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Marysia Do Magic 4.9.6
"Marysia Do Magic is being called the modern-day Light on Yoga forits revolutionary perspective on asana, joy, and the cultivation ofinner peace that intends to elevate the consciousness of humanity.Every day we give our greatest gift, the gift of our attention, toour work, our family, and our responsibilities. This is youropportunity to extend that gift of your attention to yourself.Through the practice of fun yoga poses and with Marysia’sextraordinarily playful and detailed guidance, you will learn thenuances of your body and how amazingly capable you truly are! Getstronger and more flexible on every level! Marysia Do Magic alsogives you the chance to try meditation, journaling and otherenriching practices that clear the path for living withextraordinary freedom, power and ease. APP includes: -Yoga VideoEncyclopedia -200+ Beautifully Organized Yoga Classes and Workshops-Personally Customized Journey to Handstand Series -InspirationalQuotes from Marysia -Journaling Exercises -Meditations -Breath Work-Yin -Pre and Post Natal Yoga Every month the app will be updatedwith more classes and offerings from Marysia and our staff oftalented teachers. Wake up to the world of possibilities that hasalways lived in your imagination!" Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:
Yoga+ By Mary 4.9.6
Need more yoga in your life? You’re in the right place! It doesn’tmatter if you have never stepped on a yoga mat before or if you arean experienced yogi. These classes provide clear instruction andmodifications to meet you exactly where you are. No priorexperience necessary! App Features Include: -Multi-day courses-Full length Yoga Classes for Any Level -Daily Positive Vibes -UserProfile to Track Your Yoga Journey -Daily Yoga Reminder Settings-Download for offline access Join us in the Yoga+ App to find theperfect yoga class that fits into your daily routine. Terms of usefor this Product :
Hannah Barrett Yoga 4.9.6
Want to transform your life with yoga? Let me help you! The HannahBarret Yoga app will support you on your yoga journey, whetheryou're a beginner or seasoned yogi there are classes for you! Joinus and have access to yoga and meditation with options for ALLlevels. These classes provide clear instructions and modificationsto meet you where you are in your practice. App features include: -Full length Yoga Classes for all levels and to suit your mood (forexample, strength & power, stress relief and flexibility) -Multi-day courses to help you progress your practice - A transformyour life with yoga challenge - A daily burst of positive energy topower up your day - A collection of meditations - User profile totrack your Yoga Journey The Hannah Barrett Yoga App is a place forall things Yoga, for you to feel good, find grounding andconnection and to give you that needed burst of wellness. I can'twait to join you on your yoga journey! NOTE: Hannah Barrett Yogarecommends that you consult a healthcare professional beforebeginning any exercise program and do not commence any of theexercises seen here if your healthcare professional advises againstit. When participating in any form of exercise, there is thepossibility of physical injury. If you engage in any of theactivities on the Hannah Barrett Yoga App, you agree that you do soat your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activitiesand assume all risk of injury to yourself Terms of this product: Privacy Policy:
Bring Me Yoga 4.7.0
BringMeYoga makes yoga easy and accessible for anyone who wants toimprove their fitness and flexibility! Whether your goal is tobecome flexible, gain strength or relieve mental stress, we’ve gotyou covered! You can choose among individual classes or follow aplan made for your goals and needs! BEGINNER FRIENDLY BringMeYogaApp offers classes for 4 levels! Have you ever joined a beginneryoga class only to realize it was not for beginners at all? Hereyou’ll be able to enjoy a class perfect for your level. And as youprogress through, you’ll be able to increase the challenge as well!RELIEVE THE TENSION IN YOUR BACK You can customize your class byfiltering what body part you want to focus on. Whether it’s thetension in your hips, back or you just want to build strength, youcan easily tailor your class according to your needs! FOLLOW PLANSDo you want to follow a pre-made plan so you don’t have to worryabout choosing between classes? Get lean and flexible week by weekwith the 21 Day Fit & Flexible plan. Available for all 4levels!. No matter your starting point, beginner or experienced,there is a plan for you! DIFFERENT TYPES OF PRACTICE Looking forsomething active and dynamic? Try our Power Yoga classes. Are youin the mood for gentle, deep stretching? Then the Gentle Yogaclasses are the right choice for you! CONVENIENT No time to go to astudio? No problem. BringMeYoga app makes it simple to practiceyoga at home or on the go. You choose the time - from 10 minutes to30 minutes - and the app offers all the ways you can personalizeyour practice from choosing which body part you want to focus on toyour practice type! TRACK YOUR PROGRESS Whether you’re a completebeginner or have some experience with yoga you’ll find something tosuit you here! As you grow out of a certain level you can alwaysmove onto the next level. And you’ll be able to track all yourpractices within the app! MAKE YOGA A HABIT FOR LIFE So what areyou waiting for? Start your yoga journey today! Terms of thisproduct: Privacy Policy:
Caroline Sweats
Fitness For Everyone!
