Enjoy the most powerful INTERNATIONAL DRAUGHTSgame (10x10) ever made for mobile phones. Gorgeous graphics in HighDefinition, tons of features, a fierce opponent, along with anunique and smooth interface.Designed for both Tablets and PhonesKey Features:* 3 Game modes: Fischer Cadence (Blitz games are possible !),Seconds By move and Trainings* 10 Difficulty levels* Opening books from the best Draughts Player: Sijbrands, Georgiev,Schwarzman, Chizhov, ...* Replay features ( Jump to a specific move, watch, rewind,...)* 1 or 2 players mode* Export games in PDN format (Full version includes Import)* Load and save games in your library* Share your games by mail* 2 themes: Wood and Cartoon in 2D or 3D* Optimized for multicore processors* Polished and intuitive interface* Swype Left/Right to Undo/Redo* Breathtaking animations* Preview your game before loading* Big fingers friendly* English and French supported* Instant HelpThe full version of Dr Checkers has in addition:* PDN file IMPORT (Analyse thousand games of professionals)* "Setup position" EditorBecome a fan of Dr Checkers on Facebook: Checkers Page is on Google+, join the community to know theincoming features: Dr Checkers on twitter: Dammen Draughts Checkers Dames Damspel Damas DamespielDamspel Dama Checkers Dam 西洋 ドラフツ Warcaby Шашки Dáma ШашкиShashki
Draughts Pro
The most challenging and beautiful International Draughts Game evermade.