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Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker 2.9.0
Life Lapse simplifies the creation of personal time-lapse &stop motion videos. Capture change over time easily with Life LapseOR turn your photos into looping videos. Zero editing required andNO ADS. Use the app's ghosted image feature when taking your clipsto align your subject from clip to clip. To do this manuallywithout our app, you would have to go into photo editor, createdozens of layers and align them manually, then export into videoediting software. Life Lapse will save you time, money and theheadache of learning some photo editor! No video editing skills? Noproblem! Life Lapse stiches all the clips together for you. All youhave to do is select a filter, song, video ratio & you're goodto go! Document life's journey in either short video clips orphotos and the app assembles those memories into a compelling andcreative video bringing those memories to life. Life Lapse makes iteasy for you to share your video story, whether you want a fun& different way to capture your travels, document the growth ofyour belly during pregnancy or showcase a product in multiplesettings. Photos & individual video clips are great for sharinga single memory, what about the WHOLE journey!? Enter LifeLapse.... FEATURES: Ghosted Image / Opacity Slider- The previousphoto in the projects is overlaid in camera mode so you can alignyour subjects from clip to clip. No tripods needed. MultipleProjects Filters Camera Timer Re-arrange clips in a project byholding down the clip and dragging to a new spot Delete selectclips Import photos into a project Back Camera & Selfie ModeCustomize Sizing - Whether you want to up your story game, share onSocial Networks or upload to video hosting, we have you coveredwith each size dimension. (9x16, 1x1, 3x4, 10x16, 4x3, 16x10, 16x9)Re-Align an image after you take it - You can go into each photoand align it with either the first photo in the project or theprevious photo, for the perfectionists out there ;) Speed - Adjustthe speed of your photo project Music - Have you ever trieduploading a video with a popular song in it to social media? Well,unfortunately since you most likely don't own the rights to use hermusic, social media sites will flag the video immediately andremove it. Life Lapse has you covered with a library of 15 songs.Tap and hold on the screen and the ghosted image will disappear.Guideline Grid - To help you center your subjects Reminders - Nevermiss a moment with reminders. Hourly, daily, weekly. No Editingrequired! Life Lapse automatically assembles all your clips into afun & unique video. No fancy editing software required.Hassle-free video creation. Create Videos Of: Videos for yourbusiness Your Travels & Adventures Stop Motion Creative VideosFlat Lay Videos Baby Belly Growing Unboxing Videos Style BlogVideos Stop Motion Videos 1/2, 1, 2 or 3 Second a Day Video DiaryPhoto a Day of your Baby growing Product Videos Get inspired andjoin our community on Instagram at @LifeLapse_App or by searching#LifeLapse. We feature a new Life Lapse video creator each week onour Instagram story highlights, to be featured, share your LifeLapse video on Instagram & tag #LifeLapse or @LifeLapse_App fora chance to be featured. As we strive to make Life Lapse theleading app of its kind, we really appreciate the feedback! Emailus at [email protected] Do you like this app? Want to getyour own one? Email at [email protected]