BATOKI - Apps for Toddlers and Kids Apps

Cars Puzzle for Toddlers Games 1.0.6
A wonderful cars game for toddlers and little kids ! A wonderfulkids car game
Animal and Pet Hair Salon 1.0.6
a fun Animal and Pet Hair Salon, all for free, no locked items !kids game
Baby Care Babysitter & Daycare 1.0.15
Babysitter and Baby care in this educational game for kids andgirls ! help mom!
Animal Hair Salon & Dress Up - 1.0.1
Animal Hair Salon & Dress Up is a free kids game with no lockeditems! Have fun!
Math Games For Kids Mathematic 1.0.1
Math games for kids is an educational and fun game to learnmathematics !
Braid Hairstyles Hairdo 1.0.10
The best Hair Salon Game for girls and women that want BraidedHairstyles !
Cashier Cinema Movie Theater 1.0.2
Let's go to work as a cashier at the cinema ! Best game for cinemalovers
Clean Up - House Cleaning 1.0.6
Discover the cleaning activities in this game for girls and boys!Clean Up House
Camping Vacation Kids Games 1.0.4
Discover the camp activities in this game for girls and kids!Camping vacation !
Princess Swimming Pool Fun 1.0.2
Swimming pool and beach party for a princess ! spa and relax in funsummer game
Tailor Shop Clothes Designer 1.0.5
if you want to be a fashion tailor or seamstress this is the besttailor game !
Fairy Princess The Game - Hair 1.0.2
Fairy princesses game for teens! an enchanted Hair Salon Beauty andMake up game
My Sweet Virtual Pet - Play Ca 1.0.2
Are you ready to take care of your virtual pet ? play with My SweetVirtual Pet
ATM Simulator Cash and Money 1.0.5
ATM Simulator Cash and Money : how to use an ATM, withdraw money,credit card
Supermarket Kids Manager Game 1.2
Shopping, dress up, cashier, lost and found, cleaning : SupermarketKids Manager
Surprise Eggs for Toddlers 2+ 1.0.4
Surprise Eggs for Toddlers is entertaining and educational game forlittle kids
Make Donut Sweet Cooking Game 2.5
Only the yummiest donuts get made in Make Donut Sweet Cooking Game!
Fashion Hair Salon for Girls 1.0.9
The most totally amazing beauty salon ever! Fashion Hair Salon !
Airport & Airlines Manager - E 1.0.2
Play this game & fly with the fun-time airways to discoverairport & airlines!
Ice Cream and Smoothies Shop 1.0.1
Cook your own smoothies, ice creams and popsicle in the yummy IceCream Shop!
Supermarket Shopping Cashier - 1.0.13
Supermarket Shopping Cashier game with lots of fun ! Shopping andcash register!
Healthy Eating Diet Kids Food 1.0.3
Learn names of healthy food items & how it's beneficial to ourhealthy diet !
Princess Palace Salon Makeover 1.0.8
Fun princesses game for little girls and grown up - Fashion makeupdress up
Ice Cream and Smoothies Shop 1.0.1
Cook your own smoothies, ice creams and popsicle in the yummy IceCream Shop!
Healthy Eating Diet Kids Food Game - Educational 1.0.3
Healthy Eating Best Food Game is a free game for kids providing away of learning about healthy diet and eat healthy. With this game,you can learn all the different food that we eat in our lives andalso learn how it is beneficial to our health. Start this game byarranging different dishes on the table and don't forget to washyour hands properly. Here we add a lot of different food so youhave selected your favorite healthy food from the food court. Afterthat, feed your cute panda and learn how each of the food benefitsfor our body and mind. Kids, especially the younger ones, will eatmostly what is available at home. That's why it's important tocontrol the supply lines and the foods that you serve for meals andhave on hand for snacks. You can learn and follow these basicguidelines: Work fruits and vegetables into the daily routine,aiming for the goal of at least five servings a day. Be sure youserve fruit or vegetables at every meal. Make it easy for kids tochoose healthy snacks by keeping fruits and vegetables on hand andready to eat. Other good snacks include low fat yogurt, whole graincrackers and cheese. Serve lean meats and other good sources ofprotein, such as fish, eggs, beans, and nuts. Choose whole-grainbreads and cereals so kids get more fiber for their bodies. Limitfat intake by avoiding fried foods and choosing healthier cookingmethods, such as broiling, grilling, roasting, and steaming. Chooselow-fat or nonfat dairy products. Limit fast food and low-nutrientsnacks, such as chips and candy. But do not completely ban favoritesnacks from your home. Instead, make them once-in-a-while foods, sokids don't feel deprived. Limit sugary drinks, such as soda andfruit flavored drinks. Serve water and low fat milk instead. Enjoythe game and learn these basic Healthy Eating Diet facts. Features:- Arrange the table - Collect different foods - Choose vegetarianor non-vegetarian foods - Sweet Panda with cute characters - Easyto play - Healthy eating game - fruits and vegetables - eat healthy- Vegetarian food and Vegan food Have fun with BATOKI ! Best Appsfor TOddlers and KIds
Car Games for Kids and Toddler 1.0.13
vehicles game where you can drive car, trucks, tow truck, tractor,bus and more
Hair Salon & Barber Kids Games 1.0.16
Fun Educational Hair Salon Game for kids and little girls ! helpthe hairstylist
Cute Kitten Daycare & Beauty S 1.0.3
Play & enjoy this kitten day care game and have fun by doingtons of activities!
