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Light House
Isometric puzzle, based on light physics
Countries – fast memorize capitals, flags and map
App for fast and easy memorizing of capitals, flags and countriesonthe map with smart algorithm, which generates questions byyourknowledge. NEW LEARNING FORMAT: Chat with questions aboutcapitalsand flags is fast, customary and handy. INTERACTIVE WORLDMAP: Youcan freely look for states on the map and sorted list, andstudyinformation about all countries. LOCATION OF COUNTRIES:Findcountries selected by the algorithm based on your knowledgeandmemorize their location on the map in game mode.DEPENDENTTERRITORIES AND UNRECOGNIZED STATES: In addition tocountries, 36dependent territories and unrecognized states such asGreenland,French Guiana and Azad Kashmir are available in the app.360°PANORAMAS: Travel online by the most interesting places ontheplanet and guess the countries by sight. FLEXIBLE SETTINGS OFTHEGAME: Customize gameplay as you want – select continents, typesofquestions and game parameters: unlimited time, displaycorrectanswer, etc. TRACKING PROGRESS: Follow your progress and getnewranks depending on your knowledge. WORKS WITHOUT INTERNET: Usetheapp anywhere, it doesn't need Internet.
Flip2Learn — fastly memorize c 0.7.1
Simple self-check app helps you to memorize capitals ofallcountries