Homo Evolution: Human Origins 1.4.7
Create your own little world and drive on human evolution. Mergetwo people and get a new, more modern life form populating theplanet with different creatures: from simple animals to diverse andunpredictable personalities. There are 4 ways to shape the world ashumanity emerges: ▪ BEGINNING Animal evolution, from spores tomodern individuals! ▪ FIRST PEOPLE The path from the ancient worldto the first citizens! ▪ SPECTACLE A creative Bohemia, from poetsto crazy party people! ▪ BREAD Civilization with the degradationfrom natural to modified products! There are also 8 stages of theworld evolution: ▪ TELEVISION ▪ INTERNET ▪ SPORTS ▪ SCIENCE ▪TELEUNITY ▪ VIRTUALIZATION ▪ TRANSFORMATION ▪ POWER CULT Exploreeach branch to open the next. By tapping the last two life forms atthis stage, you get access to a new, previously unknown world!Discover all the planets in this fun evolution game! You start inthe BEGINNING world with a small lizard. By combining twocreatures, you create a new, more perfect being. You don’t needlittle alchemy or magic to evolve faster. Just click on thecreatures to earn coins and buy more species to merge. Offlineautoclicker included in this the game of life and planet evolution!Start creating your own world right now! =====================COMPANY COMMUNITY: ===================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Fisher Dash 1.125
Fisher Dash is a simple and fun fishing clicker! Be thebestfisherman by upgrading your skills and gear! Tons of boat, gearandbait upgrades. Hire crew members to hook even more fish!FisherDash is just a tap away to help you when: - You want to gofishing,but the weather is bad - You’ve got the gear, but you’dneed to goto the store for bait - Your weekend fishing trip isstill far awayEnjoy your favorite pastime and hook a big oneanywhere, any time!Why you’ll love Fisher Dash: - Simple controls -Awesome graphics -Fun gameplay - Lots of upgrades - Wheel offortune full of prizes -Make a catch every time!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY: ========================Facebook:
Car Flip: Parking Heroes 1.17
Drive on giant ramps, perform crazy jumps, and do as many flips aspossible
WorldShop 1.0.18-google
Welcome to World Shop, a unique place where you can shape yourownbeautiful planet and furnish it with fancy elements from aspecialTV shop! With the help of two amusing hosts, Mr Fire and MsWater,and a bit of alchemy, you can choose the way your planetlooks.Build snowy mountains, fiery volcanoes or peaceful ponds:createyour own world with unique scenery! Unleash your fantasyrightaway: start connecting magical elements in chains, usevariousbonuses and boosters and receive coins to unlock newlandmarks andupgrade your existing ones! FEATURES: - Make chains ofelements anddiscover new areas to design your planet! - Completelevels in theExpert mode to double your coin rewards! - Claim yourdaily bonus:the longer you play, the more you get! - Invite yourFacebookfriends to play together!
TapTap Match - Connect Tiles 3.26
Match and connect tiles and become pair matching puzzle master!
Color Roll 3D 0.16.0
Roll and match! Arrange colored rolls the right way in a fun puzzlegame!
Fun Race 3D — Run and Parkour 201011
Once you start you can’t stop. Run, jump & win in the epicobstacle course games
Run Race 3D — Fun Parkour Game 200111
Run fast and jump high to get through the obstacle course onbreathtaking tracks
Slices: Shapes Puzzle Game 200389
Find a match and put the slice in a circle! Try an addictive puzzleaction game!
Polysphere: Art Puzzle Game 1.11.2
Relaxing & antistress art game with fun puzzles to tease yourbrain – 3D Farming Arcade 1.17.9
Drive your tractor, harvest crops & watch the haystack trailergrow!
Idle Zoo Island 0.7
Run the best idle zoo ever! Manage your the most adorable zooandbecome the richest park manager! You will start with a smallzoo,and will grow it by work. One day you will be zoo tycoon! Opennewenclosures with cute wild animals to create an amazingatmospherewhere visitors will watch lions, gazelles, elephants,rhinos andmany more animals! Care about visitors needs and fun too,managefood services, safari rides, and more.. Expand the zoo togive mostamazing experience to your customers. Improve the zooenclosureswith new enrichments and toys. Run marketing campaigns toattractmore visitors to your park, and earn more money. Hirenewemployees, improve the services and control almost every aspectofyour park business. You will be pleasantly enjoyed bymanagementand idle game mechanics. Features: *Fun and easy to playforeveryone *Many interesting challenges and missions *Amazinganimalsand cute graphics *Hard but fun business decisions *Earnmoney evenif you not playing!
