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Kids Chalkup 1.0.0
Kids Chalk UpKids Learn Alphabet & Numbers - Read and Write (Kids ChalkUp)Kids Learn Alphabet & Numbers is an educational application forpreschoolers or toddlers to learn English alphabet from A to Z andnumbers 1-10. Kids learn the alphabet and numbers, how to read itand how to write.Your kids will enjoy playing with this app and will learn alphabetand numbersWhy Kids Chalk Up?While playing the game, the kids could improve their understandingof the world, identify various Basic Knowledge tools and improvepronunciation.It contains alphabets, numbers and 2 exercises where your kid candraw and learn.Features of Kids Chalk Up:* Kids learn alphabet from ABC to Z with pronunciation* Kids learn alphabet with sample words.* Kids learn numbers with pronunciation* Tap the screen or button to repeat the letter and word* Learn how to write alphabet and numbers* Tablets support
English to Arabic Dictionary 2.0
قاموس عربي إنجليزي Free English - Arabic Dictionary with offlinedatabase containing more than 87000 definitions. Easy to use andfast application. You can search using English or Arabic key words.The application is also optimized for tablet use. You also have theoption to Bookmark your favorite translations for fast reference.Or you can keep track of all your previous entries from the‘History’ tab. The best thing about Arabic Dictionary is that itworks offline! You don’t need any Internet connection to run this.Hence it is perfect for your trips or when no data connection isavailable. Features - FREE English to Arabic Dictionary has 87,000words. - Saves the words in history which you search out. - Savesthe words which you make it favorite - You can share the word andmeaning on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus andalso on SMS. - Search the English word and it will display itsArabic translation. - "Search Options" feature that help to searchthe word "Starting" with searching word or "Ending" with searchingword or "Containing" the searching word. - Clear history option. -Clear favorite option. - No need of Internet. Work offline withoutusing Internet. Please rate this app and send us your lovelyreviews if you like our app or found it useful. And forward us allyour complaints and report your bugs to us by email. Thank you allfor the love and admiration. Tag: Arabic, Dictionary, English
Mini Mental State Exam Free 1.0.1
Forget carrying those heavy textbookseverywhere you go. Sometimes, all you need is your Android and MiniMental State Exam application.You know the material; you just need a little last minute boost andmemory jogger to quell the stage fright. That’s whereMini MentalState Exam comes to the rescue.This application lets you look up selected terms, viewillustrations of physical exam maneuvers, read the ClinicalCorrelates to discover the significance of certain findings andfind descriptions of special tests. Mini Mental State Exam evenoffers a guide for describing your findings.Mini Mental State Exam is not a comprehensive medical reference.Rather, it is a handy overview resource that is perfect for medicalstudents, pre-meds, health professionals and anyone who practicesor has an interest in medicine. Conveniently located on your mobiledevice, this applicationDownload this amazingly helpful application now. You and yourpatients will be glad that you did.
ABC Alphabets for Kids 1.0.0
ABC Alphabets for kids – learn Alphabet is aFREE educational game for your toddler!Your child will learn the correct English pronunciation of vowels,consonants and syllables,figure out how to draw letters and what words start with this orthat one – everything will be in theform of alphabet games. With the cheers of praise and candy medals,young learner is unlikely to getbored.For moms and dads it is the best way to help their kids learn thealphabet, while for kids it is a newplayground instilled with entertainment and happiness!Let your kids learn their ABCs in a fun way with songs. 26 animalnames, one animal name each for every letter and the ABC alphabet.Every alphabet is depicted with 4 words starting with it.. Thereare interactive animations and sounds on every scene. Over 100unique characters and objects.Benefits:- Kids can learn A to Z very easily.- 26 original animal names with each alphabet.- Interactivity, fun animations, sounds, etc.- Very easy to use.
Balloon Defense Game Free 2.0
Tilt your device to move the Plane, and you're hitting the balloonsto collect a lot of points. Test your balloons defense skillsagainst players from all over the world in two awesome game modes.How long can you defend the city from invading balloons? Tilt yourdevice to move the plane and catch as many balloons as you can.Balloon Defense is the ultimate infinite side scroller. The gamegoes on, as long as you can handle the thrill and keeping away fromthe incoming danger i.e. Towers. For those that think they can dobetter, Balloon Defense also offers a never ending boost featurefor the plane. Download the Balloons Defense game for FREE.
