Bad Viking Apps

The Curse of the Mushroom King 1.0.2
Bad Viking
Bad Viking brings you his first adventure. Alegendary quest to lift a despicable curse; a quest so important itwill lead you to question what you're doing with your life. Meetquirky characters with astonishingly witty names (like Colin),collect items, solve logical puzzles that are honestly trying theirbest not to annoy you. A classic Point and Click adventureawaits!
Falling Elephants 1.0.5
Bad Viking
As casual as it gets. Drop elephants, match 3 of the same colour toclear them from the screen and keep going. Bombs, lightning, fireand rainbowphants will help you on your way. Fun, simple,addictive.
Bad Eggs Online 2 1.4.8
Bad Viking
Bad Eggs Online is a multiplayer artillery style game. Use ahugearsenal of weaponry from the classic Frying Pan to thecrazyChicken of Doom to smash your opponents to pieces and showthemwhat it means to be Bad!