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Stickman Revenge 3 - Ninja War 1.6.2
Stickman Revenge 3 - Top action stickman games 2019. Show me whatyou got!!!
Tower Defense Zone 2 1.2
Tower Defense Zone 2 - One of the best attractive Tower Defensegame in 2016
Kingdom Defense: The War of E 1.5.7
Rush the enemy to defend your Kingdom now ⚔️ Best strategy towerdefense games!
Hero of Empire: Clash Kingdoms RTS 1.07.01
Welcome to Hero of Empire: the online PvP card battle game. Are youready to clash with other worldwide players in 1v1 real timestrategy games? Build your ultimate deck with dozens of cards:Thor, Gumiho, Rocket Tower, Fire Dragon, Jungle Witch, Goblin,Wizard, Sniper,... and much more. Go to the battle arena, wintrophies and conquer the global ranking. Story of Hero of Empire:War Clash Under the fog, your empire and others are growing day byday. But ... The Magic Gate has been opened. Orc, Goblins, Dragons,Wizards, ... appear. The empires gathered them to gain more power.The more power, the more threats to the world. The war beganbetween the empires. Only the strongest can stop this war. Theworld needs a Hero - who can defeat other empires and regain peace.Lead your army to war in the fantasy RTS battle royale games togain honor for the empire and peace for the world. A Guideline forNEW HERO to grow the empire and conquer all the battles in thisepic PvP game. 🔥 Gather your allies (Collect more cards) There are2 ways to help you collect more cards: - Open chest: Claim chestafter each won battle and need time to open. - Buy in the shop: Youcan buy cards by gold or gems. 🔥 Train your troops (Upgrade yourcards) Upgrade your cards to get more power. Enough cards and goldrequirement, let upgrade level now to increase hero's stats. Themore level cards, the more nearly victory. 🔥 Arrange your army(Customize your deck) There are 3 battle decks for you. Each cardhas unique stats and role. Consider careful when build your battledeck: determine your strategies and combine logical cards together.🔥 Regain the peace (Defeat your enemy) Remember: - Destroy theenemy's castle to win. - Don't forget to protect your tower. - Usethe right card and timing to counter the enemy card.⚔️⚔️⚔️FEATURES⚔️⚔️⚔️ - Real-time strategy card battle games withanother player in the world - Customize your deck and testdifferent battle tactics - Unlock and Upgrade cards to make youmore powerful - Challenge with your friend in the private 1v1 cardbattle games - Unique Heroes: Choose the heroes you want and defeatyour enemies - Ranking system: Make people know who is the Lords ofthe battle arena - Updated frequently: We listen to your feedbackand will try to improve the game better Are you ready to become ALEGEND in this epic RTS card battle games? Download Hero of Empire:War Clash - Online PvP Games today! Follow us for the daily update👉 Page: 👉 Group: 👉 Email:[email protected]
Shadow of Death 2: Shadow Fighting Game
The sequel to the epic Shadow of Death with over 10 milliondownloads worldwide. Shadow of Death 2 continues the story ofMaximus - a warrior with a cleansed memory. He wandered in thedark, fighting demons to bring back light to Aurora - the land heonce lived and to rescue the ones he once loved. And now, warriors,are you ready to join Maximus in the next chapter of Aurora?Challenge the enemies, and show them what you've got! ▶NEWHACK-AND-SLASH COMBAT STYLES Experience brand new combat styles inthe tale of Shadow of Death 2! Upgrade your weapons, level up yourskill, then beat the enemies off with sassy combos. Attack the darkforce with your stylish actions. Show off your skills and let themhave the taste of your blades. ▶BEATUTIFUL RUINED WORLDS Explorethe dark fantasy world of Aurora with 6 spanking new maps. Morechallenges and epic fights are awaiting you in the dark, where youmight have chances to meet Leviathan - the mythical dragon withdeathly destructive breath! ▶THE HUGEST BOSSES EVER Confrontenormous monsters during your adventure. Get ready to challengemysterious creatures that seem to stay only in the legends, butthey do not! Fight off frog slimes, giant jellyfishes, dragons andmore. It's gonna be the epic 1 vs 100 battle, it's gonna be fun!▶KEY FEATURES - Exciting RPG world in your pocket - 4 differentcharacters with unique combat styles - Customize your heroes withvarious skins and weapons - Play anytime, anywhere in thechallenging offline mode - Level up the game with online PvPbattles VISIT US: FANPAGE:
Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warr 1.4.1
⚔️ Collect heroes, upgrade tower defense and defend your kingdomright now! ⚔️
Legend Heroes: Epic Battle - Action RPG 1.0.50
