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Subway Train Skate 1.0
Download Subway Train Skate and skate around the skate parks alongthe streets! Subway Train Skate offers a brand new skatingexperience you have never before! Jump and move around acrossdifferent railroad, collecting goldcoins and be really careful! Asthe obstacles might trip you down to stop you from completing eachof every levels!Note: Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding andperforming tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding has been shapedand influenced by many skateboarders throughout the years. Sincethe 1970s, skateparks have been constructed specifically for use byskateboarders, Freestyle BMXers, aggressive skaters, and veryrecently, scooters. Accordingly, skateboarding was originallydenoted sidewalk surfing and early skaters emulated surfers styleand maneuvers, and performed barefoot.* Subway Train Skate Game Features ****** 3 Game Mode to play***** 89 levels to complete***** Exciting gameplay***** Awesome music & stunning graphics***** Suitable for players all ages especially kidsWhat you waiting for? Become the most skillful skater by beatingall your opponents today!Download this new free game of 2015 today!
Temple Princess Runner 2016 2.0.2
Download addictive mega-hit Temple PrincessRunner 2016 is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it- can you beat their high scores?! Explore the mysterious castle! !! Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! !What are waiting for them? Numerous treasures or death? Write yourown legend! ! !Temple Princess Runner 2016 is a running game. Beginning todiscover the mysterious journey of the lost temple castle. You mustface hordes of hostile arrows and fireballs attack. They arepowerful ancient hunter, legendary ancient animal such as snake andscorpion to fight endless hordes attack. The game has tense rhythm,amazing graphics, and smooth control feelings.* Game Features ****** Colorful & smooth graphics***** Easy one-touch controls and gameplay***** Rich background music and sound effects***** Intense and exciting game rhythm***** Game built with minimal apk file sizeWhat you waiting for? Become the most skillful runner by beatingall your opponents today!Download this new free game of 2016 today!
Subway Castle Runner 1.1
Are you ready to play Subway Castle Runner?Download this top new free game in Android today!Subway Castle Runner is not an ordinary adventure running game!It is super fun! In Subway Castle Runner you have to run for life!Explore the hidden temples of the Subway Castle Runner and try yourbest to rush and dash out of danger! Collect coins and escape thetrain!
Moto Racing Game 2016 1.1
Are you ready to experience the realisticmotor speed? Moto Racing Game 2016 give you a true motor racingexperience! ! !! Moto Racing Game 2016 is a very fast pacedsimulation game! Be prepared to help Jamie to handle her supermotorbike and beat the traffic to escape the death! During rushhours time, will she able to complete the tasks given and win therace?Street Moto Racing is illegal form of motor racing that happens onpublic road. Avoid police scanners and GPS trackers hotspot.Perform the ultimate street racing and stunts to beat all theopponents to win the race events! But beware as this is not justnormal drag racing game.Moto Racing Game 2016 requires expert driving skills and guts. Itwill make you go extreme and turn on this rally motorcycle race allthe time! Exciting gameplay will make you get so addicted combinewith real steering and physics!Game Feature:***** Great steering controls***** Vivid and realistic superbikes sound effects***** Various camera angel view***** Up to 4 character selections***** Funny animations of crushing incoming vehicles***** Day and night 3D city streets map selection***** Addictive gameplayGameplay:***** Collect various power-ups***** Tap screen to acceleration for top speed***** Crush incoming cars,trucks and van***** The more gold coins collected, the higher chance you beatyour friend’s score!Test your biking skills now by downloading this top rated motogame of 2016 while it is still FREE!