Handstand Coach Kyle Weiger 4.9.6
This Handstand App will make you rethink your strength and balance!You'll learn how to break down the different components ofHandstand into a consumable format, making the learning processeasy to follow with short and sweet videos covering tons ofdifferent Handstand skills & drills! Your Handstand trainingcategories are broken down into: 1. Motivation and Mindset: Quick2-minute videos covering everything from motivation, successstories, your nervous system, skill acquisition, and a wide varietyof other topics! Watch one of these every time you kick off yourpractice to get yourself in the right headspace. 2. Warm-UpRoutines: You'll get to choose how you want to warm up for yourparticular Handstand session, based on your goals. All of theWarm-Up Routines will put you in the prime state to practice yourHandstand! 3. Movement Drills: Learning the movement patterns ofScissor, Tuck, Straddle, and Pike are crucial for getting yourHandstand, so this section gives you tons of drills you can use toinstall these patterns into your body! 4. Shape Drills: After youlearn how to move more smoothly into your Handstand entries, thenext part of the process is to refine your Shape. This sectionfocused a TON on your Shoulders, Spine, and Hips, so you can starttraining that super clean straight-line Handstand! 5. StrengthDrills: Ok, so after you Move into your Shape, the next piece ofthe puzzle is to make you STRONGER! This section focuses on Wrist& Shoulder strength, along with your Core so you can stabilizeyour mid-body while you're upside down! 6. Balance Drills: Findingyour balance in Handstand is one of the COOLEST feelings in theworld. This section has tons of Handstand drills (both with andwithout the wall) that will systematically build your sense ofbalance as you continue your practice! 7. Handstand Workout: Thissection is where I've hand-selected certain complementary drillsand pieced them together for a full Handstand Workout from start tofinish! Each workout will leave you feeling stronger, andHandstanding for longer! 8. Advanced 2-Arm Drills: So after youfind your balance in your Handstand, there's a wide world of drillsthat you can tap into to level-up your Handstand practice! Thissection is the tip of the iceberg on where you can with yourpractice and it includes Endurance Training and Shape Transitions!Coach Kyle Weiger travels the world teaching live HandstandWorkshops, and has thousands of online students. His onlineHandstand courses have been sold in over 40+ countries, with tonsof student success stories. Of all the students he's encountered,his absolute favorite Handstand student ever is still his mom, Mona:) She took up Handstanding at age 58, after drawing someinspiration from her son, and after a bit of practice with theright teaching approach, she's still Handstanding well into her60's! Kyle believes firmly that anyone can learn to do a Handstandas long as they have a good attitude and are willing to work hard.Do the drills...get the skills. And always remember to have alittle fun along the way! Download this app if you’re ready totrain your Handstand like a pro, and finally conquer your balance!In fact, take it for a test drive for FREE for 5 full days! See yousoon Handstander! TERMS & PRIVACY POLICY
Simple Fit by Yovana Mendoza 4.6.0
Join the SimpleFit family! SimpleFit is a meal prep and fitness appby Yovana Mendoza designed to make eating healthy and getting fitin a fun and practical way! Offering over 100 recipes, meal plans,recipe videos, daily inspiration, at home workout routines, yogaand meditation videos. SimpleFit has meal plans for your specificneeds and your eating preferences to help you get in the best shapeof your life and reach your health goals! Features RECIPES Over 100recipes ranging from breakfasts, main meals, snacks, juices, andsmoothies. Recipes come with nutritional information, step by stepinstructions, photos, and instructional videos. Choose the numberof servings you want to make of any recipe and the ingredients willbe modified. Add recipes to your grocery shopping list and have itready to go when you go out shopping. Ability to save your favoriterecipes. MEAL PLANS SimpleFit app will design a plan that is rightfor you and tailored to your needs based on your gender, height,weight, and health goal (lose weight, maintain, or gain). You canchoose from Plant-Based, Vegetarian, Regular, Keto, Paleo, orPescatarian meal plans. All meal plans come with a descriptionrelated to the specific diet and lifestyle. SUBSCRIPTION SimpleFitis free to download and offers three premium subscriptions,monthly, annually, and lifetime. All options include a 7-day trial.SimpleFit Premium provides full access to the app including allmeal plans and recipes. Subscriptions will be charged to yourcredit card through your iTunes account…. (anything else?) Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy: SimpleFit byYovana was designed and developed by Breakthrough Apps We want tohear from you! -Please share your review of the app.
