportive characterswill appear throughout the story to help Angela and Henry ✔️📚 Cook& Design Diary 📚: Record moments in Angela and Henry’s story soyou can revisit anytime you want. IMPORTANT NOTE: Cooking Sweetrequires internet access for features like daily rewards, restoringlost game progress, downloading game contents, and other gameplayimprovements.
Cooking Us: Master Chef 1.2.0
🎉️🎉 Welcome to Cooking Us - Give you an invitation to experiencethe best cooking games 2021. 🍿🍭🍰 Cooking Us is a new game ofsimulating restaurant but you will act as a Master chef andcomplete all challenges realistically. 🍨🥗🍟 🌟 New Features of thisfun cooking game 🌟 * Discover a variety of cuisines from manycountries through 5-star restaurants. * Cooking Simulation: fromcake shop to burger restaurant, from fast-food to seafood - It'syour adventure to take steps to become a top chef. 👨‍🍳👨‍🍳 * Cookoff & serve customers with any orders on time * Collect coins,gems and full of keys after finishing each level * Unlock morekitchens and learn new cooking skills. * Make more combos to getextra 5x tips from customers. * Upgrade ingredients andkitchenwares to cook up speed. * Enjoy free cooking hours withaddictive gameplay. As you know, the United States is not onlywell-known as a modern country but also a food paradise with adiversity of luxurious cuisines. 🔥💥 This is the main reason why wecreated the best chef game called "Cooking Us" and the cuisines ofthe United States will be a special theme in there. ️🏆️🏆️ If thefrenzy with cooking games for free or addictive time-managementgames inside you is enough, let’s show off your cooking skills inthe madness kitchen as a crazy chef of all restaurant games.👩‍🍳👨‍🍳👨‍🍳 HOW TO PLAY * Tap to cook & serve the customer intime 🍣🍱 * Keep an eye on the kitchen items and cooking time, don’tburn food! 🍔🍔 * Arrange the cooking process reasonably, don't wastefood! 🍩🍘 * Practice time-management skills 🍭🍰 * Use magic boostersto get more cooking fun 🍲🍝 * Share your achievements in cookinggames with your friends 🍡🍢 🍎🍒 Start your hot cooking journey!Cooking Us will bring you to travel from a small cafe shop to a5-star famous restaurant, from a pastry shop to a giant burger,from the city’s fast food to seafood in the harbor town. ️🎯️🎯 Byincorporating the game challenge into delicious dishes andaddictive gameplay, you can enjoy the fun of cooking and exploregreat American cuisine as well as many other cuisines. Build yourown cooking brand to make a fever worldwide. 🥓🍤 When the customerscome and order any food, your mission is to prepare ingredients,cook & serve them in the limited time. The happy cooking hourswill appear even during rush time. 🌮🥗 As soon as you collect enoughcoins and full of keys, you can unlock and open more new fastrestaurants. Upgrade your kitchens to unlock thousands of newdishes and hundreds of new appliances. 🍕🌭 To fulfill the dream ofbecoming a star chef, you need to test your time management skills.The more combos you make, the more and more rewards you earn in thenew restaurant fever game. 👉 Download and play now! 🏃🏃 👉 Become theprofessional chef your customers are always looking for! 👨‍🍳
Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Simulation games
⭐Become the hotel tycoon. 🎯 Build your dream hotel 🏨
Cooking Kawaii - cooking game madness fever
Cook & Serve food worldwide Wake up your inner cooking kawaii
Cooking Love - Chef Restaurant 1.3.27
Transformed into a passionate chef, you will be invited to takepart in the cooking adventure. 🍤🥓 To fulfill your dream of becominga cooking star chef, you have to accept these challenges withCooking Love. Start your own fever to show off your crazy-cooking,time management and food serving skills! 🍔🍟 FEATURES 🍹 Open 5-starrestaurants in many countries: United States, Japan Cuisines,India, China, Mexico and coming soon 🍭 Variety of cultures fromNorth America to South America, from Europe to Asia 🍰 Challenge500+ frenzy levels and learn unique recipes to cook ton ofdelicious dishes 🍟 Kick off the magic kitchen by using powerfulboosts 🍡 Enjoy addictive gameplay and endless cooking and bakingfun! HOW TO PLAY - Unlock restaurants all around the world as youcan - Cook & serve 300+ yummy food meals - Upgrade ingredientsand cooking kitchenwares - Try to serve more customers in time andcreate more combos - Use booster items to power up your cookingskills. - Do not burn or waste any food! 📲📲📲 Download now! Time tojoin in the Cooking Love game! The food city is there to help youwrite your own diary for cooking love.
