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Pixel Art - Paint By Numbers 1.0.16
Pixel Art Paint by numbers is the most fun and entertainingcoloring game ever.
One touch - Line and dot game 1.0.5
🔶 The One touch - Line and dot game is the game if you liketochallenge yourself with some mind puzzle games. It is perfectforsome brain training exercise everyday. The aim of this game isverysimple. All you have to do is to connect the dots in one gowithoutlifting your finger off the screen. The goal is to connectall dotswith only one touch. 🔷 Sounds easy? Think twice. Do youthink youhave enough skills for this simple yet very complex oneline puzzlegame? It may sounds easy at the beginning but difficultyof thegame will increase when you are passing onto the next level.Themore you play, the more challenging the dot game will get. 💥 Howtoplay: 🔵 Download this one line drawing game for free; 🔵 Getreadyand start connecting the dots; 🔵 Try to drag and connect thedotswith only one line; 🔵 Try to be as precise as you can; 🔵Linescannot be overlapped; 🔵 And the dots cannot be moved. ✨Thisunmarcable 1line one stroke puzzle game activates your mind asyouplay it. Whether you're playing for some mindless fun and tryingtorelax and pass the time, or trying to improve your skills thisisthe game for you. Whether you are having a spare moment orbeforeyour bedtime why not activate your mind a little bit? Withthistricky mind game you can easily increase your IQ level andboostyour skills. And here are the reasons why. Features: ► Therearemany stages. Different levels modified for dissimilar abilities;►There is no penalties or time limits. So just relax and enjoy.Takeas much time as you need; ► This one line game helps youwithdeveloping your skills; ► If you are stuck at some level, youcanalways restart or use some help, such as hints to help youalongthe way; ► Hundreds of handcrafted levels with funny tricks;►Unique design and style that we made just for you; ►Stunninggraphics and relaxing music for your concentration; ►Gorgeousvisual effects; ► The game is designed for both phones andtablets;► Most simple and effective way to test your analyticalability!See how clever you are with just one touch; ► 1line puzzleistotally free to download and also all levels are free; ►Verysimple and easy but fun for use. 🔶 The purpose of this onelinegame is to connect the line and dot. Which means 1 line onestroke.At first, it starts off with simple shapes, but each timeyourlevel increases, the number of lines increases, and it getsmoreand more complicated. So the easy part is the beginning, butareyou ready enough to pass the rest of the game? The only way toknowthis is by downloading it now and trying to beat your bestscore! 🔷One line games can be very tricky and that is the reasonwhy theyare perfect for brain-training. Also through one touchdrawing youcan improve your concentration. Start training yourbrain withriddle dots involving drawing paths without linesretracing. Toenhance thinking power always play brain-type puzzles,strategygames that tests your logical thinking and the flexibilityof yourmind. We challenge you to draw 1 line to complete givenshapes.Will you be able to clear these simple-looking butactuallydifficult stages? Download now and find out now! If youlike ourapp, leave a review, comment or suggestion, we appreciateyourfeedback and we are constantly working to make yourexperiencebetter! Our effort is just for you.
Fun Coloring Game for Kids
Coloring game where kids can paint animals and learn alphabet inthe same time.
Pocket Balls: Clash of Friends! 1.0.1
With simple gameplay and great physics, Pocket Balls is a gamethatwill keep you entertained for hours and with an easy to pickupgameplay you will be crushing your opponents in no time. Intruecompetitive style, challenge your opponents to defeat your teamandamaze them with your skill, precision and tactics in thisuniquemultiplayer table game. With a great selection of balls andfields,you are able to customize your game to your preferredlook.Customize your team with sports balls, emojis or animals,andcustomize your play field to your favorite sport. So what isPocketBalls: The goal of the game is to eliminate the opponentsteam orballs. You play by dragging to shoot with your ball andyoueliminate the opponents ball by pushing it into the vortexthusdestroying it. While the gameplay is simple it offers a rangeoftactics and enables you to display your skill to thehighestdegree. So against who do we play you may wonder, -Playagainst theAI and get a chance to train your skills for the realbattle.-Battle against friends and earn the bragging rights thatcome withtheir crushing defeat. -Finally test your skills againstthe worldin an online multiplayer mode. The game offers threemultiplayermodes: -Same device multiplayer where you and yourfriend play onthe same device taking turns. A great experience forthose boringschool classes where you can challenge you desk mate.-Privateroom. So your friend might be far away you might say andyou havenobody near you to play on your device? No worries! Createaprivate room and tell your friend the name of the room so youcanconnect together and play wherever you are! -Online. Here iswhereyou will truly be tested. There is nothing like coming up ontop ofthe players from all over the world. With a great choiceofdifferent ball designs you can create a team of sports balls.Ifyou prefer football you can pick several footballs, and play onafootball field, on the other hand if you prefer basketball thereisa basketball for you and a basketball field, and if you preferamore calm sport there is billiards or pool. Whether you asportsperson or a gamer this game has you covered. The game heavilydrawsinspiration from billiards so if you like similar games youwilldefinitely love this one. How you play: -Drag to set thestrengthand direction of you shot. -Use another finger to changedirectionif you are in a difficult position. -Target your opponentsball andpush it into the vortex. -Be careful your ball doesn't fallintothe vortex also. -The balls rotate and you play with aspecificball every turn which makes the game difficult butmoreinteresting. Have fun and rate the game!
