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2 Player Sports Games - Paintball, Sumo & Soccer 1.1.5
Battle your friends in a variety of 2 player sports gamesusingsimple one touch controls! Play simultaneously on the samedevicefor multiplayer battles on the road, wherever you are.Excellentfor killing time on the road, on the commute to work oranywhereelse – you don’t need to have an internet connection toplay.============================== SIX 2 PLAYER MINI GAMES TOPLAY============================== Our 2 player mini games allusesimple one touch controls so 2 players can battle on thesamedevice. With a variety of games to play, you’ll have hours offuncompeting against your friends or family! ▸ Tug Of War Seewhichone of you can tap the fastest in a game of tug of war! ▸TapTennis Battle it out on the court to see who the best onetouchtennis player is! ▸ Paintball Arena Battle each other one onone inthe paintball arena. Who’s the best shooter? ▸ SoccerChallenge Whohas the soccer skills to win a game of one touchsoccer? ▸ SumoWrestling Settle your differences in the sumowrestling arena.Don’t get pushed over the line! ▸ Air Race Navigatetrickyobstacles & battle for the highestscore============================= 2 Player Sports Games –Highlights============================= • Simple one touch, onebuttoncontrols • 2 players can play using the same device • 6multiplayermini games • Challenge your friends and family whereveryou are •Play offline – no internet connection required! • Play theSportsCup to see who the best playeris!==================================================================FOR1 TOUCH MULTIPLAYER FUN – DOWNLOAD 2 PLAYER GAMES FREETODAY!==================================================================
Minigames for 2 Players - Arcade Edition 1.0.4
"Minigames for 2" is a two player versus game for your phoneandtablet! Defeat your friends while playing simultaneously onthesame device. There are 4 different mini games to choose from,showyour drifting skills in the Space Race Drifter , play someSpaceTennis, Space Block Snake or Avoid the Spikes. You can alsoplaythe Arcade Cup! Features: • Simple controls • Funmultiplayergameplay • 4 different games • Arcade Cup • Challengeyour friendsand family!
Pepernoot Hockey - Sinterklaas Spelletjes 1.0.4
Pepernoot Hockey! speel met Sinterklaas en Hockey Piet en probeerdepepernoot in het doel van de tegenstander te schieten. Wieheteerste 3 doelpunten maakt heeft gewonnen, je kunt met zijntweeëntegelijk spelen of in je eentje tegen de computer. Veelplezier!
HappyCats games for cats 1.0.5
HappyCats is a game for cats and kittens. It has 4 differentgamemodes which you can choose from. • Catch a Mouse, the mouse'sspeedwill increase every time it is grabbed. • Follow the Light,fastmoving light bulb. • Touch a Butterfly, high-score game whereyourcat has three lives, and has to touch as many butterfliesaspossible. • Tower defense for Cats!! 5 stages and a finalboss!Supports multi touch so that two cats can play at the sametime!Share your cats score on social media. Try it out to see ifyourcat loves this game! Especially young cats and kittens loveit!Other pets may also like it. Now with “Cat Soccer”, a 4 playergamewith simple one touch controls, challenge your friends andfamilyin this 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 soccer game! Or play the fast game“grabthe fish” grab as many gold fishes as you can, but watch outforthe bomb fish! Enjoy! Credits:Music: Font:ProjectPaintball(theFIZZYnator)
Red het paard van Sinterklaas - Spelletjes 1.0.5
Help! het paard van Sinterklaas is ontvoerd. Ga op weg naarhetkasteel waar Amerigo is gevangen genomen en spring van dak totdakom pakjes te bezorgen aan de kinderen, Kan jij alleobstakelsoverwinnen en Amerigo redden?. Dit Sinterklaas spelletjeis voorjong en oud. Veel plezier! Special
Sinterklaas Spelletjes 1.0.3
Sinterklaas Spelletjes is een spel om met zijn tweeën, drieënofvieren te spelen. Je kunt tegelijkertijd spelen op één scherm.Hetbestaat uit vier spellen: probeer elkaar te raken met"Pepernootgooien", tab het scherm zo vaak mogelijk om de snelste tezijn in"Zaklopen", pas goed op voor de auto's bij "Pakjes bezorgen"ofkijk wie de snelste reactie heeft in "Grijp het kado". Functies:•Eenvoudige één knop bediening • 6 verschillende spellen • Daagjevrienden en familie uit! Veel plezier! Muziek van
2 3 4 Player Mini Games
Play with your friends in 30 different mini games! for 2 3 and 4players!