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Lexigo Rush Free 3.7
Rush to find as many words as you can before time runs out! Easy toPlay! Just swipe your fingers across the letters to form words. Youcan even use the same letter tile more than once in a word. BeFast! Challenge the clock in the fastest word game on Earth! Timeis counting down and every word you spell gives you a bit moretime. The longer the word, the more time you get. Earn Gems!Spelling words scores points and rewards you with gems. Longerwords score more points. Beat Challenges! How good are you at wordgames? Can you spell an 11 letter word, or spell 40 words in aboard? Every game starts with three challenges that will earn youmore gems! Bonus Words! Every board has a hidden bonus word--- findit for a massive time bonus! Awesome Boosts! Kick up your scorewith three boosts that keep you in the game longer to get higherscores! Activate Chill Out to freeze the timer, use Bonus Buddy tohelp find the Bonus word to fill your timer, or Skip the Board toget out of a tight squeeze! Clear the Board! Use all the letters inthe board to advance to the next new letter grid. Keep spelling aslong as you can. The more points you score, the more gems youcollect. Get Outrageous Scores! Every board has score multipliers.Loop around the grid and reuse letters to stack multipliers andearn even more! Submit huge scores and beat your friends! Submithuge scores and beat your friends! Play on all iOS and Androiddevices Lexigo Rush uses Amazon GameCircle with Whispersync tosynchronize all of your gems and purchases across your devices! Youcan even go GOLD and still keep all of your items you had in free!Want an ad-free version with a bunch of extra cool stuff? DownloadLexigo Rush Gold for only $2.99! To find more information aboutAsmodee Digital, please go to Youcan follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: You Tube: Lexigo Rush Free requiresvarious permissions in order to provide you with in-app purchasingof premium content, advertisements that are most relevant to you,and gathering of small anonymous usage data. Wiggles 3D apps mayuse your device’s Google Advertising Identifier in order to trackwhere the app was downloaded from. The advertising identifier isnot used for any other purposes and Wiggles 3D does not share thisidentifier with any company other than Amazon and Chartboost. Tofind more information about Asmodee Digital, please go to Having an issue? Looking forsupport? Please contact us: You can follow us onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: You Tube:
Agricola All Creatures...
Uwe Rosenberg's award-winning 2-player board game featuringlivestock breeding!
Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game 2.3.5
Asmodee Digital
The official adaptation of the famous board game Mysterium!Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game set in the 1920s in whicha ghost guides a group of psychics to uncover a murderer, as wellas the weapon and location of the murder, using only visual clues.Choose your way to play: take on the role of the ghost who givesothers clues, or as one of the psychics trying to decipher theabstract "Vision Cards". In this mobile version, you will find: • APass & Play mode • A faithful adaptation of the original gamewith gorgeous graphics • A game variant with or withoutclairvoyancy • Additional cases and dream cards from expansions inthe in-game shop • A story mode to discover the background of eachpsychic • Solo play with AI partners • Multiplayer support up to 7players using online (cross-platform: tablet / mobile / computer) •Worldwide Leaderboards Languages available: English, French,Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian. To find moreinformation about Asmodee Digital, please go to Having an issue? Looking forsupport? Please contact us at You can follow us onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: You Tube:
Onirim - Solitaire Card Game
A Solo Game: Gather doors & escape from the labyrinth beforethe cards run out.
Gang of Four: The Card Game - Bluff and Tactics 1.0.2
Asmodee Digital
SHOW RUTHLESSNESS AND BLUFF YOUR WAY TO DOMINATION AND SNATCHTHEVICTORY! Gang of Four is an exciting game of cunning andstrategy.Be the first to get rid of your cards and ascend tosupreme power!Descended from Choh Dai Di, the most infamous ofbackstreetHong-Kong games, Gang of Four is the most popular cardgame toemerge from Asia in decades. Prepare yourself to strugglefor poweragainst the greatest gangsters of China! Transmitting themystery,intrigue and intense struggle for influence that embodiedthe Mafiaworld, Gang of four is filled with an endless varietyofstrategies. Exciting, entertaining and full of surprises, itisstill simple to learn and play. Play strong classiccardcombinations (Pairs, Full House, Straight Flush,...) withtacticsto gain the advantage! But be careful of the Gang of Four,thegreatest of all combinations! Discard all your cards beforetheothers and snatch the victory! Features: - Round-based cardgamewith combinations. - The digital adaptation of the mostrenownChinese card game! - One to four players online & local -Playin solo against AI, face your friends in local pass & playorworldwide players with the online mode! Available languages:English, French.