Emoji Digger 1.0.5
Tap and dig your path in the sand in Emoji Digger! Combine ballsofthe same color, explode them and pave your way to finish.Anaddictive puzzle arcade will enchant you with realisticphysics,colourful ball skins and challenging obstacles. EmojiDiggerfeatures: - You can match at least 2 balls of the same color- Getcloser to the sand to explode it - Collect special keys togetbonuses! - Explore new skins - The amount of balls is notlimited======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Balls Out 3D 109
Get these balls out!
Merge Beep 0.49
Unlock new cars and become a car tycoon. Construct and purchasenewcars to increase your wealth! Enhance your garage, combinecars,and deploy them to earn some cash. - Combine cars and unlockdozensof new models! - Earn money for transporting cargo! - Claimgiftsto speed up the process! - Complete quests to receive nicebonuses!- Spin the wheel and earn prizes! ========================COMPANYCOMMUNITY: ========================Facebook:
HeadHunters io 3.1.103
Choose the strategy, survive in brutal battle and win in this pixelwar!
Crazy Alien Wars 2.19
Start your UFO invasion! Destroy cities, abduct people and defeatother players!
Merge Ship: Idle Tycoon 1.20
Head your own shipping company and never stop growing your dock!Bethe next big ship tycoon! Build and buy new ships to boostyourcapital! Merge Ship: Ship tycoon rule your empire bybuying,building and managing your own fleet of ships! ⛴ Merge shipsandunlock dozens of new models! ⛴ Make money shipping cargo! ⛴Getgifts to speed your progress! ⛴ Climb the level ladder andexpandyour fleet! Rule your empire and take over the shippingmarket!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Pinatamasters 1.3.15-33-sdk
Bright way to ease the stress!
Office Life 3D 300001
Start From the Bottom
Idle Mechanics Manager 1.34
Build car factory, grow idle business, earn money in this carclicker game!
Fit It 3D 2.1.0
Rotate small blocks to fix the big shape! Addictive tangram puzzlegame
Spot The Difference: Fashion 1.3.39
Focus, seek & find the differences on each level. Train logicon lifestyle pics!
Number Blocks - Merge Puzzle 1.17.11
REINVENTION of the classic puzzle game!
Idle Frenzied Hospital Tycoon 0.20.2
Health care simulator: build the hospital and become a medicaltycoon!
Poly Puzzles 3D 2.26
Turn the image and find the right angle to reveal a hidden picture!
Cut and Paint 200290
Coloring game with wood carving! Make wooden shapes with laser andcolor them!
Sudoku Logic 0.4.3
Classic puzzle with numbers. Open the fields, you have 3 lives!
Mushroom Party 0.66
Sick of the daily grind? Have some fun in Mushroom Party onyourvery own cozy mushroom farm with all sorts of fungi friends!You'rein charge of the wildest and funniest farm around! Get readytogrow tons of different mushrooms and plants with all kinds ofcoolupgrades to help get the job done faster! Farming has neverbeeneasier! - PLANT mushrooms! - TEND your crops! - UNLOCK newlandplots! - EARN new mushroom types! - MAKE MONEY selling yourharvestat market Why you'll love Mushroom Party: - Simple controls- Funand relaxing gameplay - Cool unique design - Easy tounderstandinterface Download the free clicker Mushroom Party nowand buildyour own mushroom farm!
Taptic Heroes-Idle RPG clicker 1.1.19
Defeat monsters in the idle heroes adventures! Enjoy fantasy RPGclicker games!
Tear the Cloth 1.34.0
Enjoy this wonderful feeling of tearing the cloth apart.