Beauty Salon Around The World 1.0.4
work like a famous Beauty Therapist in this fun, style superfashion game!
Firefighters Fire Rescue Kids 1.0.18
Fireman game for kids with fire truck , helicopter and a lot of fun! help them
Babysitter Newborn Baby Care - 1.0.1
Newborns are so cute! Have oodles of fun babysitting our beautifulbaby girl!
Pool Party For Girls - Miss Po 1.0.10
the best Pool Party For Girls, all for free, no locked items ! funcasual game
Dentist Teeth Falling Out 1.0.4
You think it’s scary going to the dentist? Imagine what thedentistthinks when he sees the kind of mouths we’ve got in Dentist– TeethFalling Out!? They all come through the doors of Dentist –TeethFalling Out - A Superhero Dentist, and they all expect youtreattheir mouths with the best of care! That’s right, you’rethedentist in Dentist – Teeth Falling Out, and it’s your job tolookafter your superheroes patients, even if when they opentheirmouths you’d like to scream in terror! Once they’re inyourdentist’s chair, though, their mouths are all yours. You’ve gotatray of tools to help you, so get stuck right in there andgetthose teeth fixed good and proper! First things first, grabthetooth brush and give those pearly whites a scrubbing, get thatgunkcleaned of so we can see what else we need to do, huh?Sometimes weneed to give our patients a little injection just tonumb the gumsand teeth so they don’t feel anything when we’reworking. It wouldbe terrible if they felt a bit of pain and closedtheir mouths,what if they swallowed your tools!? Now, once they’regood andready we can get in there and suck out all of that nastysmellybreath, go right down the back of the throat with yourlittlevacuum and suck out all that nasty green yuck. The onethingeveryone forgets to do when they brush their teeth is floss,butnever fear, we’ve got the right tools for that job. We just needtouse out tiny tooth tweezers and we can pick out all those bitsoffood they miss – looking better already! Now for some paste tomakethose teeth shine whiter than white, then follow it up withalittle ice pack to sooth away the hurts. Then it’s a squirtwiththe water, a last blast with the suction tube and they’re readyforthe real work – get your magnifying glass out and hunt downallthose nasty germs lurking deep inside the mouth! Excellentjobdentist! That’s another set of teeth saved – they’re not goingtofall out once you’ve worked your magic! Have fun with BATOKI!
Shopping Mall Supermarket Fun 1.0.6
An amazing Supermarket and Shopping game for kids ! Shopping Mallis so Fun !
Super Fidget Spinner Toy -Fidg 1.0.2
The most awesome Fidget Spinner on Google Play - Super Toy!
Hair Salon around the World 1.0.12
A super hairdresser Game for kids and little girls ! help thehairstylist !
Supermarket Shopping for Kids 1.0.10
Help these customers in this supermarket game for kids ! Let's goshopping !
Puzzle for Toddlers Cars Truck 1.0.7
One of the best vehicles puzzle for toddlers & little kids withcars and trucks
Dentist Pet Clinic Kids Games 1.0.6
Be a dentist in this educational game for kids ! Help these cutepets !
Airplane Games for Toddlers 1.0.7
One of the best puzzle game for toddlers and little kids withairplanes !
Dinosaur Games for Toddlers 1.0.9
have fun discovering dinosaurs in this educational game for kids!play and learn
Princess Coloring Games Girls 1.0.6
Beautiful princesses and enchanted items in this coloring game forlittle girls
Construction City For Kids 1.0.5
the best construction game for kids! diggers, trucks and crane tobuild the city
Animal Farm Games For Kids 1.0.7
Discover the farm, the animals and the various farming activitiesin this game !
Birds Game for Toddlers Puzzle 1.0.7
Puzzle for toddlers and little kids ! develop fine motor skillswith a fun game
Princess Spa & Body Massage 1.0.4
Can you help this adorable princess in this spa game ? back or legsmassages
Puzzle for Toddlers Sea Fishes 1.0.7
Help your kids to learn and inspire your toddler's creativity andimagination!
Diggers and Truck for Toddlers 1.0.6
fun excavators puzzle game for toddlers and little kids !educational game
House Cleaning Tidy & Clean up
Discover the cleaning activities in this game ! Clean Up House
The Pizza Shop - Cafe and Restaurant - Free Game
Run your very own pizza restaurant and cafe and have a great timemaking pizza !