Isle of Skye: The Tactical Board Game
A game of tiles: build up your kingdom to become King of the Isleof Skye!
Agricola Revised Edition - Farming & Strategy 2.0.1
Asmodee Digital
GET RESOURCES, EXPAND YOUR FARM, GROW AND FEED YOUR FAMILY TOGETTHROUGH THE COLD WINTER! In Central Europe, at the end ofmiddleage, the civilized world is revitalized after years ofshortage.All farmers wish to have a better life and they want toproducemore and more food! Choose a work in town to get resourcesandenhance your wooden shack to a stone farm! Plow your fields,sowwith seeds and bake bread in your clay oven! To get even morefood,you can find sheeps, pigs or cattles in town and keep theminfences to breed small ones. When your farm is large enough,it'stime to think about getting a newborn! Your children will helpyouon your tasks as they grow up! Don't forget to stock food forthewinter coming every round or you will have to beg! You canalsochoose specialities and improvement to take the advantage fromtheother farmers! The player with the biggest and greater farmwinsthe game. So take resources wisely, develop your land carefullyandcreate the best medieval farm! Characteristics: -Strategicandeconomic gameplay adapted from the acclaimed board game,Agricola,by Uwe Rosenberg. -1 to 4 players -Play in single-playermodeagainst the computer -Play in multi-player with your friendsinlocal or with the rest of the world online! -Detailledstep-by-steptutorial -Complete rulebook and card gallery. Originalboard gameawards: -2009 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Winner -2009 LysPassionéWinner -2009 Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection Winner-2009 LuccaGames Best Game Mechanics Winner -2009 Gra Roku Game ofthe YearWinner -2009 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année Prix Spécial du JuryWinner-2008 Tric Trac d'Or -2008 Spiel des Jahres "Complex Game"Winner-2008 JUG Game of the Year Winner -2008 Juego del Año Winner-2008Hra roku Winner -2008 Jogo do Ano Winner -2008 Golden GeekBoardGame of the Year Winner -2008 Golden Geek Best Gamer's BoardGameWinner -2008 Deutscher Spiele Preis Best Family/Adult GameWinnerLanguages available: French, English, German, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese.
Jaipur: A Card Game of Duels
Challenge merchants to a trading duel to be the king of all salesin Rajasthan!
Perudo: The Pirate Board Game 1.0
Asmodee Digital
CHALLENGE, BID, CALCULATE AND BLUFF... TO BECOME THE MASTER OFDICESomewhere in a tavern, six pirates are sitting around atableplaying dice. But only one of them can be crafty enough tobluffthe others and become the master of Perudo. Bluffing andpiracy arethe essence in the official adaptation of the renowneddice game!In Perudo, every pirate has a cup and 5 dice. Roll yourdice inyour cup, then turn your cup onto the tabletop and take adiscreetlook at what you rolled. You can't look at your opponents'dice,mind! Now, in every turn you have to bet on the total numberofdice that have the same face value under all of the cups.Keepbidding until one of the pirates doubts the bid and decidestoreveal the dice! If you lied, you lose one die as well asyourswashbuckling reputation! If you got it right, your opponentlosesa die! If you're the last pirate to hold one die or more, youwinthe game! Adopt a brazen strategy or a measured one – whateveryouneed to win the game! Features: • Simple and entertaining, forthewhole family • Up to 6 players: play in single-player modeagainstan AI, challenge your friends in Pass and Play, orchallengepirates from all over the world in online mode • Customizeyourgame: unlock avatars, cups and stylized dice over the courseofyour adventure • Unlock the map as you make progress and playinunique settings • Discover the story behind your adventurebyunlocking segments of the tale over the course of the game •Loadsof achievements to unlock! Available languages: French,English,Spanish, Italian, German
Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns 1.190606
Asmodee Digital