Step It Up With Steph 4.9.4
Transform your internal dialogue and mindset to support yourhealthy habits and reach your weight loss goals with grace, ease,and happiness. Workouts, yoga, Pilates, motivation, and more byToday Show's fitness contributor. App Features Include: -Multi-daycourses -Full length Classes for Any Level -Daily Uplifting Quotes-User Profile to Track Your Journey -Daily Reminder Settings Thesubscription is auto-renewable. This means it will automaticallyrenew unless you go to you account settings to manage yoursubscription and turn auto-renew off. To manage subscriptions: 1.Open the Settings app. 2. Tap your name. 3. Tap Subscriptions.Terms of this product: PrivacyPolicy:
SiS by Jordyn T Fit 4.7.0
The Strength Is Sexy App by Jordyn Fit is a fitness and workout appdesigned to help you create a structured workout regimen thoughworkout challenges updated every month! The app allows you to learnabout workout terminology, teaches lifting form, and offersmotivation. You can track your progress in the app as well as seevisuals for each given exercise!Jordyn Fit has created this appwith intentions to reach all experience levels of lifters. Shewants each and every user to learn to love lifting through a properroutine as well as making it a point that strength is sexy. Termsof this product: PrivacyPolicy:
WholeFit by EmmaTroupe 4.9.4
NUTRITIONIST MADE RECIPES ARE LIVE! Get toned, build lean muscleand strength with WholeFit by Miss Emma Troupe! Access EndlessWorkouts, Nutritionist Made Recipes, Programs & Challenges& much more. Miss Emma Troupe is a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP)and Trainer who has been a leader in the industry for 7+ years.Need guidance with your training or do you prefer random workouts?We have it all! Our programs will guide you through a structuredworkout routine every day to develop strong physique. Not surewhether to train from Home or at the Gym? Choose from endlessworkouts that can be done at home with minimal equipment &bodyweight only or at the gym to become more familiar withequipment and training. Want Professional Nutrition Guidance ordon't know where to get started with improving your Nutrition? Tryour NEW Nutritionist Made Recipes & Nutrition Courses: 100+recipes that follow a whole holistic approach Health Tip for everyrecipe to know the benefits of what you are eating Search byCalories, Macro Nutrients, High Protein, Low Carb and specificDietary Restrictions Free Calorie and Protein Calculator whetheryour goal is to lose weight, maintain muscle or build muscle.Nutrition Courses that focus on holistic nutrition & healthwill help you with essentials like how to prep and cook your foodall the way to improving digestion and eating for your specificfitness or health goals. Need that daily extra push? Track sessionsand courses to track your progress. Daily Notification to getmoving and a Health Tip or Motivational Quote. Free access to theFB Community to share your workouts, celebrate your progress andkeep in touch with friends. Let’s make your workouts exciting andnutrition enjoyable so you can reach their full potential! DOWNLOADfor FREE. Cancel at any time! Terms of this product: Privacy Policy:
Mindfully Fit With Paris James 4.9.4
Do you want to make Yoga a daily habit? This app is just FOR YOU!Yoga can 100% change your life and the best part is that it’s nevertoo late to start! Whether you’ve never been on your mat, or you’realready hopping into handstands, this app has a range of differentcourses, classes, and challenges to inspire you on this journey.BENEFITS OF YOGA: Improves overall well-being Increases flexibilityand mobility (no more back pain!) Tones & strengthens- Hellomuscles! Boosts your metabolism Brings mind & body into balanceIncreases blood flow & circulatio Keeps you looking &feeling younger BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME If this is your first timedoing yoga, we will take it step by step with our Beginner 28 daychallenge to help you get started and more familiar with breathwork & poses. You can increase in intensity and try the sculpt& flexibility classes when you feel comfortable! P.S. we alwaysoffer modifications! WHAT’S INCLUDED: A selection of FREE Yogaclasses Multi-day challenges and courses Short & Sweet classesfor morning/evening Full length classes for all levels In depthpose guide with tutorials Daily positive