Weather Forecast: World Free 3.0.0
Wherever you are, and whatever your plans, you’re always preparedwith the latest weather forecast from this free Weather app.Weather forecast searches for your address automatically andprovides the current temperature, current weathercondition,humidity, pressure and dew points in addition, next hour,next after fourteen hours, after 7 days and hourly weatherforecast. Weather forecast and widget app offers the best radarmaps, local forecasts and weather widget. With Weather forecast appand widgets, you can enjoy the best day possible with the mostaccurate forecast available. After all, when you see the worldthrough weather, It's Amazing Out There. Current weather conditionsgive you the “feels like” temperature, sunrise time, sunset time,wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point, andpressure. Weather forecast is exceptionally easy to use app forstaying always updated with the weather conditions. Weatherforecast gives the facility of adding cities and then showing theweather by sliding cities one by one. The Weather app include coolwidget, portrait and landscape mode. Weather and clock widget forandroid support a void range of android phones. Weather Forecast:World Free app features: * Provides current weather condition with7 days hourly forecast. * 7 days hourly weather. * Sun rise and sunset times. * Cool clock widget * Searches for cities by country andcity or zip codes. * Automatically and manual updates *Automatically location detection
Highway Car Speed Game 2.0
Highway Speed Cars Racing Game This is a native Android Highway CarRacing Game. The aim of the player is to tilt his device to steeraway from the incoming vehicles. The game also includes checkpointswhich the player can catch for extra points and a handy boostfunction for those players that are hard to trill. You are a secretpolice chasing a car in the highway. The success of the operationdepends of you!! Get it now for free!! If you love driving thanthis is your game. Drive as fast as you can in one straighthighway. You have no speed limit. Tilt your device, to steer awayfrom other vehicles and collect as much checkpoints as you can.Beware, steering your car too much reduces your speed, so keepstable. If you think you can do with more speed, go ahead and pressthe boost button and take your trill to the next level. There's onerule in this classical highway car avoidance game, just make sureto keep away from the incoming traffic.
Red Thing Jumper 1.0.0
Red Thing JumperRed Thing Jumper is a fast paced running red thingjumpinggame.***How to Play Red Thing Jumper ***Make sure you land correctly, for if you miss a platform youcouldfall to your doom.Only by jumping up the platforms can you reach your goalintime.Worse yet are your enemies who want nothing more than to attackanddefeat you!Watch out for the tricky obstacles and dangerous spikes. Helpthered thing to make him up on the top and avoid the spaces.Features:* Nice and attractive graphics* It’s totally free* Use of leader bolt which shows top list of playerswithscores.Please let us know about your reviews. Thanks
Caller Name Announcer 5.0.0
Caller Name Announcer announces the name of the person who iscalling your number. Caller Name Announcer speaks everything whilesome one is calling you or send you a message, you will identify itwith out looking to your smart phone. Caller Name Announcer usesthe built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speaks the incomingcaller name or SMS sender name and contents of the SMS. Speaks outthe caller name clearly in between the ringtone reducing itsvolume. Caller Name Announcer is highly applicable in a situationlike if you are driving and the phone is in your pocket or some onesends you an SMS while your smart phone is in other room. CallerName Announcer will not work if your smart phone does not havetext-to-speech library but this is not a problem you can easilydownload it from Google play store. Features: ✔ Highly Customizeyour Caller Name Announcer. ✔ Enable/disable speaking caller name.✔ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name only. ✔ Enable/disableincoming SMS sender name and contents of the SMS. ✔ Change repeatmode announcements. ✔ Choosing delay time between announcements. ✔Turn off Announce while silent option is available. ✔ CustomRingtones settings. ✔ Custom Volume Settings. ✔ Caller NameAnnouncer is completely free download. DOWNLOAD Caller NameAnnouncer NOW.
Face Age detector prank 2.0.0
Face Age detector- a simulator face scanner that will not be ableto determine your mental age of a person, but you can joke withyour friends and laugh! Face Age detector prank estimates aperson's age based on visual facial features. Just capture apicture from one or multiple persons and let Age Detector estimatetheir age. Its is an amazing prank to fool your family and friendsinto thinking your phone can detect their age using fingerprintscan! HOW this amazing app WORKS 1. Place your finger on thefingerprint scanner. 2. Click on the gallery icon below to pick aphoto from your photo gallery. Please ensure the face can be seenproperly. 3. The face detection algorithm will detect facialfeatures from the photo with a square dialog 4. Keep your fingerfor several seconds as you await for face scanner and backgroundface detection. 5. A dialog will pop up with the results of the ageevaluation and detection. By default the app gives an estimate ofyour age.This may not be perfectly accurate. 6. If you want to foolyour friends with a prank, to guess their age perfectly, press onthe settings icons below and enter your friend's age to match hiscurrent age. They will be amazed. FEATURES of Face Age Detector : -Custom response options for playing pranks on your friends andfamily. Press on the settings icons below and enter your friend'sage to match his current age. - Real scanner bar on you face withlaser lifelike scanning interface. - Authentic fingerprint scannercombined with face detection. - Authentic screen real vibration,scanner sound and animation. Face Age detector prank is forentertainment purposes only, a great way to prank your family andfriends on this amazing trick. CAUTION: Scanner Face: psychologicalage - it is only a simulator that provides results in a randomorder, but it is perfect for sharing entertainment with friends forscanning all around! Scan all around: friends, relatives, teachers!Find out what their psychological age! In a world of very fewpeople who have psychological and biological age match!