Flying Flogger
100 intense levels 15 types of enemies
Sort the Balls:Color Puzzle 3D 4
Sort the Balls by Colors: Collect Balls of The Same Color in OneFlask
Flower King: Collect and Grow 33
Collect balls to grow plants and let your garden flourish in thisfun 3D puzzle!
Roller It 0.6.2
Roller & Color It
Perfect Salon - Beauty games 1.2.4
Skin care & makeover: ASMR Pimple popping game. Spa studiomaster simulator
Hidden Differences - Search & Find 5 1.0.5
Train Your Brain with our New Challenging Puzzle Game - HiddenDifferences! Hidden Differences is a new kind of seek and findgames! Search for objects and complete hidden object challenges.Just 5 items on each level. Sounds easy? We dare you to find allmissing items! Challenging tasks: objects are not that easy tospot! ● 1400+ quests to keep you entertained for a long time ● 70+stunning locations to discover ● Over 3500 unique items to find ●Up to 5 free hints available ● Relaxing music helps you to calm andmeditate While this game is absolutely free to play, you have theability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from withinthe game. Try it out and enjoy if you adore hidden object games!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Gun Guys - Bullet Puzzle 1.0.27
Things went really wrong. But somewhere in the world, there are GunGuys – the crew of brutal heroes with muscles, courage, ninjatraining... and BRAINS! Start this testosterone-packed adventure!Your task isn't easy! Use all your skills and brainpower to helpGun Guys with their missions to make the world a better place!Who's your target? Bad Guys! They are around us! Bad Guys may looklike you and me, like a chef in a restaurant or a forest guard. Butappearances are deceptive. We know who they are, so they must pay!- Defeat Bad Guys - Solve puzzles - Rescue damsels in distress -Unlock every member of the Gun Guys crew - Use various weapons and- Blow things up!!! ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Idle Infection 1.2.0
Tired of always saving the world? Sick of being the chosenhighsavior from the "prophecy"? How about playing the bad guy foronce!In Idle Infection, you don't have to be the nice guy. Your jobisto infect people with tons of viruses and bacteria! The morepeopleyou infect, the more disease types you unlock! Beat missionsandboost your disease levels! But wait, it's not so easy! You'llhaveto upgrade microbes to bring death to as many people aspossibleand usher in a new global outbreak! Manage your resourceswisely tobecome a bigger threat! Use science to force your virusestoevolve! Don't give humans a chance at survival! Why you'llloveIdle Infection: - Realistic, fun graphic style - Simplecontrols -Easy interface - Cool music - Simple gameplay Keepearning in IdleInfection even when you close the game. You keepgetting resourceseven if you aren't playing! Idle Infection isabsolutely free toplay! Download it now and have fun!========================COMPANY COMMUNITY: ========================Facebook:
Jump & Climb: Stairs Rush 3D 1.09
Tap to jump and climb as high as possible! But be careful and don'trush!
Frag Arena .io - Gun Battle 3D Pixel Action 2.11
Frag Arena .io is a dynamic online io arena with uniquebattledeathmatch and short royal sessions. Destroy and frag enemieswithdifferent guns, powerups and your fire skills: - Minecraftlikeherowarriors 3D - Quick online & offline game sessions -48brawlers with different abilities - 10 unique pixel weapons:guns,swords and more - 13 perks and armory: collect them onthebattlefield - Auto-fire shooting mode - Authentic 5 arenas &3Dpixel graphics - Pocket format of mobile arena actionUpgradewarriors and go to the top of the leaderboard. Create yourownpixel hero warrior and frag enemies – win in Frag Arena .io!
Hidden Objects - Fantasy World 1.3.13
Search for and spot hidden objects in a world of fantasy creatures!
Ragdoll Warrior 2.5
Ragdoll Warrior is a funny and crazy mobile game. A lot ofpowerfuland unique weapons, Ragdoll warriors can carry an attackbydifferent body parts and use various types of weapons. Jointhebattle and fight with warriors now
Brix Hit 1.0.6
Brix Hit – a fun game to train your brain!
Touchdown Glory: Football Game 200010
Feel the thrill of American football: guide a team to triumphthrough touchdowns
Fury Knight: Run to the Keep! 0.3.1
Run and dash into castle! One-tap control runner game with tons offun!