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Word² 1.1
Word² is a challenging game where you mustunscramble each word not just once, but twice!Inspired by word squares which date well into ancient times,each square contains words in pairs that can be read bothhorizontally and vertically. Words are scrambled and your objectiveis to use hints, clues and logic to decipher each square.▪ Each row/column pair have the same word▪ Colorful, minimalist aesthetic▪ Brightness and pastel color options▪ Beautiful, meditative custom soundtrack▪ 90 puzzles ranging from 3x3 boards to 7x7Word² is a premium game and contains optional hints and cluesavailable for purchase to help solve tougher levels. Be restassured that each level is 100% solvable.□ □ □ □As always, we greatly appreciate your support! Don't hesitate toget in touch at [email protected], and ifyou're enjoying the game please rate and review the game in GooglePlay!
har•mo•ny 3 2.1.1
har•mo•ny 3 is a puzzle game of beautifulcolor and captivating music, unified in perfect harmony."As close to puzzling perfection as you can get" - AppAdvice"Every part of this game oozes relaxation..." - TouchArcadeA Work of Art...New chapters feature 170 exquisite levels, each handcrafted toaesthetic perfection. Your objective is to strategically rearrangeblocks to reassemble each palette to its correct order.New Features… New Challenges...Color palettes subtly morph before your eyes. Gameplay elementsfade and dance to beautiful music. With a rapidly increasingdifficulty level, har•mo•ny 3 will delight your eyes and ears whilestimulating your brain in a relaxing, near-hypnotic experience. Yousimply have to experience it to believe it.Mesmerizing Ambience by Hammock...Treat your ears to nearly three full hours of some of the mostbeautiful music you will ever hear. har•mo•ny 3 is an encorepresentation featuring some of the most-loved music from the sequelwhile adding 6 new, unreleased tracks featured only in thegame.Wallpapers Galore...Every level you reach contains a beautiful wallpaper rich withcolor that you can save to your device.Experience the Sound of Color...Go ahead and treat yourself to har•mo•ny 3. Your eyes, ears andmind will thank you.••••••••••If you're enjoying the game please take a moment to provide agood rating & review - it helps us tremendously! Thank you foryour support!
Alpha Omega 3.0.2
"Best puzzle game I've played on mobile"“The visuals are gorgeous... typography is stunning... thesoundtrack is also tranquil and atmospheric” - AppAdvice"If you’re after a relaxed but challenging word game, AlphaOmega has you covered fairly nicely.” - 148Apps-----Can you solve each crossword puzzle, with only the first andlast letters as your guide?CLUES EVERYWHERE… Each level is full of clues to reveal. Onceyou are able to decipher a word others will begin to revealthemselves... As words are solved the puzzle's overall clue willreveal itself as well!ONLY STARTS EASY… Journey across hundreds of levels from Alphato Omega within a unique game board laid out according to the Greekalphabet. Early stages help you get the hang of it, but difficultyincreases dramatically!LEVEL PACKS... After you've graduated from the "Classic" levelpack - or whenever you're ready - jump right into challenging newpremium level packs, each available for a small purchase. Morecontent will be released regularly.RELAXING GAMEMPLAY… No rush here - take your time to think as abeautiful ambient soundtrack accompanies gameplay...COLORFUL THEMES… As you reach checkpoints in the map, unlockcolorful themes that change the entire look and feel of the gameboard!Can you make it from Alpha to Omega? Download and find out!-----------------And some final important notes for you...Hint packages are available in the app as in-app purchases, butare not required. They simply can help you work your way throughmore challenging levels, and they also help developers such as uscontinue to make great games for you :)Not all words in each puzzle have first and last letters lockedin place, but enough are there to get you started!Enjoying Alpha Omega? We sure hope so! If you don't mind leavinga good review we'd appreciate it much! And as always, feel free toget in touch! [email protected] for your support!
Alpha Omega 6.4
Unscramble each puzzle with only start and end letters as yourguide!