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Thing TD - Epic tower defense game 1.0.54
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With over 50,000,000 plays over the Internet, the tower defensegameseries has enthralled and challenged many players over theyears.Now you can save your world from darkness while on yourcouch withthe Android version of the game! Join Targa Wrathbringerand KelHawkbow on their journey to save Danalor from hordes ofmonsters,undead and demons. Find powerful runes, construct armies,upgradeyour heroes abilities and battle against epic bosses inthis TowerDefense RPG hybrid. Survival Mode description and rules:A SurvivalChallenge is unlocked on very few levels once playershave beatencertain levels in the campaign. The player starts with10 lives, andhas to withstand an endless number of waves of everincreasingnumbers of enemies. Warrior available in your order thatwere openedduring the game progress. Separate high scoresleaderboard for eachsurvival challenge. Highlights: - 50+ enemies,each with uniqueabilities and weaknesses. - Terrifying bosses thatwill put you tothe test. - 8 different heroes to enhance yourplay, with specialattacks! - 25+ game stages and 16 special armyupgrades - 60+achievements. Can you get them all?
Booblyc TD survival - Realm Tower Defense Strategy 1.0.662
Booblyc TD
🛡 One of the best tower defense offline game in 2020 🕹 Best MobileGame - Indie Cup Awards ⚔️ Unusual engine category winner -GameGathering Conference The game is filled with war strategy andtactics of castle defense! Explore the world, fight monsters,conquer all missions, beat bosses and win tournaments! Do you likefantasy RPG defense games where you need to defend the castle? Areyou fond of tactical games that make you think thoroughly aboutevery step of the battle? Download NOW Booblyc TD offline — theclassic example of epic tower defense game, but more interesting,hilarious, and crazy than any other TD games you knew before! 🎮 Putyour towers into action and defend the castle from never-endingwaves of enemies! Get an armor and start playing Booblyc TD Battles- Realm Tower Defense offline Game now. Rush to realm battles ofthe kingdom enemies, join a legend crusade and tower defenders! 💬 Aguy fell asleep at the table, playing his favorite game on asmartphone. He dreams of a crazy dream that he gets just in theheart of td battles with orc kingdom masters. The local empirewarriors greet him, telling him that it would be nice if such amage helped them in the castle siege. 🃏 Defense heroes must takepart in kingdom siege, tower defending battles, and tournaments,rush quests completing, mine resources, collect and improve ccgcards, and train alongside the empire warriors under the king'scommand. All to join an epic empire defense in this amazing fantasyworld of kingdoms, new lands, tower wars and castles! Use yourstrategy and war tactics to win all td battles! Make sure your nameis well known in realm legends. Each level has special tower landsto hire the warrior. You may move any unit in a special sectoraround the base point. 🗡 Apart from challenges on the levels, wecreated a unique map of this fantasy world that is interesting toexplore, and through which you should play individually: • Uniqueempire world! Explore castles and build the kingdom of your dreams• Rush to win resources! • Kingdom under siege! Lead your troops onthe battlefields and manage tower crush • Chests! Customization andupgrades of defenders and towers • Over 300 levels! Endless towerdefense with levels to apply all your tactical skills • CrazyTournaments! Participate in survival kingdom lands and challengeyour rivals at war • Interesting quests about the realm, not onlywall defense! • Ccg cards! Over 80 unique ccg cards to collect(weapons, upgrades for towers, magic, kings, pets) • Unique bosses,each with their attributes — fantasy tower defense offline game atits best! Train your skills in strategy, tactics and defense • 16+humor! 💣 Explore the best defensive game! Do your best to defendthe castle and crush the forces of the enemy kingdoms! Command themightiest warriors and lead the greatest defense army to victory inunique TD battles offline! Booblyc is your chance to get in themiddle of the epic realm war and take part in exciting kingdomtower defense. Protect your castle tower no matter what! Play thiscrazy tower defense game offline for free — enjoy hours of gameplayanytime and anywhere! It’s my defense and my kingdom! ✉️ Contactus: - E-mail: [email protected] - Official Fanpage: - Official Website:
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Survival in the thrilling action shooter game aboutzombieapocalypse!