C. M. Grecu Apps

Garajul Meu 1.0
C. M. Grecu
Aceasta aplicatie vine in sprijinul celorcaredetin una sau mai multe masini si au tot timpul probleme ina-siaminti daca trebuie sau nu sa reinnoiasca vreuna dinobligatiilelegale: RCA, ITP, Ro-Vigneta.Un utilizator isi poate defini una sau mai multe masini incadrulaplicatiei si sa isi noteze datele de valabilitate/reinnoireatuturor obligatiilor.Aplicatia joaca un rol de notita avansata, NUnotificautilizatorul prin alarme. Utilizatorul este responsabilpentrudefinirea corecta a datelor, respectiv urmarireavalabilitatiiobligatiilor.This app comes insupportof those who own one or more cars and always havetroubleremembering whether or not to renew any of its legalobligations:RCA, ITP, Ro-vignette.A user can define one or more cars in the application andtheirvalidity dates note / renewal of all obligations.The application notes play an advanced alarm notifies theuser.User is responsible for defining the correct data validityofobligations that follow.
Radio Romania - Posturi Online
C. M. Grecu
Online tool for listening to several radio stations in Romania
FM Radio Live on Internet 2.0
C. M. Grecu
Radio application that offers to the user the possibility to searchand play FM radio stations that are streaming live on internet. Thestations are searched by keywords like "classic", "rock", "news","sports", "jazz", "slow" and so on. Stations from the entire worldare available in any language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi,Russian, Romanian and so on. As a result, application will displayall stations that corresponds to the search criteria. The user hasthe possibility to store the stations for later use. The stationsare searched in SHOUTCast - www.shoutcast.com.
Capitals - Test your knowledge 1.5
C. M. Grecu
You are bored? This is a pleasant wayofspending time while traveling with thepublictransportation...Test your general knowledge, try to remember the Capitals oftheCountries.All information was taken from Wikipedia at the buildingapplicationtime and is not validated against otherresources.The application is a memory game and need to betreatedaccordingly.Music: http://www.bensound.com