Slice game - Perfect cut
🔶 If you like educational, brain-teaser games you are at therightplace. This game will challenge your brain cells and make youthinkas twice better as usual. Speed and fast reaction are actuallythemain skills that you will need while playing this game, but aswellas precision and ability of solving the problems ofdifferentlevels. 🔷 Slice game - Perfect cut is the game for thebrain! Allyou are required to do is to make a perfect cut in onesingle move.You need to estimate the middle of the object you aregiven and cutit as soon as possible, because the faster you are thebetter youwill get and you will get the higher score. Only aperfect cut downthe middle will earn you the highest points. 💥 Thisis a perfectgame from age ten to a hundred and ten, and it isbecause wedeveloped it for all ages. There are different easier andharderlevels that you can pass with diverse objects and stuff whichmakesit incredibly fun and very simply to use. For kids this puzzlegameis irreplaceable because it the perfect one for outbraving themtoengage logical thinking to find the best solution. But it isalsodownright for elderly population for teasing their skill levelandtrigger off their brain. And this is the main reason why thisisone of the best cutting games ever. ▼△▼△▼△ Features: 🔵 Slice game-Perfect cut is totally free to download; 🔵 Suitable for allagesand skill levels; 🔵 Tons of various and unique objects andstuff; 🔵Different levels modified for dissimilar abilities; 🔵 Verysimpleand easy but fun for use; 🔵 Beautiful graphics and relaxingmusic.🔶 Our free puzzle game is so contagious because it’sperfectaddiction for the mind. Can you guess where the middle isand sliceit thoroughly? Dozens of challenging levels will make eventhe mostcompetitive players think twice before making the cut! Youcanspend hours trying to get the perfect score on all thelevels,because it’s very addicting. 🔷 Download the game andstartpracticing and perfect it now before you become a pro. Playthislogic game and never get bored! The goal is to cut the objectasthoroughly as you can making 50-50 cut and getting twoperfectlyequally shapes. If anyone gets stuck playing and they justcan’tsolve the cutting puzzle, they can always use a hint. Butdon’trelay on help that much, the aim is to do it all by yourself!✨Slice game - Perfect cut is simple to use but the difficultywillincrease when you are passing onto the next level. The moreyouplay, the more challenging the puzzles will get. But don’tworry,if you are not satisfied with your results, you can replaylevelsto get the perfect score as many times as you want! 💥 Make acutand get the perfect slice. If you like challenging yourselfthenyou will love this game. Download it for free and play itanytimeand anywhere you want as much as you want. Whether you'replayingfor some mindless fun and trying to relax and pass the time,ortrying to improve your skills this is the game for you. Workonyour reaction time and see how precise you can be as you trytoperfectly slice objects in half in a single swipe! Call outyourfriends and family to try and dare them to get the perfectscore.It is very fun to use and play alone but in company as well.🏆Slice game - Perfect cut is totally free of charge puzzlegameavailable for everyone. Beautiful colors with modern designanddiverse objects, catchy music, very easy and fun for use,designfor your liking and needs. Don’t need to wait anymore,download ittoday and enjoy your puzzle adventure. If you like ourapp, leave areview, comment or suggestion, we appreciate yourfeedback and weare constantly working to make your experiencebetter! Our effortis just for you.
Makeup Editor & Photo Editor 1.0.1
Makeup and Makeover Photo Editor with Beauty Camera
Collage Maker & Photo Editor 1.0.15
Collage maker photo editing app with hundreds of photo effects andfilters!
