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Star Gems 2 1.6
Please RATE Star Gems 2 to keep us making FREEgames for you!The best fast pacing no brainer game just got better!Star Gems 2 can be played with a fast finger, or strategically ifyou are really care to achieve a higher score.The StoryUFOs are invading your planet, and trickily approaching to yourbase behind meteors. Tap on group of stars with 3 same color toreveal UFOs. Send UFOs home by destroying stars right below.Highlight• Fully upgradable Laser Gun; fire rounds, beam power, aimingsystem, recharge speed• Fully upgradable Protective Shield; durability, rechargespeed• Fully recharged when game starts• Auto recharge while playing, charging speed can be upgraded• Surprise formation on every 5 levels• Real HD graphics, customised for different aspect ratiosTo support our game development, please rate this game in GooglePlay, and post it on Facebook. We appreciate all your comments andthanks for playing this game!
Lucy's Closet 1.6
Look what's inside my closet! There are hundreds of amazing objectsto be discovered and just one click to start the journey! This easyaddicting game is very simple to play by just matching at least 3same objects to clear and don't let my closet overflow!
Ultimate Jewel 2.15
Ultimate Jewel is a match-3 game with gorgeous graphics and exotictheme.
Ultimate Jewel 2 Tutankhamun 3.13
match 3 game with exotic theme
Diamond Gems 1.14
Simple and smooth game play, great music and amazing graphics.Threeaddictive game types in one, which brings you the ultimategemsblasting experience... plus more. 3 Game Types: - [CLASSIC]Swap twogems to form chains of three or more. - [FUN] Slide a rowor columnof gems to form chains of three or more. - [CRAZY] Tapthree or moreadjacent gems in same color. 2 Game Modes: - [Race]Compete yourskill with friends in limited time. - [Endless] Sitback, relax andenjoy. Features: - Lots of achievements to obtain -Tools to helpyou get higher scores - Listen to your own musicwhile playing -Auto save during interruption - Power saving mode
Star Gems 4.2
Blast aliens before they get into outer space!
Lollipops 2.3
Slide lollipops to match three and send them away from the candymachine.
Chicken Tap 1.6
Chicken or egg? Let’s try this Chicken Tap game to find outwhichone can get more coins for you to win the game! This ‘TapTap’gameis very easy to play and you will be addicted to it easily.Pleasehelp these chickens to get back home! They will grow if youfeedthem worms and then they will lay eggs but watch out for thehungryfox which will steal the eggs. Each chicken needs to go backto theright colored house in order to get coins. Intuitive gameplay,hundreds of uniquely designed levels give you hours of fun.Otherfeatures: - Stunning cartoon graphics and art withawesomebackground music and cool sound fx. - Game for all ages.-Challenging gameplay.
Lollipops 3 1.9
To continue our popular Lollipops series, here we havethisLollipops 3 for our fans! It’s totally free for download andplay(as usual) without any gimmick! Top 3 new Board game inUnitedStates, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, New Zealand, HongKong,Japan, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand,…for our Lollipops series,sodon’t miss out Lollipops 3!!! Slide and nudge three or moreofbeautifully designed fruits to fulfil the target. Be careful,thisis an extremely addictive game that you have ever playedbefore, sowatch out! • TWO GAME MODES - Play Mode is the puzzlemode whichhas many stages with 60 levels each and you need tocompletedifferent challenge on each level - Classic Mode is to getacertain score on each level • LOLLIPOPS FEVER - EarnLollipopsFever to get even higher score • GIANT FRUIT - Giant fruitwillappear on Classic Mode which will make the game moreinterestingand fun but it will block 2 rows vertically andhorizontally •DIFFERENT TRICKS - Match 4 to create Fresh Fruitwhich can do theexplosion on the nearby fruits - Match 5 to createa booster whichcan explode the whole row vertically or horizontally
Maya Stones 1.20
A casual shooting game for everyone and it's FREE!!! Experienceabubble shooting game with Maya stone theme. Collect acertainamount of 'Magic Eyes' to bring you to the next Stage. Enjoytheunique patterns on every level with various difficulty oneachstage. 240 LEVELS IN 4 STAGES Collect certain amount of'MagicEyes' to get to the next Stage, you can always go back totheprevious level to collect more 'Magic Eyes'. 2 SETS OFBUBBLESThere are two sets of bubbles for you to choose from formore fun.3 TYPES OF EXPLODING BUBBLES These bubbles can help you gothrougheach stage more easier. 4 KINDS OF MAGIC SPELLS You canchoosethese magic spells in the middle of the game to help youpassthrough the challenge. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOKCompareyour score with your friends on facebook. ★★★ To support ourgamedevelopment, please rate this game in Android Market and postit onFacebook. We appreciate all your comments and thanks forplayingthis game!!!
2 Turns - Button Puzzle 1.12
2 Turns is a simple yet challenging puzzle game withfascinatinggraphics! Connect two matching buttons with dotted linesmaximum oftwo turns and that is as simple as that. You will needsomestrategies for the later levels in order to finish thegame.HIGHLIGHTS • 8 board sizes from easy to difficult with allhandmadelevels • Smooth, polished touch interaction • Neat yetcolourfulgraphics • Amazingly challenging puzzles If you have anyquestionsor suggestion, please welcome to contact us. OfficialWebsite: Find us onFacebook: Email tous:[email protected]
123 Photo Spot 1.5
Test your finding skills to identify 3-5 differences in 2photos!123 Photo Spot is a classic puzzle game for people withbull'seyes. If you want to challenge yourself, try the hard mode toseewhat will happen! Features: • High resolution photos • 5 hints•Beat-the-clock format • Play your own music • Compare yourownscore in leaderboard • Three modes to play
Pic this Word - picture search 1.10
Crossword, photo spot, word search, puzzle and word guessing inonesingle package! An innovative WORD SEARCH game you haveneverexperienced! Try this absolutely FREE word search game andoverthousand pictures for you to guess the correct word to playwithmakes this game with the icing on the cake and unlike thebasicword search games in the market. Different languages isalsoanother highlight of this game. Pic, Pic, Pic. pic this word,spellthis picture. Features: • 5 different languages of gameplay;English, 繁體中文, 简体中文, 日本語 and Indonesian • Tap picture tozoomin/out • Maximum up to 5 hints • 2 colourful themes to choosefrom• Play your own music • Different awards to challenge yourskill Ifyou have any questions or suggestion, please welcome tocontact us.Official Website: Find uson Facebook: Email tous:[email protected]