Legend Heroes: Epic Battle Action RPG - The more enemies, themorevictories. Legend Heroes is an addictive action role-playinggame(ARPG) that you should try!!! When the Magic Gate opens, theworldfalls into chaos. The darkness envelops everywhere. No placeissafe now. Gather the bravest Warriors & Heroes to fightthemonsters and restore world peace. Legend Heroes: EpicBattleFeatures ***Gather Heroes*** - Summon over 30 LegendaryWarriors& Heroes from many different fantasy lands. - 3 HeroesClass:Agility, Intelligence and Strength. - Upgrade stars tostrengthenyour Heroes. ***Collect Items*** - All Weapons &Items can becollected in battle. - Weapon & Gears greatlyenhance Warriors’Physical Damage, Blood, Armor, Strength, Agility,Intelligence andother potentials. - Find and upgrade the rightWeapons & Gearsfor your Heroes ***Upgrade skills*** - EachLegend Hero has 4skills that match their own roles - Maximum skilllevel willincrease according to the Heroes' stars. - Choosing therightHeroes and skills is essential to triumph legendbattles.***Conquer all enemy*** - 6 modes to play: Campaign, DailyBoss,World Boss, Arena, Tower, and Event. - Arena - Battle ofHeroes:Join PvP where warriors fight against each other. - Worldboss:Fight together against the World Boss. - Campaign: Over100challenging adventures to explore. - Customization: Selectandorganise your team roster for each mode. Are you ready to becomeALEGEND in this epic hero war? Download Legend Heroes: Epic Battle-Action RPG game today! Follow us for daily update:Home: Email:[email protected]
Shadow of Death: Dark Knight
Unite against the Shadow & Become an Immortal Stickman Soul.Fight Offline Now
Shadow of Death: Offline Games
Venture to the Shadow Fight & become Soul Legends in RPGOffline Fighting games
Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer 1.0.15
A LEGEND mobile adventure series! Enjoy this ninja stickman game!Fight now
Cat Game - How to Loot
Cat Game - How to Loot is an attractive 2D puzzle game that youcan't ignore. Use your wisdom to help the knight defeat monsters,save the princess and collect treasure. The princess and countlesstreasures are waiting for you to pick up. Let's play now! In thisgame, you need to go through tough challenges: pull pin to save theknight, pull the pin to pick up treasure, pin rescue the princess.So you'll have to use IQ, all of your wits, to logically pull thepin. HOW TO PLAY: - Use your mindset to pull the pin to destroy themonsters then rescue the princess and collect treasure. - When youpull the pin to save the knight, pick up the treasure you have tobe careful and use your mindset to pull pins to escape themonsters. - Hold the treasure and become the richest and mostgenerous knight. FEATURES: - Completely free, play anywhere,anytime - Enjoy the fun of rescuing the princess and collectingtreasure - Suitable for all ages - Cute and high-end graphics,vivid sound - Multiple challenging levels Cat Game - How to Loot isthe game leading the trend of family games. Download and playtogether!!
Forge Hero: Epic Cooking Adventure Game
★★★ From the studio of Shadow of Death ★★★ ⚔️Step into thewildlife,forge your weapon and join Forge Hero on an epic fantasyadventureto hunt down various giant monsters and collect manytasty foodingredients! PLAY NOW!⚔️ The story follows the huntingadventure ofForge Hero - a blacksmith who in a quest to hunt downdangerousmonsters and collect ingredients to develop the village.Throughhunting, the blacksmith will encounter diverse kinds ofmonsterswhile learning how to craft various weapon types as wellas recipesfor many tasty dishes. Hunt Gigantic Monsters Forgingpowerfulweapons to defeat giant monsters and protect the village.CollectVarious Ingridents Hunt down monsters in the wild andgather unique& special ingredients for your restaurant. CookTasty DishesVarious delicious dishes and recipes are awaiting youto cook anddeliver them to the people in the village. Upgrade YourWeapon andForge Strengthening your weapon and forge to huntmonsters easierand faster. ------------------- Begin your forging& huntingadventure now! It is ideal to play Forge Hero on adevice with 1GBRAM or higher. If you are playing on a device withless RAM, youwill encounter unsatisfying game performance, and werecommendplaying on a device that meets the requirements instead.Send anyfeedback to [email protected] PrivacyPolicy:
Stickman Revenge 3: Ninja RPG 1.1.8
Stickman Revenge 3: League of Heroes - No Ads. Best action game onGoogle Play!
Draw Bridge Puzzle - Draw Game 1.1.9
Draw the bridge to save the car. Are you as bad as I am?
Shadow Legends: Death Knight 0.51.0
Fight Against the Dark Shadow in Action RPG Offline Games&become a Legend now!
Candy Battle - Sweet Survivors 1.1.341
Survive in a battle royale game set on a sweet island.
Paper Princess - Doll Dress Up 1.0.3
Create enchanting looks & live a princess life in PaperPrincess- Doll Dress Up
Anime Avatar Maker: Anime Doll 1.0.3
Anime Avatar Maker: Anime Doll - a fashion and lovely dress-up game
Shadow of Death 2: Premium 0.3.4
Enter the Action RPG Offline Games & become a Soul Knight now!
Anime Dress Up - Doll Dress Up 1.0.3
Anime Dress Up is perfect for anyone who loves fashionandadventure.
Call Santa Claus - Prank Call 1.0
Elevate the holiday spirit with a personalized video callfromSanta!
Grime Shake - DIY Boba Tea 1.1
Do you enjoy bubble tea, shakes, or fruit drinks? If so, you'lllovethis game!
Screw Pin: Nuts & Bolts Puzzle 1.0.3
Stretch your brain muscles with modern puzzle game: Screw PinPuzzle
Anime Doll - DIY Cosplay Girl 1.0.2
Anime Doll - a fashion and lovely
Animal Shifting: Transform Run 1.0.0
Transform into the correct animal for the job and beat yourenemies!
Paper Doll Diary - Chibi Dolls 1.0.9
Make up your own versions of international star girls dolls!
Left or Right: Women Fashions 1.0.10
Choose left or right and witness surprising changes
Fashion Stylist: Dress Up Game 1.0.2
Step into the glamorous world of Fashion Stylist: Dress Up Game
Little Princess Dress Up 1.0.3
Get lost in fashion and creative in universe of LittlePrincessDress Up