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Puzzle Pop Paradise 1.8.33
Bake450 Inc.
The ice cream kingdom is being overrun byinvaders from the other dessert kingdoms! Adorably evil dessertminions and bosses are attacking and trying to change all the icecream into other desserts! Match colorful popsicles in this fun andchallenging new Match-3 puzzle battle game to defeat them andprotect the ice cream kingdom once and for all!- Over 100+ levels of popsicle popping action!- Match and combo your way to victory against invaders from theother dessert kingdoms!- Thwart the enemy's attempts to infect and morph the popsiclesinto caramel and chocolate!- Adorably evil dessert minions and bosses create challengingobstacles!- Use strategy to create huge matches, magic tiles, and chaincombos!- Explore an ice cream paradise as you journey through the manydelicious regions in the kingdom!- Multiplayer features coming soon!- Absolutely FREE to play!Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear [email protected] @bake450
Super Meme Kart 1.0.25
Bake450 Inc.
Are you ready for the most LOLtasticracingexperience of your life? Super Meme Kart is like no otherracinggame you have ever played in your life!Ever wanted to race in a fuzzy pink slipper or icecreamsandwich? Well now you can! Ever daydreamed about crashingintoyour friends while flying on a rainbow poptart? WELL NOW YOUCAN!Prepare to have your mind blown by race tracks with bacon,waffles,and cheeseburgers... because WHY NOT!?-----FEATURES------ Three crazy race tracks: Salamanca Outskirts, BaconBonanza,and The Final Frontier... with more to come!- Five different classic meme characters to race as: RaptorJesus,Troll, Courage Wolf, Business Cat, and Cthulhu!- Suggest your favorite meme personalities for us toaddlater!- Customize your kart with crazy kart bodies, tires,andaccessories!- Upgrade and mix and match kart parts to optimize foreachrace!- Earn coins to spend or hoard to your heart's content!- Multiplayer feature COMING SOON!-----SUPPORT-----Find us on Twitter: @Bake450Find us on Facebook:, questions, suggestions? Hit us up at [email protected]
Bread Kittens
Bake450 Inc.
Take a journey into the world of Catlandia! Collect tons ofkittens!
Bread Kittens 2 1.0.6
Bake450 Inc.
Bread Kittens are back and better than ever! The cute and uniquekitten battling game is back in full force. Now with fully animatedcats and a fully formed battle and ability system. Defeat thepirate kitten force trying to overrun your island, and recruitkittens along the way. Your kittens are yours to command and tocollect at every corner! - Collect REAL breeds of kittens! - Levelup and Battle - Equip cosmetic bread on your favorite kittens! -Upgrade your kittens by baking bread to increase their affectionand power! - Each kitten has a unique ability set and an epicULTIMATE ability! - Strategize and form kitten teams to overcomeenemies! - Send your kittens on a variety of missions for extraloot and experience! - Complete quests for rewards along yourjourney! - Discover treasure at every turn! - Fun, easy to play,and entertaining for all ages! And best of all, Bread Kittens 2 isstill FREE TO PLAY. Come start your own paw-some adventure meow!
Kittens VR 1.01
Bake450 Inc.
Love cats but don't have one of your own? Yourown cat too lazy to play? Cat allergies? Don't fret, now you canplay with kittens... in virtual reality! Works with any smartphonevirtual reality headset.Perform activities such as:- Feed the kittens- Throw balls for the kittens to play with- Watch the kittens scratch their post- Observe your kittens sit in a cardboard box- Scare them with cucumbers- Play with them using a laser toyA fun and unique virtual reality experience for all ages!