CSCMobi Studios Apps

God Stickman - Battle Warrior 0.6.4
🔥🔥 Master throwing spear warrior 🔥🔥 Defend against stickman enemies
Funky island - Banana Monkey Run 1.17
🍌 Help our little monkey run out of the bananas island andcollectall banana in this journey game by awesome jump and run.Collect asmany bananas as possible to unlock more items, getupgrades,specials and power ups... 🍌 Bananas Monkey Run - GameFeatures: -More than 100+ exciting levels and updating every week -Easy toplay - one touch to run, jump and slide - Cool graphics -lovelymonkey games - Different costumes for your monkey kong -Thejourney game with various obstacles - Use one finger tocontrolmonkey banana have swing shot or monkey jump in thissuperadventure journey game 🍌 How to play monkey games: - Tap, longtapscreen to control king kong jump and parachute swings. -collectbananas as many as you can. - Slide when you are full ofenergy togo further - Finish all levels with 3 stars to earn bonusand somuch bananas. Monkey kong is very hungry, help monkey runavoid thedanger, kill all enemies,get more monkey bananas to reachthe finaldestination. Banana monkey waiting for you to conquer,collect asmany bananas ... you can have completed the goal !Journey gameclassic but very charismatic, you just tap and slideskillfully isable to pass easily. Download Bananas Monkey Run -neverending run!
Idle Cat Tycoon: Build a live stream empire
Are you ready to become the richest business tycoon of all eras?🐱Build the largest automatically live stream empire in the world.🐱Discover tons of beautiful live stream Topics: Studio,Fashion,Gyms… 🐱 Manage 100+ famous cat idols, who working to theirheart'scontent for you. 🐱 Collect Fame and Fortune from yourbusinessesjust by tapping! 🐱 Invest intelligently in theprofessional catsekips to receive even more money. 🐱 Upgrading yourlive streamPalaces to develop your live stream empire. Have youalways dreamedof building your own entertainment business empire?Do you want toform your own multi-national conglomerate to create aworldwidemonopolistic economy? Then Idle Cat Tycoon is the game foryou!Let’s come to the live stream colorful world in theentertainmentindustry, where your success will bring a ton of fameand fortune,enough to building even your own live stream empire. InthisBusiness simulation game, Tapping will be your greatest asset!IdleCat Tycoon’s features: 👉 ADDICTIVE AND SIMPLY GAMEPLAY: TAPTORICH! • Broadcasting videos form you live stream palaces; •Collectmoney and fame through likes, flower, heart your fan givingyou; •Hire the Cat Idols to work and manage the business in placeof you;• Upgrade live stream content and move to new live streambuilding• Sit back and watch your empire grow into the greatest oneof alleras. 👉 MANY OPTIONS TO BUILD YOUR LIVESTREAM EMPIRE! •Purchasingsuper-level package; • Joining the Happy Time event anddancing tothe heart’s content; • Catching the golden parrot andearn a greatdeal amount of cash; • Using your cash to upgrade thequality oflive stream contents & idols. • Reborn into a newbetter lifewith the old memory and bigger fortune await; 👉 VARIETYOFBUILDINGS, TOPIC & AN ARMY OF CAT IDOLS! • Make money whileyourenovate your live stream business building. More moneymeanshaving better and more stunning tower and palace appearances!• Newtopic will be unlocked as well as you continue raisingyourbusiness into the new levels with whole new set of live streamroomand equipment. • New 100+ overload cuteness cat idols willappearand work for you as far as you process the game. • Therefore,youwill always feel fresh when building your live stream empireafterhours and hours collecting fame and fortune. Start idle gamesnowfor free! Enjoy your own business adventure and build the dreamofbecoming the richest you’ve always wanted. All you need to doisjust tap and tap, getting all that fame, fortune and ton ofsweetcash! Grab a chance now to become the richest and mostfamoustycoon in the world! Let’s jump the business adventure to getthatfame and fortune!