GET READY, GRAB YOUR WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT. THE TIME HAS COMEFORA... ZOMBICIDE! Discover a new single-player adventure based onthefamous survival board game! In their quest for evergreaterproductivity, humans have genetically altered plants andanimals,creating a new world infested by...Zombies! Inthispost-apocalyptic tactical RPG, you're part of a gang ofsurvivorsready to do anything to stay alive! Cities in ruin,abandonedhideouts, creepy hospitals... Search for food, weapons andshelterin a world that's striving to kill you. You'll be thepredator...And the prey! The good news is that Zombies are slow,stupid andpredictable. The bad news is that there are dozens ofthem and themore you kill, the more there are! Do you want tosurvive? Getready, complete all your mission objectives andexterminate themall. The only way out is…ZOMBICIDE! Features: •Follow thesurvivors' story line and unlock up to 4 characters. •Complete all40 missions • Play characters with favorite weapons anduniqueabilities to master. • Face different types of zombies,likeWalkers, Runners, Fatties and Abominations… And how will youdefeatthe Toxic Zombies?! • Chainsaws, shotguns, axes and katanas…All ofyour favorite weapons are waiting for you! • Ready for achallenge?Discover new ways to eliminate zombies thanks to newsurvivors,just waiting to join your team. Belle from PrisonOutbreak, Julienfrom Angry Neighbors and others await you in thestore. • Availablein English, Spanish, French, Italian, German andBrazilianPortuguese. One thing is for sure: you're going to havesome badencounters…
Takenoko: the Board Game - Puzzle & Strategy
The tile-based game: grow bamboo to satisfy the ravenous ImperialPanda!
Ticket to Ride: First Journey 
An educational family game based on the gameplay of the Ticket toRide series
King and Assassins: The Board Game
Protect the Tyrant King in the face of an angry mob controlled byyour opponent!
Onitama - The Strategy Board Game 1.1
Immerse yourself in an ancient Japanese setting anddiscoverOnitama, an exciting, fast-paced strategy game! Onitama issomewhatreminiscent of chess and rather addictive with its dynamicgamemechanic in which warriors face off so their master may winthegame. Concentration and luck are the only weapons you'll haveatyour disposal! You'll need to fully master mind and body todefeatyour opponents. THINK STRATEGY! Every opponent has fourwarriorsand one elder at their disposal. The objective is simple:win thebattle. To do so, you must either capture your opponent'selder ortake their place in the temple arch. The game is easy toplay, butyou'll need time to become a true master. Although, notreally...Onitama is the ideal strategy game for exercising yourmind, asyou'll have to think ahead about moves! The moves you'reallowed tomake are determined by five cards which are drawn atrandom, shownface-up, and shared between players. Each cardcorresponds to ananimal and sets out a specific move that you haveto follow. Whenyou play a card, you must place it between you andyour opponentand pick up the previously played card, and so on.This way, bothplayers have the exact same chance of winning thegame. IT'S ALLABOUT ANALYSIS… The key to success in this simple,elegant type ofcombat is to stay calm and concentrate. The Shrineof Onitama is asacred ground where foresight is necessary. Animalspirits willguide you on the perilous path and allow you to gaintrue wisdom.In short, it's an elegant and simple game that capturesthe essenceof martial arts. The game design and calligraphy willmake yourgaming experience a unique and unforgettable one. PLAY ONYOUR OWNOR WITH OTHERS Play against the computer on your own, oragainstyour friends. Fight duels on the same device using pass andplaymode. Bored of beating your friends? Connect your Asmodeeaccountand face the best players in the world online! You canalsocustomize your game with new boards, pieces, and music, or getapack of 16 additional cards by purchasing extensions.FEATURES:-Full game -Solo (several difficulty levels vsartificialintelligence) -Pass and play (unlock by connectingAsmodee account)-Online mode -Sensei's Path extension (20 newcards) -Customizeboards with new music (medieval and sciencefiction)
Love Letter - Strategy Card Game 0.0.61
Asmodee Digital
DRAW, PLAY AND BLUFF, FOR ONLY ONE SUITOR WILL BE ABLE TO WINTHEHEART OF THE PRINCESS You and other suitors are prepared todoanything to get your love letter to the princess. She'sshutherself inside her palace, so you're forced to use go-betweenstodeliver the message. Guards, princes, the king, the countess...Whowill turn out to be the best ally to help win your beloved'sheart?You only ever have two cards in your hand. Draw and play yourcardsto get closer to the princess. Everyone staying in the castlecouldaid you in their own way: guards and princes can helpdiscreditletters from other suitors, priests will give youpreciousinformation about your rivals while the handmaiden willprotectyour letter at any cost! As the game progresses, you'll havetothink strategically, bluff and try to read your opponents'game.When the deck is used up, the card in your hand will bethecharacter holding your letter for the princess. The strongestcard,i.e. the character who's closest to the princess, wins! Sendtheother suitors packing, gain the advantage and win the game.Let'sget started! Features: • Simple rules and quick turns in thisgameadapted from the multi-award winning card game Love Letter • 1to 4players • Play in single-player mode against the computer,againstyour friends in private multiplayer or face suitors from alloverthe world in online mode • 16 cards representing 8 typesofcharacters found at the Court: Guards, Priests,Barons,Handmaidens, Princes, King, Countess and of course thePrincessAvailable languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian,German,Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian.
