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LOCX Applock Lock Apps & Photo 2.3.9
★★★ Congratulations! LOCX Applock is highlypraised and recommended by authority media including AndroidCommunity, Android Headlines, Zuimeia.com and DGtle! ★★★LOCX is the best app lock and photo vault for Android, which willhelp you to lock apps, private photos, secret videos, messages andmore with the safest and most customized and fun way. Get theperfect guard for your phone and snoopers won't disturb yourprivacy.HIGHLIGHTS OF LOCX APPLOCK:☆ Protect private apps: Lock apps you use every day! Hideyour chat in WhatsApp or Facebook, personal accounts in Twitter orInstagram! With perfect applock LOCX is easy and 100% safe!☆ Hide pictures: With Applocker LOCX you can hide privatephotos in the safest photo vault and keep them invisible for thesnoopers!☆ Hide private videos: Keep all your private videosinvisible from any intruders! Perfect applock LOCX will safe allyour secrets!☆ Lock all phone privacy: Using applocker you can lockcontacts, messages, email, gallery or phone settings! And you neverworry about snoopers may stole your private info or your kids maybuy unwanted apps.☆ Put more features into less space: LOCX App lock is nowfaster and lighter than ever, taking up half as much phone memoryas others. We significantly reduce the size of APK file as low as1.8 MB.☆ Material design, an all-new design: We completelyredesigned the new version of LOCX Applock and globally lead toapply material design of Google with innovation. Every littledetail is attractive and exquisite.FEATURES OF LOCX APP LOCK:► Applications Locker: Secure your Android and protect allyour privacy with application lock protection feature. You can hidesecret app instead of the entire phone. Customized lock screen andwallpapers bring you more choices to choose the passcode you likebetween pattern and PIN code.► Photo Safe Vault: Hide and encrypt your photos and keepyour pics locked behind your pattern or PIN pad in the safest photovault. Don’t worry about your private photos may be viewed byothers.► Video Vault: You can hide your secret videos as well!Intruders will never find it!► Email Lock: Lock email and keep it safe and private underthe passcode;► Pattern or PIN code: choose your own way to lock apps bychoosing the lock screen style between pattern or PIN code.► Themes: We have proudly announced large quantities ofattractive lock screen wallpapers designed by the world’s topdesigners. They are so amazing and fantastic. You may apply newthemes and lock screen wallpaper in “LOCX App lock” > “Side nav"> “Themes”.► Chameleon - App fake cover: Disguise your apps lock screento prevent from breaking into your password. Fingerprint scannerand fake force close dialog will hide the real lock screen. Andmore covers are coming soon!► Invisible Lock: Protect your secrete lock screen passwordfrom the snoopers, make it invisible!► Delay to lock: Re-lock is not required when returning froma brief exit, avoiding to frequently unlock and smoothing the appswitches.► Quick lock / unlock: Awesome and convenient. Adding newapplications locker widget to your screen, you can take the applockenabled or disabled with just one tap.Get the best applocker LOCX to lock your secret apps and staytuned:Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101453597809857056718Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phonecleandev/Still looking for the best applock for Android to lock apps orphoto vault to hide pics and secret videos? Try chameleon LOCX andprotect your privacy with the safest and most customizableway!
C Launcher: Themes, Wallpapers, DIY, Smart, Clean 3.11.44
Phone launcher, which is SPEEDY, SMART,CLEAN, BATTERY-SAVING & PERSONALIZED.With featuring and friendly interface, minimal battery consumption,speedy mobile searches and UI customization, it protects yourprivacy from third parties and offering the ultimate personalizedDIY experience & personalization for android by delivering freethemes for android and wallpapers with HD resolution every day! Allthis makes it different from the other “best launchers for androidphone”!Features- Fast & simple: Find, download, & uninstall apps from thesearch bar- Friendly interaction: phone launcher that improves your interfacein every single detail- Safe: Prime Launch App protects your privacy from thirdparties.FAST- Save battery, clean junk files, & speed up device with onetap- Easily find, what you need, with the quick launch contact! Find,download, & uninstall apps all from the laucher searchbar;SECURE- Hide apps & protect your privacy with a stretching gesturethat locks your apps;- Passcode / pattern lock, iOS like screen lock;SMART- Application unread notification count- App drawer: smart folder automatically organizes your apps basedon functions- Widget launch center: smart widgets like fast cleaner, weatherclocker, news, search bar, etc.CUSTOMIZABLE INTERFACE- Go to theme store to customize phone. Thousands of categorizedtema, wallpapers and icon packs, including themes for galaxy,android 6.0, windows 7, ios like screen, etc.- None of the app launchers for android has a theme you are lookingfor? Create themes yourself using DIY feature! Combine wallpapersand icons with only 3 steps and share them with your friends!- Add 3D effects and make your screen interaction to be morepersonalized;- Translucent screen effects;- And more! 3D wallpaper and live wallpaper are right on thecorner. Follow our updates!C what’s you like with this free launcher for android 2017!- Being a themer, we have thousands of free themes and wallpapersfor android, like themes for android 6.0, windows 7, marshmallow,ios like screen, etc.-They have been tested and are compatible with 99% of the majorAndroid devices. They are perfect for Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo,Huawei, Alcatel, and any other!- You can be a designer and create your own theme using DIYThemer;- Customize your home screen, make your smart phone menu even morepersonalized, than you can do with other app launchers for androidphone;- Share your art with friends, let them use your designation;- This phone launcher for android will help you to know more aboutyour phone, battery, storage for its better customization.You have tried many “best launchers for android”, but still notsatisfied? Just give one chance to C Launcher, and you will loveit! Customize your phone right now! It's available from Android2.3+.FAQ1. How to hide and unhide laucher apps?Stretch out with two fingers on screens. For the first time, goSetting menu > Password Setting > tap + to choose apps to behidden.To unhide apps, enter Hide Interface by above steps, tap + anduncheck apps that’s been hidden.2. How to find my hidden apps?Stretch out with two fingers & enter password.3. How to find Settings menu and more customization?Swipe up on screens.4. How to enable locker of this launch app?Swipe up on main screen > Preferences > Locker > Open LockScreen5. How to change wallpapers?Swipe up on main screen and go Change Wallpapers / Tema6. How to access app drawer menus?Go to app menu > Swipe up on the screen > Organize yourapps7. How to use themer?Click DIY Theme > Choose wallpaper > Choose icons >Package theme. It's the simplicity itself!8. Why it’s one of the best launchers for android phone?Try it, and you’ll know the answer!Contact us:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CLauncherFan/?fref=nfG+: http://goo.gl/K1RRh9Website: http://c-launcher.com/Email: [email protected]