Cube Runner 3D - Running games 1.3.0
Welcome you to Cube’s adventure. You will join a really funadventure game with blocks and boxes.Your mission is to controlCube to pass all walls on the road. In this unique cube surfinggame collect the blue cubes and dodge the red boxes to win therace. You must really contrencate to cross all obstacles. Try tonot hit on the wall, you must be stopped and fail this mission.Collect the boxes and make high towers. More cubes, more fun. Chaincubes get double the coins and get more rewards. Cube runner 3D isfunny hyper casual games that help you alway relax once you play.Addective Features: 18 new characters with beautiful fashion 9beautiful boxes colors Attractive environment in game Free to playforever Amazing control and wonderful sound, graphics Ton of levelsto play Difficult more than you think HOW TO PLAY Touch the screento control the Cube character across all the obstacles Adjust Cubebetween right and left to avoid hit on the wall block Collect manyboxes to get high scores Reach top of score to multiply the scoremany times Earn gems to unlock new character and new block colorsTry to get out of the orange zone as soon as possible to win Watchout for the rotating hurdles. Surf your cube tower stack away fromthe rotating hurdles and dodge them to get across. Understand therotation pattern to get across because they are the tough one! Now,time to join the Cube adventure. Let explore and make the towerhighest if you can. Play and get a high score to become a top userand change your friends.
Assassin Attack - Become legend hunter, hero games 0.0.6
If you are a loyal fan of real killer assassin games,AssassinAttack will be for you - new game of hunter hero assassin2020.Assassin Attack Game’s Features: + Transform yourself intoaprofessional assassin based hunter + Challenge hundreds ofhardchapters + Unlock and own a collection of 50+ new hunter skins+Ultra stunning graphics and realistic hunting animations+Experience smooth hunting battle HOW TO PLAY - Controlyourassassin and hide behind the wall - Touch the screen to movewhereyou want to go - Move faster and faster and hunt downanyterrorists you see - Get valuable rewards and gems to unlockmoreskins You will be one of the assassin masters of the SpecialForceTeam. Your main goal is to eliminate terrorists armed withguns,find and kill Terrorist Tycoons and take Top Secret documentstohave the opportunity to open new challenging stages. Don’tforgetto ensure the secret of action because when discovered youwill behard to escape. To kill down terrorists one by one, theassassincharacter you control need have the following assassinskills: ✔️Skill to use a knife ✔️ Skill to hide ✔️ Skill to move ✔️Skill toselect opportunities to take action and escape quickly ✔️BecomeLegend Hunter ✔️ Hero of assassin games ✔️Assassin'sCreedAdventure In this hunter assassin fighting game, your rewardiswell worth it. Each completed mission, you will receive medalsandbonuses. These rewards not only help you unlock new hunterskinsbut also to be from a private soldier to a general, yourassassinhunting skills will increasingly develop. Assassin'sCreed,Assassin's Creed, Valhalla, Creed Rebellion: Adventure(Assassin'sCreed Rebellion) Hunter - Hero of assassin games, CreedIdentity,Hunter : Assassin Sniper 2020, Ninja, Samurai, Hero,AssassinKiller: Shelter & Attack Assassin Attack gives you allthe mostthrilling and exciting feelings. You will burst out of joywhencompleting missions. What are you waiting for, download nowandstart to your special adventure with the new hero hunter game-Assassin Attack Whenever you have some questions aboutAssassinAttack game, please contact us at: [email protected] - - - Thank you - - -
Zombie Defense - Plants War 1.6.12
Build invincible defense.🧟🧟🧟 Wipeout all zombie 🧟🧟🧟
Cooking Marina - cooking games 2.1.0
- Start cooking games restaurant. Discover tasty dishes inSingapore
Cooking Travel - Food Truck
Make your own cuisine fever. Travel in the truck restaurants
Cooking Sweet : Home Design, R 1.3.12
🎉Design pretty houses🏡 & cook tasty food🥘 in this addictive& relaxing game!⭐
Cooking Us: Master Chef 1.6.6
Let’s become a master chef in the world
Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager 1.4.21
Become the hotel tycoon. Build your dream hotel
Cooking Kawaii - cooking games 1.3.2
Cook & Serve food worldwide. Wake up your inner cooking kawaii
Cooking Love - Chef Restaurant 1.4.5
Show your love with cooking. Start fever of madness cuisines
Merge Dream - Mansion design 1.4.5
Merge and your sophisticated taste and help the heroine decorateher new home
Cooking Design - City Decorate, Home Decor Games
Build your own dream city Become a Master of designing home
Hotel Diary - Grand doorman 1.4.3
Write your own hotel diary Open more hotels in the world
Plant Empires - Zombie War, Merge Defense Monster
Zombies are coming. Fight now to protect the garden!
