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Get an insight to what lies ahead for you with AstroGuru Pro,apremium fortune telling ad free app that provides youwithastrology predictions (jyotishi) through daily horoscopesandpalmistry. We offer horoscope prophecies for the entireweek.AstroGuru is the only astrology & horoscope app that givesyoubest of palm reading by actually scanning your palm. There'snobetter app for Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Kundali &Horoscopethan us. Are the astrological stars aligned in my favour?Will mycareer soar? Should I focus on my health? Will I have ahappymarried life? Install the app to know the answers to allyourquestions on fortune, career, relationships, marriage,kundali& more. Know about your fortune (bhavishya) based onyourbirthday(rashifal) & through your palmlines(hastrekha).AstroGuru uses advanced image processingtechnology for thecalculations in all palmistry personality tests& charts. Ourpredictions are entrenched with the ancient Vedicand Hindu methodsof renowned Indian maharishis, just asNostradamus’ were. KEYFEATURES: ★ Horoscope & Astrology: Neverstep out unpreparedwith our comprehensive daily horoscope thatshows predictions forthe entire week. The app covers all zodiacsigns(rashi): Aries(mesh), Taurus (vrishabha), Gemini (mithun),Cancer (kark), Leo(singh), Virgo (kanya), Libra (tula), Scorpio(vrishchika),Sagittarius (dhanu), Capricorn (makar), Aquarius(kumbh) &Pisces (meen). ★ Palm Reading: Unravel your fate byknowing theinterpretation of the 3 major lines of heart, head &life inchiromancy using our renowned palmistry reader software. Theheartline explains love, friendship & marriage, & the headlinefocuses on career, success, wealth. The life line givesanunderstanding of health & energy. Just scan your palm andletthe app read your lines to reveal your personality, fate&fortunes. AstroGuru is the best Palm Reader for Android onplaystore. ★ Tarot Card Reading: Get your tarot card meaningsaboutlove, relationships, career, finances, health, etc. Simplychooseyour tarot card and get tarot spreads for guidance. Read yourDailyTarot, Yes/No Tarot, Love Tarot, Health Tarot, Money Tarot andOneCard Reading. The Oracle of the Tarot speaks eloquently throughourclassic deck. Ask about tomorrow today! ★ Hidden Qualities:Eachastrological sign has their own traits that makes itdifferent.Learn about the hidden qualities in you based on yourastrologicalstars (nakshatra) and understand your strengths andweakness. ★Love Compatibility: Want to see how compatible are youwith yourspouse? Find out the traits of your partner's zodiac &see howwell your zodiac signs get along. ★ Daily Quotes: Engage themindand soul with classic quotes featuring authors from the ages,withwit, wisdom, & words that inspire. ★ Kundali: Kundali orVedicBirth Chart is generated according to the positions oftheconstellations on the basis of the person’s birth day, time,yearand place. ★ Languages: Fortune teller available locallanguagesincluding Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Telugu, Italian,Vietnamese,Tamil, Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Japanese, Turkish,Russian,Bengali, Kannada, German, Korean & French. The scienceofastrology can help you understand the relation shared by thezodiacsigns of the couple. Check the love compatibility between you&your partner based on your zodiac signs. COMING SOON: • YearlyHoroscope: The Yearly Horoscope(vasrshphal) for 2019 willcoverimportant events across the zodiac signs this year. The reportwillhave info about moon signs, planetary charts, favourable time&caution against inauspicious events. •  PersonalConsultations: Getconsultations from Vedic pandits & FortuneTeller for questionsabout your destiny, love, kundali, rashifal,fortune & marriedlife.
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