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BookFusion - Reading Redefined 2.12.8
BookFusion is an eBook platform that isredefining the reading experience. It allows users to read, shareand have all their eBooks available across all devices.For the first time, readers are able to discover new books byaccessing the global library of other readers with the capabilityto easily borrow/loan books to friends and family. With over30,000+ free eBooks and a tightly integrated social experience,readers are able to find new books based on their social network orsimply browsing our store.BookFusion is available on the Web and Android Tablets (Soon to beavailable for all devices in both portrait and landscape mode)◇ Features ◇* Read over 35,000+ books and growing for free* Read all popular eBooks including PDF | MOBI | EPUB | 10 OtherFormats with the same app* Upload all the books you already own to a reliable and convenientplatform* Share your highlights, comments , notes & bookmarks toTwitter, Facebook,* Your personal library in the cloud* Easily borrow and loan eBooks the same way you would a physicalbook* Find your next great read by browsing the global library of otherusers* Discover the eBook activities being made in your network and thebookshelves of friends and family.* Download books to any device for offline reading.* Many more to come! Follow us for updates.Say hello on Twitter @BookFusionHQ.Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected](Book Fusion)
MoEYI eResources App 2.12.6
The MoEYI eResources app will provide students with access toeBooks & resources