Merge Dream - Mansion design 1.3.38
Lisa is a leading interior designer in the world. She has gone on along journey to travel all around the world, discovering everythingabout the design and decoration of many countries with variouscultures. Now, she has returned to her old hometown, where she grewup with the dream of building a leading interior design companyhere. This is a mystery town with many old romantic mansions thatneed a renovation to become splendid. 🕍🏰🏤 Every day, Lisa meets somany customers who need her to renovate and decorate their villa.Follow and help Lisa in adventure to make her dream come true: 🏰Sketch beautiful house plans, and give every room an exquisitemakeover. 🏰 Choose the best decoration from a wide variety ofselections. 🏰 Renovate and decorate to give every room the bestlook. 🏰 Help clients build their dream manor and luxurious gardens.AMAZING FEATURE IN THIS MANSION GAME 🛌Flexible to change stylecolor for your designer’s vision 🛌10+ rooms with hundreds ofdecorations to choose. 🛌New supportive characters will appearthroughout the story to help you and Lisa 🛌 Unlock new rooms withunique gameplay, luxurious decorations, amazing animations. 🛌 Mergeitems to discover hundreds of unique tools to create and use yourrenovation HOW TO PLAY MERGE: Merge items into the useful toolsthat will help you to renovate and decorate the many rooms of themansion that were destroyed. DESIGN: Collect stars and unlock newdecorations. Repair and design the house with luxurious exteriorand interior furniture and make it like new. Use your designer’svision to create a unique home with your own sense of style andcreativity. UNCOVER: find and discover mysterious objects in thehouse. There is always new evidence to discover and more rooms toorganize. Let’s jump together with Lisa on her respective journeysand help her achieve her dream. 👇Download for free today and jointhe manor house game!
Cooking Design - City Decorate, Home Decor Games
Build your own dream city Become a Master of designing home
Hotel Diary - Grand doorman story craze fever game 1.4.2
Can you build the Hotel Diary if you own the dream hotels ? Are youready to serve travelers to your hotel in this beautiful city? Manyinteresting things are waiting for you to discover in this hotelgame offline. Hotel Game Features: ⭐ Own 5-star luxury hotelsworldwide. 🎯 Enjoy great experiences with 300+ unique hotel levels.🏆 Build the biggest and most professional hotel chain with freehotel games 🎉 Manage and control the staff teams to serve your cutetravelers 🍕 Cook the tasty dishes according to the orders from theguests 💰 Collect coins, gems and likes to upgrade hotel story games🏨 Build luxury hotels to attract more guests. ⏰ Serve the guests asquickly as possible as hotel game time is limited 👌 Don't forget touse the boosters to help complete your levels. ✔️ Build perfecthotel service The guests coming to your hotel are friendlytravelers from all over the world. They want to book and check-in a5-star luxury hotel where they feel relaxed and comfortable. Let’swelcome your guests to this hotel and give them the bestexperiences with your hotel service. ✔️ Serve with all your heartin your Hotel game Not only room service, but your hotel alsosupplies food service. The other guests like the hotel's diningservices. They want to order and enjoy the famous dishes:Hamburgers, Coffee, Cake ... The dishes are cooked by yourself andcustomized for the guests upon request. You can make extra moneywith this service if you please your guests. ✔️ Hotel managementwith staff With this hotel simulation game, you will become a HotelManager with the best staff: the waitress, the doorman, thereceptionist,... They will help you serve and do any requests fromyour guests. You will easily