Best Video and Audio Player Apps

VL Video Player IPTV 9.5
VL Video Player IPTV supports all video formats and most popularaudio, and video and audio playing local files and from thenetwork. Possibility of adding lists of channels of tv, tdt, films,music and videos in format m3u with its new function IPTV PlaylistTo work properly even on less powerful devices, VL Video PlayerIPTV uses hardware acceleration. Enjoy online videos, movies, TVchannels, music and more by adding m3u lists. VL Video Player IPTVcan play all the videos and music from your gallery. VL VideoPlayer IPTV main features : - IPTV Playlist function added.Complete management of m3u lists. Possibility of adding IPTVPlaylist from url or local file. - VL Video Player IPTV (VLC) playsmost local video and audio files, as well as network streams(including adaptive streaming), DVD ISOs, like the desktop versionof VLC. It also support disk shares. - Automatically detects allvideo and music files on your device. - Supports all audio fileformats (avi, m4v, mp4, wmv, flv, mpeg, mpg, mov, rm, VOB, ASF,MKV, F4V, ts, tp,m3u, M3U8 ...). - Auto- rotation settings Support,aspect ratio. - Subtitles video support. - Support streamingvideos. - A / B repeat, lock screen, timers, battery saving . -Manage your videos and music files. - Share funny videos with yourfriends. - Many settings and preferences......................................................................VIDEO PLAYER HD, Fast, Easy, IPTV, with many interesting functions.Improvements introduced in version 14: - Management of IPTVplaylists, importable from local file or URL - Translation to themain languages. - VLC code updated and compatible with moredevices. - Added compatible with AndroidTV and Google VR......................................................................Disclaimer: GNU General Public License : You can get the source code followingthis link: vlc -android
Podcast Tunes 1.0.0
Podcast Tunes is a podcast manager and player that gives youinstantaccess to millions of free and paid podcasts, fromstandalonepodcasters to big stations like BBC, NPR and CNN. Add,import andexport fonts in a simple way using iTunes, FYYD, OPMLfiles or RSStype URLs. Podcasts USA, España, France, Italia,Australian,Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Latin, Norway... all theworld Saveeffort, battery and data with the download controls (atspecifictimes or intervals, or WiFi networks) and episode removal(based onfavorites and time settings). And most importantly:download, listento streams and enjoy them as you want withvariable playback speed,support for chapters and sleep timer. Youcan even show yourgratitude to the creators of the content usingFlattr. Podcast Tunesis completely free. Features: IMPORT,ORGANIZE AND PLAY • Add andimport feeds using iTunes directories, FFYD, OPMLfiles and RSS and Atom links •Manage playback from anywhere:widget, system notifications andheadset/bluetooth controls • Enjoyyour way by adjusting theplayback speed, selecting differentchapter support (MP3,VorbisComment and Podlove), recalling theplayback position andusing the sleep timer (shake to restart,volume down and slow down)• Access password-protected feeds andepisodes. • Access pagedfeeds (, SHARE AND APPRECIATE• Find the best of the best bytagging episodes as favorites. •Find past episodes by looking atthe story or searching them (bytitle or by episode notes). • Shareepisode feeds with advancedsocial networking options, email, services and OPMLexport. • Help content creators withthe Flatter integration,making it possible to make Flattr automaticCHECK THE SYSTEM • Takecontrol of automatic download: choose feeds,exclude mobilenetworks, choose specific WiFi networks, do it onlyif the phone ischarging or at certain times or intervals. • Managestorage bysetting the number of cached episodes, set smart removal(based onyour favorites and playback status) and choosing yourfavoritelocation. • Use Podcast Tunes in your language (EN, DE, CS,NL, NB,JA, PT, ES, SV, CA, UK, FR, KO, TR, ZH). • Adapt toyourenvironment using the light or dark theme. • Back upyoursubscriptions using or exporting to OPML. PodcastTunesis in continuous development to add improvements and tocorrectpossible errors. I hope you enjoy using this great player,searchengine and Podcast organizer from around the world. Please,if youlike Podcast Tunes we appreciate your evaluation. Thanks forusingPodcast Tunes.
Test your glasses - By uRock 1.0
With this great application you can test your u'Rock glassesbeforeyou buy them. Utilities: - Test of u'Rock sunglasses. - Youcanchoose images from your gallery or use the camera on yourdevice. -Save the generated photos in your gallery. - Possibilityof sharingthe images created in social networks, WhatsApp, etc. -You can buyyour favorite u'Rock glasses. We hope you like thisfantastic appand have fun creating nice pictures that you can sharewith familyand friends.