Ticket to Ride for PlayLink
Dream Home: the board game 1.1.5
Asmodee Digital
BUILD, EXPAND, DECORATE AND MEET YOUR CLIENTS' EXPECTATIONS,BECAUSEONLY ONE HOME CAN BE THE DREAM HOME! Competition rages intheruthless world of interior design! From royal chambers toluxurybathrooms, you have to decorate the homes of your wealthyclients,not forgetting to meet all of their expectations. Who willwin thegame and design their... DREAM HOME? Starting from the homeplan ofyour future buyers, draw your cards and put them down tosubmit yourproject. Build and decorate each room, paint the roof,expand thegarage... add a piano to the living room or an ice makerto thekitchen — let your imagination go wild! Get some help fromaprofessional: Interior Designer, Handyman, Roofer andSupplier...Each one of them will contribute to helping you gain anadvantageover your rivals! But be careful, your reputation mightattract themost demanding of clients and most formidable rivals...So may thebest DREAM HOME win! Features: • Simple and tacticalgamemechanics, adapted from the award-winning board game • Up to4players • Play alone in the Campaign mode: Face the AI to meettherequest of the most demanding buyers • Compete against yourfriendsin local multiplayer mode or architects from all over theworldthanks to the online mode!
Scythe: Digital Edition
Asmodee Digital
In an alternate reality in 1920s Europa, it's been several yearssince the "Great War", but the ashes of the conflict are still hotand the war is entering a new phase. The first conflict saw theemergence of some incredible engines of war known as Mechs. Builtby "The Factory", an independent city-state which has since becomethe object of everyone's desire, these technological monstrositiesroam the snowy landscapes of Europa. Be the hero of one of the fivefactions – Saxony Empire, Crimean Khanate, Rusviet Union, PolaniaRepublic or Nordic Kingdom – and become the richest and mostpowerful nation in all of Europa during these dark times! To assurethe victory of your people, you will need to explore and conquernew territories, enlist new recruits and deploy your forces bybuilding formidable and terrifying combat Mechs. Replay history ina fictional past full of mechanical engines and technology, whereeach choice you make will be critical. Choose your battles withcare, because in Scythe, victory is achieved with and for thepeople! Gameplay: • Asymmetry: every player starts the game withdifferent resources (energy, coins, keen combat sense,popularity…), a different starting location and a secret objective.The starting positions are specifically set to contribute to theuniqueness of every faction and the asymmetrical nature of thegame. • Strategy: Scythe offers players almost complete controlover their fate. The only elements of chance apart from eachplayer's individual secrete objective card are the Encounter cards,which players draw to interact with the citizens of newly exploredlands. Combat is also handled by way of choice; no luck or chanceis involved. • Engine Building: Players can improve theirconstruction abilities to become more efficient, build structuresthat improve their position on the map, enlist new recruits intotheir faction, activate mechs to dissuade opponents from invadingand expand their borders to reap greater types and quantities ofresources. This aspect creates a feeling of energy and progressionover the course of the entire game. The order in which players getto develop their economy and technologies adds to the unique feelof every game, even when playing as the same faction several times.Features: • Official adaptation of the award-winning board game •4X strategy game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) •Customize the mat to sharpen your strategy • Choose a specialty forunique games: Agriculturalist, Industrialist, Engineer, Patriot orMechanic. • Fight alone against an AI, face your friends in Passand Play or face opponents from all over the world in Online Mode •Check out artistic genius Jakub Rozalski's retro-futuristicillustrations!