manage by tapping to control youremployees to perform the work. ✔️ Develop luxury hotel chain Areyou ready for being a Hotel Tycoon? You can get involved in thedevelopment of a business hotel installing hotel simulation game.Make lots of money and upgrade your hotel, kitchen appliances, foodservice, housekeeping service, ... as soon as you have enough moneyand gems. Not only money, if you get a lot of likes from tourists,the easier it is to attract more tourists to you. ✔️ Specialchallenges only available at Hotel Diary Manage hotels and controlyour staff are very important in this hotel serving games. Duringpeak times, the number of visitors to your hotel is too crowded, donot forget to use boost items in the hotel game. It's magic time tospeed up your hotel service and overcome tough challenges. Come toHotel Diary and write your hotel diary in your own way! Become aprofessional and world-class hotel manager? 👉 Download now! Yourstaff team has got ready for serving - Let’s start Hotel Diary!
Plant Empires - Zombie War, Merge Defense Monster
Zombies are coming. Fight now to protect the garden!
Hotel Marina - Grand Hotel Tycoon, Cooking Games 1.0.33
🔊 Let's welcome all the business and leisure travelers coming fromall around the world! Have you ever dreamed of being a hotel owner?This strongly addictive ✨hotel time management game✨ has youcovered. Get yourself ready and build your own hotel empire, manageyour staffs and fulfil customers' requests to become the world’sgreatest luxury hotel 💎. Complete daily quests and get rewards tounlock new fascinating adventures and places. What is awaiting youin this FUN game? 🏨 Operate and manage your own 5 star hotels chainwith 300+ hotel levels 👩‍💼 Manage your own team in the hotel storygame 🪐 New maps and adventures all over the world ⏰ Delight yourguests with time-management skills 🏆 Complete daily quests toreceive new rewards and extra money 👨‍🍳 Deliver your best hotelservice and room service and get likes ⚡ Upgrade your hotel roomsto the next level! 🚀 Use Boosters to help you complete differentlevels Build your own professional ✨hotel story✨ Attract moreguests coming from different countries to your dream hotel andcreate your own hotel story in this game. Satisfy your customers’needs on time and ensure their smooth stay to unlock more enjoyablehotel adventures. Managing a hotel has never been so exciting as itis! Serve your customers with the best ✨hotel service✨ Preparedaily hotel amenities 🧼 and make sure your hotel rooms are cleanbefore the guests check-in. Upgrade equipment to improve yourserving time and ensure customer satisfaction during their stayhere. Quickly react to customers' requests and cook them tastymeals 🍹 with room service 🍽️ as fast as you can. Earn likes andextra tips for excellent 🌟5-star hotel service you could bring toyour customers. Become a ✨hotel owner✨ of a dream team Work withthe best staff and help them fulfill orders in line with hotelstandards. Grab the chance to explore different hotel cultures andconnect with people sharing the same hotel dream 🌈. At the end ofthe day, it’s your responsibility to make sure your guests aresatisfied with your service without any complaints and become agreat hotel manager in the hospitality industry. Unlock your ✨hotelmanagement skill✨ with 300+ game levels Test your time managementskill and creativity in an exciting hotel business dream. Serveyour customers in a timely manner by using boosters during peaktime and speed up your hotel service as you expand your hotelbrand. 🔥 Get ready for an adventure to your Dream Hotel, satisfycustomers' needs and expand your business to the world’s bestluxury hotel!
Hotel Decor: Hotel Manager, Home Design Games
Become the top hotel manager and design your own homes!