reminders and quotes Userprofile to tack your practice & goals Toning and sculptingfitness follow-along routines Flexibility routines to help withsplits, handstands and more Guided meditations to help you relaxand unwind SELF PRACTICE AT HOME: Practicing at home is one of thebest feelings! To be able to set up your yoga space and hop on yourmat anytime you want, is priceless! This app will help youcultivate a daily habit of connecting with your mind and body,wherever you are! P.S. You can cast It on a TV or laptop for awider angle view! TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: With every class you take,you can keep track of your goals and progress with your userprofile! It’s so exciting to finish a class and get that 7-daystreak when you’ve completed a full week of daily yoga! We alsohave classes of all different lengths, with guided meditations aswell, so there’s lots of options to choose from! COMMUNITY SUPPORT:We also have THE most supportive community in our included Facebookgroup The Mindfully Fit Community, and Paris will be there to guideyou, answer your questions and offer advice! We’re all on thisjourney together! STAY INSPIRED: Get access to daily inspirationalquotes and affirmations to help you stay motivated! DISCLAIMER:This app serves as a guide for you to uncover the practice of yoga,breath and meditation. It is important to understand that yoga isnot a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis ortreatment. In the case where you have an injury, ailment, oranything else that may be affected by physical activity, pleaseconsult with a physician to ensure that these activities can beperformed. By downloading this app, you are releasing the ownersand instructors of all liabilities. Terms of this product: Privacy Policy:
Stretch: Stretching & Wellness 4.5.0
Transform your life through stretching and yoga at home or on thegowith classes, stretch routines, challenges, and more withinstructorSam Gach. Build the optimal stretching habit to reachyour goals,from increasing flexibility or relieving stress toreducing pain orimproving posture. Take full length stretching andyoga classes,target specific muscle groups, or get a full bodystretch whereveryou are. Tools such as the streak counter andstretch reminders willhelp you build the stretching habit you needto increaseflexibility, reduce stress, and feel better - bothmentally andphysically. Accessible for all levels, whether you arestiff as aboard or already bending like a rubber band. Classes,routines,stretches, and challenges are added regularly to makesure you havewhat you need to reach your goals and enjoy theprocess. Stretchroutines include full body, different levelsincluding beginners,routines targeting individual muscle groups,relaxation sessions,splits routines, reducing pain, improvingposture, desk stretches,and so much more. Features include: -Fulllength stretching and yogaclasses for all levels -Stretch routinesfor all muscle groups-Stretches and routines for whatever yourneeds may be -Challengesto kickstart your practice -User profileto track your journey-Streaks and reminders to build a consistenthabit -More stretches,routines, classes, and challenges addedregularly Welcome to Stretch- we are so glad you’re here!Terms: PrivacyPolicy:
Fit Arts Anywhere 4.7.0
Let's Maximize Your Full Potential! Tailored classes to yourgoals,body type, & experience WHY FIT ARTS Fit Arts offers auniqueand exciting twist on the traditional workout. Fit Artscombineexercises from many of the most physical art forms toproduce anextreme and multifunctional workout routine. DevelopLong, Lean,and Toned Muscles. The program uses a Natural Approachby utilizingthe body’s own weight. Body Weight Training is saferfor your body.The body is more capable of handling its own weight,as opposed tooutside forces like heavy weights, and bulky gymequipment,producing more natural looking results. Fit Arts TeachesSkills.Fit Arts offers safe, step by step techniques to trainingexercisesof the world’s most physical sports. The time spent at thegymdoing traditional training exercises can instead be usedlearningelements of Capoeira, Acrobatics, Dance, Boxing,Kick-Boxing,Bodyweight Training, and more! Fit Arts Gets GreatResults Fast.The Fit Arts training principle is to use multiplemuscle groupssimultaneously with extreme intensity. Utilizing thismethoddemands maximum calorie burn and muscle stimulation resultinginFaster Fat Loss and an overall toned body App features include:-Full length Classes for basics, hybrid workouts,movement,capoeira, flexibility, strength and more! - A transformyour lifewith yoga challenge - A daily burst of inspirationalquotes - Acollection of meditations - User profile to track yourYoga JourneySUBSCRIPTION Fit Arts Anywhere app is free to downloadand offersthree premium subscriptions, monthly, annually, andlifetime.Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card throughyour AppStore account. Terms of thisproduct: PrivacyPolicy:
