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Ghostcom Communicator Pro
Ghostcom Communicator Pro is a startlingapplication which attempts to receive messages and drawings fromthe spirit world. If you like creepy apps you'll loveGhostcom!Automatic DrawingGhostcom Automatic Drawing is an incredible instrument whichattempts to receive drawings from the spirits. Simply touch thescreen and watch in amazement as your drawing eerily appears. Earlyresults have been astounding and we would love to hear about yourown experiences.Ghost CommunicatorGhostcom Ghost Communicator is a truly remarkable application thatattempts to receive messages from the spirits. Simply place yourfinger within the on-screen circle and your message will eerilyappear...Ghostcom is a professional quality application and a valuableaddition to any ghost hunter’s arsenal.Use often to uncover a few hidden surprises!Ghostcom works by utilizing randomization based algorithms. Pleaseremember that it is currently impossible to verify that ouralgorithms are affected by paranormal forces in any way, shape orform. With this in mind we ask that you use this app responsiblyand for entertainment purposes only. The creators of Ghostcom willnot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise duringor after the use of this application.WARNINGThis app contains graphics, audio and effects that may scarechildren or those of a nervous disposition.HAPPY GHOST HUNTING!
Ghostcom™ Radar - Simulator
Best used in the dark...if you dare!
Ghostcom™ Radar Pro Messages 1.1.6
A mysterious, easy to use app for ghostly messages and hauntedhouse adventures.
Ghostcom™ Oracle Messages 1.3.2
Consult the Oracle, get FREE readings every day. No Subscription.No Sign-ups.
Relaxing Tree Stress Relief 1.1.6
FREE Stress Relief App: No Sign-Ups, No Subscriptions, No In-AppPurchases.