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Light of Quran 1.2
At last Atomix System Ltd. has made their debut on Google Play witha Quran App.Light of Quran is a free Quran application for Android devices. Onecan enlighten thyself not only by reading the surahs, but also byhearing those from tilawat.Features:- Total 114 surahs (All the surahs of Al Quran) are enlisted.- Surahs have been shown in a very user friendly list viewmanner.- There is a search button to get into the specific surah you aresearching.- Every surah starts with it's tilawat.- Tilawat can be paused if someone wants to read the surahonly.- One can change the slide easily with a simple swipe whilereading.- Automatic page-sliding while playing the Tilawat.- Great graphics to soothe your eyes.For this app to run initially one needs to have internetconnection running on device and total around 700 MB memory insdcard. Because for each and every surah the app needs the deviceto download it first and then run forever.This holy app has been programmed by expert android appdevelopers.The Proof-reading of the surahs has been done by a Hafiz from arenowned mosque.Please don't forget to give your feedback after using this app.Our creative team is working for betterment of this app. And surelywe will publish a new version of this app with a new theme and newthought.Support:Email us: [email protected]:
Discover 1.0
“Discover App” is a concept for global servicein which people can make friends and provide communication servicewhich enables smooth photo sharing and communication with globalfriends. Share your photo’s to enjoy and get new Inspirations fromothers by looking through photos. Also share your profile to newfriends and see others profile. Share your interesting photos andstories with global friends.Features• To meet new surrounding friends.• Sharing Photos with Global Friends.• Share interesting stories with global friends.• Like, share and comment in friend’s posts.• To communicate with new friends.
Wall Jump Challenge 1.0
Wall Jump is a simple but addictivejumpingaction game which will take you to the world of incrediblestunts,climbing and jumping. The character wants to go up higher,isjumping eternally but faces problems and obstacles tonegotiatewith. Lots of fun challenges and excitements make the gameveryinteresting which will test your attention and reaction. Let’stryhow far and how fast you can go by jumping in thiselectrifyinggame.
単語帳(Tango Chou) 1.1
Learn in random mode. Tango Chou (単語帳) isavocabulary trainer based on boxes and decks withFlipbooksanimation. Learn Japanese Language quick and easily.Insertvocabularies to your Flipbooks and once you have insertedyour wordpackages; Tango Chou provides you with short 10 questionsquizsets. You can see your quiz results. Also can learn Japaneseeasilyand you can always check your vocabulary and compare yourprogresson your own. Words that you have trouble learning will notbediscarded, but rather will be kept and asked on the later exams.-------How to's --------# As this is a word memory book app,you can save words thatyouwant to memorize, you get 1 book at the beginning and then youcanadd up to 4 books more.# On each book you add words, tap the menu button on thebottomleft corner you will get add icons,you tap add button and youwillbe presented with a screen where you can add a japanese wordand anenglish word which is the meaning of that japanese word.youadd upas much you want.#After you add words you can come back to the book page frommenuand flip through your words on the book you added.words willbeadded to the current selected books.#There is also an option in the menu that will take you toQuizpage. where you will be presented with a set of multiplechoicequestions based on your added words.if you have more than 10wordsadded you can take a quiz and test your progress withthememorizing.
Atomix Slot 1.0
Atomix Slot game lets you spin the reelsonyour very own set of virtual casino slot machines to wincoins.Keep that coins pile growing and growing by playing inoursuper-fun bonus game. This game brings Las Vegas excitementintothe palm of your hand!Game Features:► A simple interface means you can start playing in seconds.► Great slot, free coins and regular earnings mean this isalwaysthe right game for you.► Share in Facebook and Google plus to share with friends andearncredits.► SNS Sharing and App download Bonus coins means you’ll alwayshavecoins to play great slots.► Extremely high quality art and a wide variety of themes.► Practice your slots skills just like you're in Las Vegas.Like us in Facebook :
Falling Fountain 1.1
The Fountain is running away to escape fromthedinosaur in jungle and the only way it can escape is to falldownthrough the free spaces in the platforms.Don’t try to lose her valuable lives by making collision withmonkeyor snake.Try to collect as many golden coins as you can andincreasepoints.In case your lives decreases, eat the apples and boost upyourlife.Features:♦ Built using Physics Engine.♦ Accelerometer Control .♦ Mind-blowing Graphics and characters.♦ Awesome music and sound effects.
Call of Salat 1.1.1
Call of Salat app is especially developedforAndroid and it keeps track of prayer times worldwide withalarmwhich play with the local time of Adhan and also show thedirectionof the Kiblah. This beautifully illustrated andinteractive app hasthe following features.#  Showing prayer time of previous and next days, monthsandyears.#  Compass for checking the direction of Kiblah.#  Ability to stop alarm for a specific time's Adhan.#  Automatically update and reset the alarm timeaccordingto the change of location and also week.