Wheel With Me Fitness 4.1.0
An app built by wheelchair users for wheelchair users. Weareexhausted of having to adapt abled bodied workouts or doingseniorworkouts. Are you sick of asking why can’t I find an app forseatedfitness? . -Finally an app that caters to a seatedathletesfitness! -Monthly Challenges -Collection of adaptiveworkouts toimprove fitness, improve independence, and improve yourconfidence!-Functional Mobility -Bands -Floor workouts -Cardio-Strength-Recipes -Daily Inspiration
-& so much more! Improveyourfitness from anywhere with the Wheel With Me Fit App! Terms ofthisproduct: PrivacyPolicy:
Connor Trott Fitness 4.1.1
Join the Connor Trott Fitness family! Connor Trott Fitness isaworkout, diet, and motivational fitness app by ConnorTrottdesigned to make working out, eating healthy, and feelingconfidentin your own skin in a fun and practical way! Offering over200recipes, meal plans, recipe guides, daily inspiration, at homeandin the gym workout routines, stretching, yoga, andmeditationvideos. Connor Trott Fitness has meal plans for yourspecific needsand your eating preferences to help you get in thebest shape ofyour life and reach your health goals! Features:WORKOUTS ANDTRAINING PROGRAMS: Choose from over 100+ exercisescustomized toyour individual fitness goals! Workout programscatered towards4-5-6 day a week training plans with additional Aband Cardioroutines included! Whether you are looking to burn fat,pack onsome muscle, or get in the best cardiovascular shape of yourlife,we have the perfect array of exercises and programs to fityourneeds! MEAL PLANS Connor Trott Fitness app will design a planthatis right for you and tailored to your needs based on yourgender,height, weight, and health goal (lose weight, maintain, orgain).You can choose from Plant-Based, Vegetarian, Regular, Keto,Paleo,or Pescatarian meal plans. All meal plans come with adescriptionrelated to the specific diet and lifestyle. RECIPES Over200recipes ranging from breakfasts, main meals, snacks, juices,andsmoothies. Recipes come with nutritional information, step bystepinstructions, macros, servings sizes, and photos. Choose thenumberof servings you want to make of any recipe and theingredients willbe modified. Add recipes to your grocery shoppinglist and have itready to go when you go out shopping. SUBSCRIPTIONSimpleFit isfree to download and offers three premiumsubscriptions, monthly,annually, and lifetime. All options includea 7-day trial.SimpleFit Premium provides full access to the appincluding allmeal plans and recipes. Subscriptions will be chargedto yourcredit card through your iTunes account. Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy: Connor TrottFitnessby Connor Trott was designed and developed by BreakthroughApps Wewant to hear from you! -Please share your review of the app.
Relax with Yogi Bryan 4.9.8
Are you ready for deep and restful sleep? Are you ready tofullyrelax? Are you ready to unlock the power of your mind? Now isyourtime to go deeper. Now is your time to simply relax. Now istheTIME for YOU. Join Relax with Yogi Bryan to unlock hundredsofmeditations to explore deep tranquility, deep stillness, andevendeeper sleep. Terms of thisproduct: PrivacyPolicy:
Jessica Richburg 4.9.8
Gain access to full-length yoga classes, playlists and acollectionof meditations. I am here to support you on your yogajourneywhenever you need it, and wherever you are in the world.Whetheryou’re a beginner or seasoned yogi, there are classes on theapp tosuit your needs. The classes provide clear instructionsandmodifications to meet you where you are in your practice.AppFeatures Include: -Multi-day courses -Full length Yoga ClassesforAny Level -Daily Quotes -User Profile to Track Your YogaJourney-Daily Yoga Reminder Settings Terms of thisproduct: PrivacyPolicy: