Dungeon & Evil: Hack & Slash Action RPG 1.0.140
Cafe: Facebook: 🔥 May 15thNew Server Open (2 Servers)🔥 🔥Dungeon & Evil is a two-playerindie game that explores dungeons, collects legendary items,skills, and artifacts, fosters knights that follow heroes, huntsmany demons and monsters together, defends villages, and thrillsboss raids It is a game that purifies the world stained with demonsby opening stories one by one. 💬 What if the game endedimmediately? -Settings-> Application -> DungeonAndEvil ->Storage -> Delete data 💬 What if you can't log in to Google? 1.Settings-> Applications -> Google Play Games-> Storage-> Delete Data 2. Settings-> Applications -> Google PlayServices -> Storage -> Delete Data 3. Settings->Applications -> DungeonAndEvil -> Storage -> Delete DataIt is best if you do all three. 【Dynamic action RPG】 ⚔️ Choose andgrow 4 characters: Warrior, Mage, Gunner, and Archer. ⚔️ 12articles are dedicated to you and help you grow. ⚔️ Farmingdungeons, countless monsters and legendary items! ⚔️ Clear thethrilling raid and move forward one step! 【Various things to enjoy】⚔️ Battle devastating heroes and knights to defend the ground ⚔️Farming Begins-Infinite Tower ⚔️ Set Item Farming Holy Land withFriends ⚔️ Legendary items and artifacts ⚔️ Crush the root of evilwith the cooperation of heroes and knights!