Cooking Truck - Food truck worldwide cuisine
Build your own truck restaurant Discover food cuisines on yourcooking truck
Car Puzzle - Puzzles Games, Match 3, traffic game 0.1.35
Welcome to Car Puzzle - An amazing Puzzle game combined betweencars and puzzles. In this match 3 and car puzzles you will discovertons of addictive levels. Sharpen your match-3 puzzle skills toeven higher levels and match cars with your wits. Use your wits tounlock all levels and get high on top ranking. ✔️ Car puzzlesfeatures - match-3 game ⭐ Challenge only at car puzzle games with200+ levels 🚕 You can unlock newer cars 🚗 Match cars of the samecolor to clear the way. 🚑 Assist police, fire truck and ambulanceto their destination 🚁 Make room for helicopters 🚂 Help trainpassing through congested city 🚔 Help the police complete themission. 🚑 The ambulance needs to get out of the traffic jam assoon as possible ⚡ Support cars that are having problems on theroad. 🚧 Eliminate obstacles to help vehicles flow. 🤝 Can be playedalone or with many people! ✔️ How to play ☑️ Match 3 cars of thesame color to solve traffic jams. 🔶 Swipe to match 3 or more in arow and watch the magic happen. 🚧 Eliminate obstacles by matching 3cars of the same color together 🔥 Don't forget there will be somehelp available for you to use it to complete the difficult task 👮Police car will help you solve many obstacles at once. ⚠️With alimited number of moves in each level, you rely on your mindcompleting all the level goals as well as get the high score youwant. 🌟You will never get bored playing this triple match game.Each level is a new challenge you use your intelligence toovercome. 👉 Download now! The best puzzle game you are looking for!Let’s join an exciting adventure now!
Merge City - Decor Mansion, Manor, Villa Games 0.4.9
The story is about Angela - a well-known interior designer who hasbeen living and working abroad for years, decided to return to herhometown and visit family 🏡 on her holiday. Angela came back homewhen an earthquake just hit the city a week ago. Houses,restaurants and shops were totally destroyed, trees 🌴 and branchesfallen and were blocking all the ways out. Angela was quitereluctant and she could not leave the town. Now that staying in thecity is her only option, Angela decided to give a hand with thecity renovation and design, and helped her neighbours to build thecity of their dreams 🌈. Your mission is to help Angela to fix 🔧🔨everything that's broken, restore the shops and buildings and givethe city a glamorous look like it was before. Start from renovatingthe bakery and you will enjoy this addictive merge design game! 🖌Design the city your own way Match and combine resources to createa toolbox that can help you with the city design. Learn tips andget more inspirations from the latest decorating trends, pick yourfavorite styles from a variety of choices and decorate the city toyour liking, there is a lot to repair! 📦 Discover hidden items andcreate a new collection Merge and collect objects that've beenhidden in the city, they might come in handy later. More items willbe discovered as you expand the city. Use them to repair thestores, houses, or sell extra items to make sure every shop has thebest look. 🏆 More rewards are awaiting Complete the gameplay, earnmore rewards and gratitude from people in the city. It's time foryou to give the city an exquisite makeover. You will be surprisedby your creativity and design talent in this renovation gamechallenge! Game features ✔ Easy and quick gameplay with morechallenges to discover ✔ Merge items to create useful tools andbuild a city of your dream ✔ Hundreds of decorating options andstyles to choose from ✔ Unlock special items and treasure chestsalong the game ✔ Extra gems and coins to help you complete thetasks and more Game instruction Merge 2 similar items to helprestore the piece, fix the broken things and clean up the storesand buildings, and choose the designs that match your style. Usethe required items to complete the tasks and collect coins andstars to unlock new designs. Make Angela’s dream come true in thisMerge City design game, renovate the city and join her journey todiscover new and more exciting adventures! 🎉