Hotel Marina - Grand Tycoon 1.0.35
Make Your Hotel Dream Come True
Hotel Decor: Hotel Manager 1.1.5
Become the hotel manager and design your own homes!
Cooking Truck - Food Truck 1.2.59
Build your own truck restaurant Discover food cuisines on yourcooking truck
Car Puzzle - Match 3 Puzzle 0.1.38
Match 3 cars of the same color Rescue the city from traffic jams.
Merge City - Decor Mansion 0.7.6
Time to show your creativity and renovate your dream city!
Dream Restaurant - Hotel games 1.2.7
Cook food and dash in your Dream Restaurant
Plant Defense - Merge and Buil 0.0.9
Pick your plant weapons and protect the village
Merge Cafe - Restaurant decor
A tasty new game full of excitement ! Merge Cafe is a brandnewmerge game where you can combine tasty treats to make themevensweeter. Discover something unique, easy to learn and hard toputdown. Solve satisfying mysteries as you give Cindy’s cafe afreshmakeover! Create delicious treats Merge cute cakes, cookiesandcoffee to serve hungry customers! Discover endless new recipesandexpand your cafe menu to keep giving your customers new kindsoftreats. Renovate & design your restaurant design yourdreamcafe from scratch and bring it to life! You can choose from arangeof fashionable decorations to put your mark on the place.Everyroom needs your expert eye. An exciting and amusing merge gamethatwill make you forget about the other home and gardendecorationgames. In Merge Cafe you’ll: MERGE sweet ingredients tomake cakes,pies and other treats • RELAX as you play a fun andinteractivemerge game • DISCOVER new secrets to the story and newplot twists• SOLVE the mysteries of the old cafe • MAKEOVER the oldrooms andgarden with fresh new design Merge cakes, cookies andother yummytreats to serve customers and restore the cafe.Pre-register Now !
Tile Link - Link animals
Ready to fully enjoy the collection of various pictures on thetiles: Cute Animals 🐶 🐱, Delicious Cakes 🍣 🍩 🎂, Fresh Fruits 🍐🥑🍉, ,sport ⚾🏀🏈, Cool Vehicles 🚛🚗, etc... You can definitely find yourfavorite blocks!
Tile Puzzle - Connect animals
Match fruit pairs, link animal pairs, connect number pairs…
Bubble Sweet - Bubble Shooter 0.4.1
Aim like a pro shooter. Open a new bubble shooting adventure
Toy Match - Find Tile 3D Game 1.0.22
Matching 3 tiles and relaxing with Tile Match puzzle game
Cooking Tour - Japan Chef Game 0.6.5
Start your Food Truck cooking adventure and become a pro chef!
Kong Island: Farm & Survival 1.4.1
Farm and rebuild Kong Island, discover skull island adventure
Merge City Premium -Home decor 1.0.2
Design & decorate a dream city on your way
Connect Em All - Tile Animal
Connect and crush tiles in the animal puzzle pair-matching game!
Merge Cafe Premium -Home Decor 0.0.9
Welcome to Cindy’s cafe! Merge Cafe - A tasty new game full ofexcitement !
Kitchen City: Food Restaurant 1.0.6
Time to heat up your crazy kitchen. Enjoy life in Kitchen City.
Merge Memory - Town Decor 0.1.7
Merge and design your hometown to make it splendid again.
Alien Survivor - Roguelite RPG 1.1.14
Defeat all the aliens to survive
Merge Love - Happy cook 0.2.16
Merge hundreds of sweets and decorate your own beautiful cafeteria!
Traffic Trouble - Puzzle Game
Match 3 cars of the same color Rescue the city from traffic jams.
Makeover Studio - Merge Makeup 1.0.30
Makeover Studio makeup simulation game