Nosedive™ – The boardgame
Companion App for Nosedive™ boardgame from Black Mirror, TheAnthology Series
Ticket to Ride
Patchwork The Game 56
Asmodee Digital
In this award-winning board game for two, quilting has neverbeenmore competitive! In the long-awaited digital adaptation ofUweRosenberg's Patchwork, players patch their way to victoryusingfabric pieces of assorted sizes, colors, and buttons. Thebestquilt is the fullest, and whoever can patch up their quilt themostand collect more buttons wins the game – but be resourcefulandplan every stitch! Keep an eye on the costs and the time ittakesto stitch a patch to be the best patchwork master. Playagainstquilters from around the world on multiple platforms andcompetefor the highest rank. Face computer opponents, or stick to alocalgame with a friend. Patch your way to the top inPatchwork!Reviews: "Uwe Rosenberg’s Patchwork may not be quite asfamous aboard game as Monopoly or Cluedo, but on the evidence ofitsofficial mobile game, it’s very fun." - The Guardian "... ifyoudon't even give this game a chance, you are going to miss outonsomething great. " - Altered Confusion "A super fun easy tolearn,yet strategic game" ... "a must-have for anyone who enjoysdigitalboard games." "...perfect for on-the-go play."-Pockettactics "It’s perfect for long sessions withfamilies,parties, road trips, offline and online quick play, youname it." -Pocketmeta "Patchwork delivers a replayable experiencethat weavesa great theme with solid mechanics." - toucharcade "Whoknew makinga patchwork quilt would be so cut throat." -Glitchfreegaming"...[Ich kann] daher auf jeden Fall eine Empfehlungfür diese tolledigitale Umsetzung des Brettspiels geben." -appgefahren "Thestrategy can get complex in Patchwork The Game."-FamilyFriendlyGaming "Patchwork: The Game pieces together therightelements for an enjoyable digital board game that is wellworthpicking up." Apple 'n' Apps "Look, if you like Patchwork andhave amobile phone, get Patchwork The Game." - whatsericplaying"Todayanother awesome board game that has been digitized for [us]mobileusers. " - appreviewcentral "Quit what you’re doing andstartQUILTING!" - Featuring: - True digital conversion oftheaward-winning board game Patchwork by Uwe Rosenberg -Considerevery stitch you make in this deceivingly simple game -Worldwidecross-platform multiplayer - Easy interactive tutorial -Analyzeyour best games or even learn tricks from the pros withPlayback -Customize your app interface with an ever increasingnumber ofbackgrounds and colorful patterns - Challenge the AI ineasy,medium, or hard mode In-App Purchases: All purchases insidethe appare purely cosmetic and do not influence the gameplay in anyway.Permissions: Photos/Media/Files & Storage: To save localgameson the device. Full Network Access: To enable online play. Wedonot access your call informations or any personal data. Tofindmore information about Asmodee Digital, please goto Having an issue? Lookingforsupport? Please contactus: You can follow usonFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube!Facebook: YouTube:
Defend yourself against the Hive in this deck-building game for 1to 4 players!