Dream Restaurant - Hotel games
Cook food and dash in your Dream Restaurant
Plant Defense - Merge and Building Defense Zombie 0.0.9
The plants are genetically modified to battle against incominghugewaves of zombies endlessly. Your mission is to grow plants,gatherthe hero plant team and stop the zombies from invadingyourvillage. How long can you survive this endless battle?PlantDefense is a zombie survival game 🧟, with many interesting andnewfeatures added. If you are a big fan of the Zombie PlantsIdleGames, get yourself ready for this challenging role-playinggamegenre. Prepare a plan, research new weapons, study newcombatskills, and play intelligent to win over the flowers zombiewar 🌼and home defense. Don’t feed the zombies ❗️❗️❗️ ✨ HOW TO PLAY✨ 💦Build a water supply system and grow more powerful plants 🪴Produceyour own water and unlock extra plots of land ☄️ Mergeplants tolevel up your combat skills 🔫 Defend your lawn againstmassivewaves of zombies 🔮 Leverage Booster to maximize the strength🧟Eliminate zombies before they invade your village ✨ GAME FEATURES✨👉 Constantly produce water Upgrade Base and store WaterSuperchargeyour plants with more Water Use Water to unlock moreslots forgrowing plants 👉 Activate secret plant weapons Win thestages andget more stars ⭐️ to upgrade buildings Research and grownew plantsin the Lab Merge plants at the same level to create astronger teamUse Booster “Fast Gift” to speed up the plantgeneration Eliminateunnecessary plants 👉 The tension has expandedComplete 4 chapterswith 390 stages Discover 50 kinds of zombies and70 different typesof plants Use “Angry Boost” to strengthen theplant-based powersPrepare for the zombie plants battle Finishchapters and get to thefinal BOSS fight Get ready for the ultimatezombie defense anddiscover new challenges in this addictive mergeplants idle game!💢💢💢
Merge Cafe - Restaurant decor
A tasty new game full of excitement ! Merge Cafe is a brandnewmerge game where you can combine tasty treats to make themevensweeter. Discover something unique, easy to learn and hard toputdown. Solve satisfying mysteries as you give Cindy’s cafe afreshmakeover! Create delicious treats Merge cute cakes, cookiesandcoffee to serve hungry customers! Discover endless new recipesandexpand your cafe menu to keep giving your customers new kindsoftreats. Renovate & design your restaurant design yourdreamcafe from scratch and bring it to life! You can choose from arangeof fashionable decorations to put your mark on the place.Everyroom needs your expert eye. An exciting and amusing merge gamethatwill make you forget about the other home and gardendecorationgames. In Merge Cafe you’ll: MERGE sweet ingredients tomake cakes,pies and other treats • RELAX as you play a fun andinteractivemerge game • DISCOVER new secrets to the story and newplot twists• SOLVE the mysteries of the old cafe • MAKEOVER the oldrooms andgarden with fresh new design Merge cakes, cookies andother yummytreats to serve customers and restore the cafe.Pre-register Now !
Tile Link - Link animals
Ready to fully enjoy the collection of various pictures on thetiles: Cute Animals 🐶 🐱, Delicious Cakes 🍣 🍩 🎂, Fresh Fruits 🍐🥑🍉, ,sport ⚾🏀🏈, Cool Vehicles 🚛🚗, etc... You can definitely find yourfavorite blocks!