Kids Coloring & Kids Drawing 1.0.11
Application for expressing art through coloring book games
NewYear Frames & Stickers 1.0.7
Decorate your photos with lovely Christmas & NewYear stickersfor 2023
Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Art 1.0.12
Solve challenging jigsaw puzzles and puzzle your photo, puzzleoffline games
Collage Maker - PIP Collage 1.0.3
Collage maker is the newest and most fun App for making creativephoto scrapbook
Background eraser - Crop Image 1.0.3
Automatic background changer. Remove objects from photo.Backgrounderaser.
Water Sort Puzzle 1.0.5
Most addictive liquid sorting puzzle game for improving yourbrainpower
Shortcut Run 2 - Fun Race
Run over me if you can - online multiplayer game
Wood Carving - Wood Games 1.0.20
Work wood and make interesting wooden objects!
Makeup Photo Editor 1.7.16
Makeup and Makeover Photo Editor with Selfie Beauty Camera - Magiceffects
Photo Editor - Photo Collage & Grid, Collage Maker
"🌟📷🌟 Imagine a photo editor where you can edit your photos,havevariety of options, photo filters, stickers for pictures,beautyeditor, actually all in one. How powerful that applicationwouldbe, can you visualize that? You don’t have to! We haveprovided youthe best, most amazing Snapi Photo Editor All in One.All mentionedoptions above and even more, have been included tothis flawlessapplication. Just download it, enjoy the endless funand have thebest time editing photos. 💥📸💥 Revel your uniqueness andcreate aperfect image. With not so complicated options and veryeasy steps,you can enhance your photos, use awesome filters,stylish effects,grid layouts, fantastic stickers. Try doodling andtext writingtools to create anything you want. It is very userfriendly, evenif you don’t have any skills for photo editing. 🌟📷Feature effects📷🌟 ♥ Editing Tools: crop image, adjust brightness,contrast,saturation, and sharpness. ♥ Awesome Filters: amazingfilters forpictures to make your photos unique and professional.Over 30+different vintage and modern filters. ♥ Overlay Options:make yourphotos more interesting and add incredible and funoverlays. ♥Fantastic Stickers: various types of cute and funnystickers. Usestickers to embellish your photos. ♥ Text: add anytext to yourphotos. Choose the text shadow, font, size, but alsochoose thecolor of the text, background and position. ♥ Background:in thefit option, you don’t have to crop photo, just adjust imageto fitperfectly for your social media accounts, choose theperfectbackground photo and add colorful borders. ♥ Blur options:blur thebackground of the pictures, or any part of the picture thatyouwant or even add some amazing shapes to your photos. ♥ SplashandBrush: these amazing options will provide you incredibleeffectsand give you an opportunity to doodle on your photos withdifferentpencils, stickers or even fantastic neon colors. ♥ Mosaic:becomemosaic creator, and make your photos even more fun andunique.Become a real artist while creating professional pictures.♥Beautify photos: get the face and the body you always wanted.Pointout your best features, and emphasize your natural beauty.✹📷✹Besides mentioned options, this photo editor contains onemoreunbelievable feature. Fantastic beauty editor is also acollagemaker. You don’t have to waste time anymore on decidingwhich photois the best one, now you can choose as many pictures asyou likeand put them together in one amazing picture collage. Weoffer youmany incredible layouts for pictures and different borderoptions.To beautify your collage photo, choose the photo grid thatyou likethe best, use some amazing filters, stickers, or textoptions towrite something romantic or funny. ✨📸✨ If you thoughtthat was allyou were wrong. This remarkable Snapi Photo Editor Allin One hasanother option. You don’t have to import photos one byone fromyour phone gallery. With our amazing application, you candirectlytake a photo from application itself. Make amazingindividualphoto, or create perfect layout for pictures. Our amazingteam madesure that all features are simple to use, all impressiveoptionsare included, and of course the app is absolutely userfriendly. 💥If you are looking for a perfect collage photo editoryou are atthe right place. It allows you unlimited fun, easy andprofessionalphoto editing on your phone. Have we mentioned thatthis app istotally free? That’s right, download it as fast as youcan andenjoy it as much as you can, for free! Upload, edit andcroppictures. Save pictures in a high quality and share as manyphotosas you want, to all your social media accounts and to yourfriendsand family. To use this extraordinary photo editing app, youdon'tneed previous experience or some special skills. Please feelfreeto make a suggestion or leave a review. Have the best time withus,because that’s what you came for!"
Jumping Game: Bricksy Jump 1.0.1
Amazing free jumping game, pop the bubble power ups and in thishigh score game!
Unblock Puzzle - Block Puzzle 1.0.1
Ready to challenge yourself? Unblock the red block in the fewestmoves possible
Video Editor & Video Maker
video cutter,video to gif,photo to video,videosplitter,videocrop,slow motion