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GPA Calculator (SG) 2.0
GPA Calculator for SP, TP, NYP, NP andITE.Singapore PolyTemasek PolyNanyang PolyNgee Ann PolyInstitute of Technical EducationFor Republic Poly's students, please download a separate GPAcalculator at: search for "RP Grader"This application is created based on GPA calculation of theschool's website.Created for students to gauge their GPA for the semester.Please do leave me suggestion, feedback and any bugs you find,so that I can improve on it. I am still new to androiddevelopment.
Life Batt 1.4
Health bar will be taken from 8-bit games, custom-made and manymore, to let you see your battery life in a whole new way! Easy touse, custom high quality image used to make sure it looks beautifulon your high density packed phone. What you see is what you get.Goes great with matching wallpapers! Adjustable size! This issomething that I will be working on for all you nostalgic gamelovers out there. The content in the application will be addedovertime. Please do support me by purchasing the PRO version ofthis app if you like the app, very much appreciated, thank you!Instructions: 1. Select a theme from the app. 2. Place the widgeton your home screen and adjust size to your liking. 3. Have fun!(If you want to change the theme and see immediate result, justreplace the widget)
Split Cost (SG) 1.0
Split Cost is created to ease your bill splitting and more! Createdfor SG, but can be used by anyone in the world. Various optionsavailable for different ways you want to split the bill. If youever have a hard time splitting the bills, Split Cost is the appfor you! Options available: Buffet - Used when your group is payingthe same cost, but sometimes discounts and taxes makes it much morecomplicated. International - Custom input of taxes, so wherever youare, you will be able to set it according to the country's taxrate. Ala Carte - Used when your group is paying a different cost.A list will be generated and you will be able to see who pays andhow much they need to pay. Hope this application will make yourlife easier. If you are a SP, TP, NP, NYP or ITE students, you cancheck out this app for calculating your GPA: you are a RP student, you can check out this app for calculatingyour GPA:
RP Grader 3.1.2
Created for RP students to calculate their GPA and haveanestimation of their final grades for each modules. [ WelcometoVersion 3.0! ] 1. Huge interface overhaul! 2.Progressivelycalculation! 3. Customize to your own selected modulename! 4.Widget! The application can now track your grades bylessons,allowing you know which module to improve on! You are stillable tocalculate grades in advance of your lessons to set a goalforyourself, and know what to aim for. (From previous version)Userinterface now has a clean look to it! Please do leavemesuggestion, feedback and any bugs you find, so that I canimproveon it. I am still new to android development. Havingproblemsplitting the bill among friends? Try this application!Split Cost(SG) Not from RP? No problem! Try this application! GPACalculatorSG