Tile Puzzle - Connect animals
Simulating games of classic tile connecting, a new puzzleadventurecalled Tile Puzzle is opened. Are you ready to fully enjoythecollection of various pictures on the tile games: Cute Animals 🐶🐱,Delicious Cakes 🍣 🍩 🎂, Fresh Fruits 🍐🥑🍉, sport ⚾🏀🏈, CoolVehicles🚛🚗, etc…? You can definitely find your favorite blocks!DiscoverTile Puzzle - Connect Tile Features 💡 + Various pictures onthetiles: Thousands of pictures randomly appear level by level! 🎉️🎉+Autosave and offline, you can play at any time and anywhere!Enjoyyour time and train your brain in this match-2 puzzle game! 😍😍⭐️Tile Puzzle helps you relax and antistress anymore! DownloadforFREE and become the Tile Puzzle master! Match-2, match-3 tileoffruit 🍐🥑🍉 pairs, link animal 🐶 🐱 pairs, connect number 🔢 pairs…-Easy rule to play: Tap to link tiles and connect them as fastasyou can! Just keep an eye on the timer ⏰ Get stars and highscores!⭐ - Complete different levels, unlock new maps one by one.Let'stravel around the amazing world with Tile Puzzle 🤩 - Linkblocks.Connect tiles. Sharpen your logic skills and plan yourmovescarefully to solve addicting puzzles. Master all thechallenges! -Powerful tools to choose: Use tools to pass morequickly! 🔨 🔍🔍Search: Help you find one pair! 📌📌 Exchange: Help youchange thematrix of the tiles! 🔧🔧 Changing pictures: Help youchange thewhole category of tiles! - In this tile connected game,you need tofocus on tasks: explore wonderful gameplay and smootheffects. Testyour skills as you match and smash tiles and blastyour way to thetop. 👉👉 A suitable game for the whole family toenjoy together!Spend hours of fun when playing Tile Puzzle withyour friends!Start now, Tile Connector 🏆 Connect all the tiles andmatch blocksto become a Tile Puzzle Master.
Bubble Sweet - Bubble Shooter
Welcome to the sweet bubble paradise - A magic world is waitingforyou. ️🤹️🤹️🤹️ Not only a classic bubble shooting puzzle but youcanalso find special things in Bubble Sweet game. Run your sweetcandyadventure 🏃🏃🏃 Meet Mrs. Emma - she was retired. Emma alwaysdreamsabout a sweet candy kingdom. She needs your help! Let’shelpgrandma by matching bubbles with the unique aiming line thatallowsyou and grandma to blast and pop with magical precision.Bubble’sfeatures 🍬🍬 25 types of special candies and variety ofcolor 🍡🍢500+ funny and challenging game levels. Do you want tochallengeyour brain? 🍭🍫 More than 50 kinds of bubbles 🍦🍧 Match 3 tomake abubble burst. 🌟🌟 Many special boosters to pass those trickylevels🎂🍰 Beautiful graphics and smooth shooting experience. ️🎯️🎯It’s sogreat to play candy bubble with friends How to play BubbleShootinggame? 🍭🍭🍭 To become a bubble pop shooter in this candysweet crushgame, you need: ️🎈 Hold & move your finger to thetarget, aimand shoot the target! ️🎈 Match & shoot three bubblesto clearthem. Make a big blast! 🔥🔥 ️🎈Clear all bubbles to completethelevel. Pop! Pop! Pop! 🎈 Don’t forget to take 3 star ⭐⭐⭐ eachlevel️🎈 Link more bubbles to burst the bubbles and you can scorepointsas rewards. ️🎈 The color you have cleared will not appearagain.️🎈All bubbles will pop up when the game ends. Tap thesebubbles toscore additional points as rewards. This bubble shootinggame is sofun and addictive for the whole family. Wherever you are,wheneverit may be, the candy shooter game is always here andavailable toentertain. 📲📲 Download now!
