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Escape Puzzle: New Dawn Virus 1.5
Join Samantha and Gordon in an all new adventure! Obtain thevaccine from the New Dawn facility, claimed to be the only chanceof protecting people from the devastating effects of the virus.Enjoy this fun adventure escape game! From the creators of PrisonEscape Puzzle.
Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure
ESCAPE GAME – FIND CLUES, ITEMS & SOLVE PUZZLES TO ESCAPE Doyou love the thrill of escaping the prison adventure games? Ormaybe you like to challenge your brain with mind teasing challengesof escape room puzzles? A blend of prison escape and puzzleadventure, in Prison Escape Puzzle you need to find a way out byusing your mind and logic. Can you escape the prison and completeall escape puzzles? Prove that you are the master evader by solvingthe puzzle prison / prigione scaping challenges. ESCAPE PRISON Yousuddenly find yourself charged as a criminal and locked up in anold city prison in Alcatraz. You quickly realize that you need toplay the role of prison escapist and survive. Solve puzzles andfind items that will aid you in your escape. Delight your mind byplaying the following prison escape levels: • Prison Cell •Security Cell • Easy Wing • Storage Room • Cell Blocks • Workshop •Secure Level • Upper Floors ALCATRAZ ESCAPE PRISON ROOM The jailescape starts in Alcatraz lockdown, but once you escape the prisonand solve all prison escape levels you are on a true escapeadventure. • Alcatraz Prison Escape Day 1-3 • Sewers • Outpost •Wharf NEW DAWN ESCAPE FACILITY PUZZLE Obtain the vaccine from theNew Dawn facility, claimed to be the only chance of protectingpeople from the devastating effects resulting to lockdown. • Intothe Forest • New Dawn Facility • Upper Levels • Underground Lab •Research Center • Lab • Riverside • Residential Area • Apartment •Pond WORLDWIDE ESCAPE ADVENTURE PUZZLE Travel to the heights of theHimalayas as a true jail carcel breaker escapist. Escape the remoteforest islands, and discover the way out of an ancient Mayantemple. Here is a list of all escape puzzle adventure levels: •Airport • Lost in the Forest • High in the Himalayas • Mayan Ruins• Work from Home Office THRILLER ESCAPE ROOM Once you escaped andsolve all prison escape adventure, we challenge you to try ourEscape Puzzle Thriller, no way home to run. These excitingadventure escape levels include: • Hospital Escape • Log CabinEscape • Tribal Village pandemonium escapes • Ghost Town escaperoom puzzle A LOGIC QUEST FILLED WITH MYSTERY All room scapes inthis jail game prison escape puzzle require you to master yourlogic and unlock the mystery quest. Seek, discover, collect items,and dig your way out of the enigmatic maze for a successful prisonbreak mistery games. PLAY OFFLINE Looking for fun offline puzzleadventures to play in your commute time or while traveling? Well,our escape puzzle game is available to play offline. PRISON ESCAPE– MYSTERY ROOM ESCAPE FROM JAIL FEATURES: • classic prision escaperoom puzzle • investigate, find clues, collect items to escape •crisp HD graphics • simple gameplay • hints • extra world adventureescape game levels • extra thriller escape puzzle levels •available in multiple languages • play offline all adventure escaperoom scape Now it’s time to challenge yourself in this funadventure and addictive scapes games! Solve puzzles to escapeadventure puzzle challenges is an excellent logic challenge, mindteaser, and brain training master and be called Maestro juegos deestrategia aventura (نجم لعبه الغاز). Download this Prison EscapeRoom game for FREE and go escape successfully from each room. Enjoythe excitement and logical challenges of our prison escape puzzle!