Flying Panda Free Game 2.0
Flying Panda is an interesting running game. Tap the screen anddraw a line to let the panda fly on it! Collect the fruits bonus!The more quickly you run, the more difficult the game is! Thebeautiful game scenes and funny panda character attract you to passmore levels and get higher scores! The Flying panda enjoy jumpingand do acrobat on air and stunts. You must prevent panda fromfalling down and help panda by putting any bamboo bar at screenbottom. Please try to stand pretty panda never falling in front ofworld!!! How to play flying panda? * Jump: slide your finger up. *Roll: slide your finger down. * Turn left: Slide your finger to theleft. * Turn right: Slide your finger to the right. * Move left:Left tilting the phone. * Move right: Right tilting the phone.Features: • Nice and attractive graphics. • It’s totally free. •Its shows total score, distance, time, seed and birds hits. •Challenge your friends and game users because it uses leaderboard.• Shows you your rank number. Download now to your device and enjoythe flying panda everywhere. It's free!!
Finger Blood Pressure Prank 1.0.0
Prank with your friends andfamilymembersAn amazing prank application "Finger blood pressure Prank". Ifyouare a prankster you would definitely love thisapplication.Fingerprint Blood Pressure is actually a prankapplication whichcalculates your blood pressure and is made for thepeople who justwant to play pranks on others and want to show offthe power oftheir latest android device. It is a must have prankapplicationstill in its initial stages. It is designed in such away that onewho is not aware of android can never get whether it isa prankapplication or real. People would think as if it is a realBloodPressure Calculating application.FEATURES* A prank application to collect cheers moment withyourfriends* HD graphics and beautiful use of scanner animation* Too much user friendly and easy to use* FREE fun for all* Finger Blood Pressure Prank does not requireinternetconnection.* Finger Blood Pressure Prank FREE fun for all.* Finger Blood Pressure Prank is completely free download.HOW TO USE:Step 1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step 2: Now place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanningpadand wait for the analysis.Result: Your Fake blood pressure will be shown automaticallyaftercalculation.Finger Blood Pressure provides best and high definitionimagequalities. Fingerprint Blood Pressure is compatible withalmostevery android device. It’s also tested on various androiddevicesi.e. android tablets and android based mobiles phones. Alltheactions can be performed very easily without anyconfusion.Reliability is guaranteed of Fingerprint Blood PressurePrank.Fingerprint Blood Pressure Prank is specially designed in awaythat it will definitely work with all new devices andandroidversions too.NOTE: Finger Blood Pressure Prank is for entertainmentpurposesonly. It does not calculates you blood pressure.Calculating BloodPressure is not possible with your androiddevice's screen andcamera. The displayed results are randomnumbers. It is the bestapplication for fooling your friends.Enjoy Finger Blood Pressure Prank!
English to Bengali Dictionary 2.0
বাংলা অভিধান ইংরেজি Free English - Bengali Dictionary withofflinedatabase containing more than 50000 definitions. Easy to useandfast application. You can search using English or Bengalikeywords. The application is also optimized for tablet use. Youalsohave the option to Bookmark your favorite translations forfastreference. Or you can keep track of all your previous entriesfromthe ‘History’ tab. The best thing about Bengali Dictionary isthatit works offline! You don’t need any Internet connection torunthis. Hence it is perfect for your trips or when no dataconnectionis available. Features - FREE English to BengaliDictionary has50,000 words. - Saves the words in history which yousearch out. -Saves the words which you make it favorite - You canshare the wordand meaning on social media like Facebook, Twitter,Google plus andalso on SMS. - Search the English word and it willdisplay itsBengali translation. - "Search Options" feature thathelp to searchthe word "Starting" with searching word or "Ending"with searchingword or "Containing" the searching word. - Clearhistory option. -Clear favorite option. - No need of Internet. Workoffline withoutusing Internet. Please rate this app and send usyour lovelyreviews if you like our app or found it useful. Andforward us allyour complaints and report your bugs to us by email.Thank you allfor the love and admiration. Tag: Bengali, Dictionary,English