Toy Match - Find Tile 3D Game 1.0.22
Do you enjoy matching games? Match 3D Game? This Game is perfectforrelaxing & calming, but can also test your mind andmemoryskills Get ready for a new, challenging and original matchingpairsbrain game. Toy Match is an easy to learn and fun to playbrainpuzzle game. 💎Toy Match - Tile match 3D Game Features💎 - 200+cute3d tiles in high qualities: 🐒monkey, fox🦊,numbers2️⃣,fruits🍉,cake🍰, cars🚗,👑 crown, 🍩 donut… in different colors &shapes! -Surprise packets are waiting for you! - Easy to play. Youjust needto drag & tap! Addictive and sometimes needs astrategy. -Well-designed Puzzle levels, unique 3D elements. -Well-designedbrain trainer levels: - Pause it whenever you want. -Play it matchthree game OFFLINE/FREE at any time, anywhere eitheron mobilephone or tablet! ✨ How To Play Toy Match - Tile match 3D✨Tap onthree tiles that look the same and connect them into triples.Keepcollecting triple tiles until you clear all tiles from thescreen.Enjoy relaxing brain puzzles with Tile match, match 3DGame!Offering tons of cute combinations, this free match threepuzzlegame will power up your brain and increase your memory speed.Match3D is an ideal option for calming and having some relaxingtime.All you need to do is play this connection-based puzzle gamewithvarious 3D levels that set it apart from all other games.Thismatching pairs puzzle game is so easy that anyone can play it.
Cooking Tour - Japan Chef Game
🚌 🚌 🚌 Bring the world to your kitchen with Cooking Tour, the topnewfree cooking game to play in 2022! 👨‍🍳 Cooking Tour is acookingstory combined between a time-management game and a cookinggamethat allows you to cook global dishes from anywhere in theworld!Simply pick a cuisine, and you'll be whisked away to akitchen inthat country. This is a real cooking trend that you justcan notmiss! 🔥🔥🔥 This time you will be traveling on your foodtruck toparticipate in the International Food Truck Championship 🏆withother top crazy chefs and cook your way to become aworld-classcooking master. From a street food vendor to atop-of-the-rangekitchen, get yourself in a real cookingtournament. Your mission isto cook like a crazy chef, serve yourhungry customers withdelicious meals in a fast restaurant game,discover new cookingadventures and build your own restaurantempire. 🔔 Cook and serveglobal dishes from across the worldCooking Tour is a free cookinggame for adults that gives you anopportunity to feel like alegendary chef while exploring differentcultures. From Western toAsian food cuisines 🌎, come and dive intoa world of culinary artand challenge your cooking abilities. Usevarious ingredients tocook and serve fancy global dishes like HotSandwich 🥪, DiamondPizza 🍕, Truck Sushi 🍣, Ramen 🍜, Teppanyaki 🥘and more exotic uniquefood in Meilleurs e'toile's, Sea Scent, CafeSunrise's and ViandesMaison. 🔔 Become a top cooking chef and writeyour Cooking StoryKeep your eyes peeled for burning food! Servedishes like aProfessional Chef! 👨‍🍳 Cooking is more than justskill, it's abouttime management and creativity. The moresatisfied customers feel,the more coins and tips you can earn.Show your cooking love byimproving your cooking techniques andmastering different cookingmethods: Fry, Boil, Steam, Grill, Bake,etc. Learn new recipes andget the highest rank to become a topcooking chef in the crazy foodgame. 🔔 Build and manage your ownrestaurant empire Starting from asmall food truck vendor, you areon a mission to run your ownrestaurant business and get on anexciting cooking journey todiscover various cuisines in the world.Complete the challenges tounleash your cooking creativity and feelthe joy of cooking in yourheart. Collect coins and keys to upgradeyour kitchenware and unlockmore advanced restaurants. Morefeatures are waiting for you ⭐Fast-paced food truck restaurantgame with intuitive gameplay makesit fun and easy for anyone toget started ⭐ Experience culinaryadventures from around the worldwith just a few taps of your finger⭐ Challenge your culinaryskills with different cooking recipes andcooking styles in ahighly addictive time-management game ⭐ Completelevels withpowerful Boosters and collect more stars to become amaster chef ⭐Upgrade unique kitchen appliances and unlock specialthemedrestaurants ⭐ Claim your daily rewards and gifts everyday ⭐Enjoyendless fun with new levels and cooking challenges in eachcountry🚚🚚🚚 A tap of a button brings you cooking adventures from alloverthe world! Start your cooking journey and become the superchefnow! 👇