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Hexa Jigsaw Challenge 52.01
Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle will stimulate your brain and challenge yourskills with plenty of FUN PUZZLES! Jump into this excitingadventure and have a nice relaxing time matching the hexa shapes!Are you ready for some awesome brain teasers that will keep youbusy for hours? Play today and discover unique gameplay withhundreds of puzzle levels with high definition photos of puppies,kittens, street art, and amazing images. This awesome game iscompletely free to play online or offline, and the perfect app toplay while waiting for an appointment, during a long ride, orwaiting in a long line. SPECIAL FEATURES If you are a fan of jigsawpuzzles, you will have a blast playing this game! * Easy and fungameplay: Tap, drag and fit hexa shapes onto the board * Plenty ofchallenges: Complete the level goals before time runs out! * Tonsof beautiful picture puzzles: With landscapes around the world,pets, animals, interior design more. * Free to play and superaddictive * The perfect game to play with friends * This is theperfect free app for your Android device. Download for free to yourTablet and mobile device * No internet connection? No problem! Thisjigsaw game supports an offline mode. Turn off your WiFiconnection, solve loads of fun puzzles at a meeting, or while youwait for an appointment! ** Win free hints that help you completequests. Puzzle games are much easier when you get some help. InHexa Jigsaw Challenge, you get hints to help you play the game andsolve these brain teasers. The hints make these adorable puzzlesmore fun and easier to solve. Use this feature wisely! Find theultimate fun time with a wide collection of pictures, suitable forevery style and preference. Each level is loaded with highdefinition photos of some of the coolest pictures. Discover classicviews, cute pets jigsaws, and wonderful images. You’ll always beentertained when playing this great puzzle game. This app isdesigned for you to boost your thinking, train your brain, and havea blast! Hundreds of puzzles in the palm of your hand! Play now andget the fun going!
Onet - Connect & Match Puzzle 63.01
Onet - Connect & Match Puzzle is a super fun matching gamewithcool challenges and brain teasers! Play for free this awesomelinkgame and enjoy hours of fun connecting lovely images ofcuteanimals, delicious food, amazing places, and so much more.Testyour skills by matching and linking the same kind images andworkyour way up to victory! In this exciting blast game, your goalisto remove all the images from the board by connecting pairsofidentical images. HOW TO PLAY? * Match and connect pairs ofthesame kind images * Link two identical images and tap to draw alinebetween them * Match farther images to gain more stars:longerlines=more points! * Sharpen your brain by solving allthechallenges * Use the HINT to reveal a possible connection * UsetheSHUFFLE to rearrange all the images randomly Download thisgreatmemory matching game and start a new adventure today! Playanddiscover amazing puzzles and challenging levels and have anicerelaxing time connecting and blasting the images! COOLFEATURES: -EASY to learn line connect game - Plenty of amazingTHEMES -Exciting PAIR MATCHING ADVENTURE for everyone to enjoy! -HINT andSHUFFLE amazing boosters - Fun PUZZLES to train your brain-STUNNING graphics and beautiful levels - FREE to play onetMEMORYGAME - Play ONLINE or OFFLINE: you don’t need to worry aboutaWi-Fi or internet connection Fans of free puzzle games willenjoythis colorful brain game that will sharpen your brain and testyourmemory and matching skills as you link images. If you’relookingfor free addicting casual games or need some fun activityduringlong car rides, get ready to clear your mind and relax withthisawesome time killer puzzle game! ★ Drag, Match, and Crush! ★Playnow and improve your memory as you swipe and connectcolorfulimages and make big explosions! Plan your moves and workout astrategy to remove the images and reach the target Puzzlematchinggames are much easier when you get some help! Use the hintand theshuffle boosts to help you make the right matches. Onet -Connect& Match Puzzle is seriously fun and addictive, and wecan’tpromise you will not fall in love with this amazing memorygame!
Link 3 - Connect & Match 64.01
LINK, MATCH & HAVE A BLAST with the new fun puzzle game!Playnow for free and enjoy super fun challenges and awesomebrainteasers. Test your skills in this amazing memory game and havearelaxing, fun time relieving your stress. In Link 3 - Connect&Match, your goal is to remove all the images from the boardbyconnecting 3 identical images. Connect lovely images ofcuteanimals, delicious food, amazing places, and so much more.NOTE!You need to remove all the tiles before the time is up! Sowarm upyour fingers, and it’s game on! How to play Link 3 - Connect&Match? * Match and connect 3 same kind tiles * Link theidenticalimages and tap to draw a line between them * Remove thetilesbefore time is over! * Match farther tiles to gain morestars:longer lines=more points! * Sharpen your brain by solving allthechallenges * Use the HINT to reveal a possible connection * UsetheSHUFFLE to rearrange all the images randomly Download thisgreatpairs matching game and enjoy solving well-designed puzzlesandbrain teasers. Play whenever and wherever you want, unwind,relax,and clear your mind as you exercise your brain and sharpenyourskills. Game Features: - Awesome PUZZLES to train your brain -Easyto pick up and play tile connect game - Beautiful themes andimages- HINT and SHUFFLE helpful boosters - Free to play link game- Funfor everyone! - Play ONLINE or OFFLINE: you don’t need toworryabout a Wi-Fi or internet connection Link, Match, and Connect!Playnow and improve your memory as you swipe and link colorfultilesand make big explosions! Plan your moves and work out awinningstrategy to remove the images and reach the target. Use thehintand the shuffle boosts to help you make the right matches. Jointhepuzzle matching adventure NOW and enjoy hours of FUN linkingtilesand solving amazing puzzles!
Find 3D - Match Items 68.01
FUN STARTS NOW! Get ready to have a blast with a new funpuzzlegame- Find 3D - Match Items! Play now and discover plentyofchallenging levels filled with fun missions that makethistime-killing game one of a kind. Relax and enjoy this addictive3dmatching game as you collect items and complete differentmissions!Train your brain, match cute items, explore fun quests,and winawesome rewards! It’s super fun and entertaining! 🌟COOLFEATURES: *Beautifully designed puzzle match 3d levels * Fun braintrainingchallenges * Easy and relaxing time killer game * Awesomeboostersand hints to help you along the way * Free to play onlineoroffline, no Wi-Fi or internet connection is required! * Amazingnewgame filled with match 3 quests and cool missions Try out anewstyle of the popular match 3d games! With so many excitinglevels,awesome boosters, and fun new gameplay, Find 3D - MatchItems is amust-have game for your Android device! If you’re lookingfor asimple, yet addictive matching game, try out this great timekillerand start playing NOW! HOW TO PLAY * Tap and drag differentitemsto collect them * Complete the goal that is set at the startof thelevel * Enjoy a fun gameplay and cool features like cards andgemcollections * Complete the different missions and win greatrewards* NOTE! Each level has a timer, so you must move fast &reachthe level goal! * Use the boosters to help you pass trickylevels *Use Shuffle to rearrange the items on the board * Boostyour gamewith the Hint and Super Hint Want to relax and clear yourmind? Tryout this great match 3d game and join the 3d matching fun!