Chicken Dreams 1.4
Help the cute character to get back itsmissinggirlfriend.Enjoy unlimited fun and entertainment with this wonderfullycreatedandroid phone game.You will surely fall in love with it.Experience the game and have great fun!!!
Digbaji Master 1.0
Sometimes life can be boring. But now youwillbe able to break those boring moments by making everybodylaugh.Play the most ENTERTAINING and CRAZIEST and the most dumbriddlegame ever. This is your chance to become a fun Hero! Chooseyourcharacter and jump over the places comes in front. You willgetreward for each jump. This is really an amusing, excitingandextreme entertaining game.NB: The characters of this game are created and animateduniquely.Any matching with any living or nonliving person will beacoincident. Atomix System is not liable for that.
Neon Bicycle Jump 1.0
Neon Bicycle jump is an exciting,timepassinggame designed especially for those who loves to acceptchallenges.Stunninganimations, appealing graphics, spectacular sounds will attractyouto stick with it. And more specially some levelsare outlined to estimate your degree of patience, perseveranceandaccuracy. So, download and enjoy the gameto demonstrate your own ability. Let's see how far youcango!!
Mind Mirror 1.0
Get ready to exercise your brain. How anappcan read your mind! Amazing! Mind Mirror is the ultimate mazegameof mind reading. Choose any number. Add and subtract. And yes,theapp can read the answer from your mind. Fun Labyrinth game,thisgame is great.
Gloria's Secret 1.0
Style up the girl, and let her become themostbeautiful one!Have you ever wanted to be a make up artist? Well now your canbewith Make-Up Touch. Create endless make up combinations withthetouch of your finger.Spend hours of fun and fashion with so many differentbeautifullooks.Use your creative talents to apply the models' make upusingbeauty products and accessories in this easy to usetouch-basedapplication.Features---------• Easy tap and drag gameplay• Superb makeup and makeover options• Apply foundation• Choose eyeshades, colors, blush on & lipstick etc.• Apply hair style, clip & wear her jewelry you like.• Share on Facebook or Save in your Device.• Kids friendly content.
Monster Arena 1.0
Monster Arena is a Attention Training Game-Exercise your brain's attention. Practice your ability tocompetingand concentrate processing speed. Tap corresponding buttonof thebottom most character to avoid negative points. Free playthroughdifferent of levels, or race against the clock in Time Trialmode.Thanks every game player! Any suggestion is welcome!
Word Combat 1.1
Do you love puzzle games? Then playthisexplosively fun and educational game “Word Combat”, Top wordpuzzlegame in several languages with Word Bucket for everylanguage.“Word Combat” is an addictive word puzzle game and casualgamesupporting all popular mobile devices. With a classic wordsearch,containing 90000+ words. User can drag and place letters onthetile board and Match words shown top to earn points for knowingthemeaning of that word even in multiple languages.This is an incredibly excellent, fantastic, challengingandentertaining word game to increase and sharpenvocabulary.Challenging self word stock is the main theme of thisgame whichmakes players brain storming to know meanings indifferent languageand that’s the thing which makes the game evenexciting.
Archery Evolution 1.0
"Archery Evolution" - literally, thesetwowords elucidate everything about this game.It is intended to give you the core concept of archerytechnologywhich have been evaluated from the stone age to currentera.Archery Evolution is a fantastic, intriguing 3D game whichwilldeliver you a great feelings while you are at the position toaim.Moreover, the 360 look helps you to feel like a real archeryplayerand you are assured to be delighted in particular while youwillneed some psychological and physiological capability such asyourlevel of concentration, your degree of patience, keeping breathfora while etc. to mark the aiming board perfectly. It has somemoremind blowing features:- Fabulous 3D landscape- Orphean sound that will help you to feel challenging!- Purely physics oriented movement of arrow- There are five campaigns- Each campaign gets gradually harder to the next- Each campaign holds three more sub-levels separately:Casual,Master and Heroic.
Extel 1.0
Extel is a dialer app that lets a user tomakea call anywhere using his/her contact list. It has a lotoffacilities that a dialer app should have.Features:1. Making a call.2. Managing contact list (Add, Edit, Delete).3. Using the sim of any country.4. Separate and Incognito Call history and call log.5. Very simple and friendly user interface.Please don't forget to give your feedback after using thisapp.Our creative team is working for betterment of this app. Andsurelywe will publish a new version of this app with a new themeand newthought.Support:Email us: [email protected]:
PPT Con 1.1.0
Use this simple Application to controlyourMicrosoft Windows OS from your Android device. First connectyourPC to your Android device via Bluetooth. Then just use thefeaturesto control PowerPoint slide, mouse, keyboard, task managercellRather than controlling it from the PC.Additional Requirement: A .jar file is needed to install inthePC to run the application. Download the .jar file fromthefollowing link and follow the readme.txt.Link:• Can browse Microsoft Windows OS public folder to open aMicrosoftPowerPoint file.• Can control Microsoft PowerPoint from touch Pad.• Can control mouse and mouse movement.• Can control Key board.• Control Task Manager. Can switch between tasks.