Le Havre: The Inland Port 42
Asmodee Digital
Le Havre - The Inland Port: Finally on mobile devices! Intheaward-winning board game, Le Havre: The Inland Port, you andyouropponent compete in order to amass the most wealth by buildingupthe iconic French port of Le Havre. The game can be playedlocallyagainst the computer, in hot-seat mode or online --competingagainst friends or global players in order to advance intherankings. Drop in and out of play anytime and play anunlimitedamount of games with your friends simultaneously, when youwant,where you want. The digital version of the award-winning2-playerboard game by cult author Uwe Rosenberg (2013 nominatedbest forthe Golden Geek 2-player board game in 2013, nominated fortheInternational Gamers Award - Strategy Games: 2-player boardgamesand winner of the International Gamers Awards - StrategyGames: 2player board game). Use our convenient matchmaking servicetochallenge players of your skill level globally or play locallywitha friend. You can also defeat one of the differentcomputeropponents with varying difficulty. Friend lists and worldrankingsare included as well. Reviews: Nominated for a Golden Geek:BestBoard Game App of 2015 "...set sail with a fantasticlicensedport..." - appaddict "... it’s just plain fun." - gameosity"It’srefreshing from most games where players just swipe or tapandrequires some strategy and savvy to win." - fanboynation"...dieUmsetzung ist allerdings grafisch und gameplay-technischsehr gutgelungen..." - appgefahren "From the perspective of one whoneverplayed the physical board version prior, the game issurprisinglyengaging." - androidrundown "This is a very well donegame and funto play." - appreview central "If you enjoy this gamein itsphysical form or it’s older brother, Le Havre, then pick upthisapp." - play-board-games Features: - A perfect conversion ofthethe award-winning board game - Comprehensive tutorialandstraightforward rules - Drop in and out anytime and save yourgamesin the cloud - Beautiful art and sound convey the atmosphereof aFrench harbor - Available languages: German, English,French,Spanish - Worldwide cross-platform leaderboards: Can youtake the#1 spot? Permissions: Photos/Media/Files & Storage: Tosavelocal games on the device. Full Network Access: To enableonlineplay. We do not access your call informations or any personaldata.To find more information about Asmodee Digital, please goto Having an issue? Lookingforsupport? Please contactus: You can follow usonFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube!Facebook: YouTube:
Pandemic: The Board Game 2.2.12-65889938-a8e7a43b
Asmodee Digital
CAN YOU SAVE HUMANITY? Pandemic is a co-op strategy gameadaptedfrom the award winning board game. Humanity is on the brinkofextinction. As members of an elite disease control team, you’retheonly thing standing in the way of the four deadlydiseasesspreading across the world. You must travel the globeprotectingcities, containing infections from spreading, anddiscovering thecure for each disease. The fate of humanity is inyour hands! Calltogether your team of experts, it’s time to savehumanity. Eachmember of the team has their own set of skills to usewisely.Recruit the Medic to quickly treat diseases, discover a curefasterwith the Scientist, or stop infections from spreading withtheQuarantine Specialist. Each role opens new possibilities andsyncswith the other roles to offer new strategies. Pick fromsevenavailable character roles to create your elite team. Features:•Solo mode: save humanity with 2 to 5 characters! •Trainingmode with 4 challenges. • Choose your team from the7different roles. • 5 levels of difficulty to suit novicesandveterans alike. • Immersive theme, challenging gameplay,andendless replay-ability. Every game is different! • An adaptationofthe award winning board game • Ready to face a new challenge?Face3 new exciting challenges from the “On the Brink” boardgameexpansion: 1. "On the Brink: Virulent Strain" spreads a newkind ofvirus into the world. 2. "On the Brink: Roles & Events"offersyou new roles for your team and new events to help yousavehumanity. 3. "On the Brink: Mutation" introduces a fifthdisease toeradicate, the purple disease, in addition to theoriginal fourdiseases. DLC sold separately in the shop. For moreinformation,visit Aproblem or aquestion? Contact us: us on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!Facebook:
Small World: Civilizations & Conquests
Control fantasy civilizations and conquer new lands
Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & Tactics 1.10
Asmodee Digital
New version of the multi-awarded board game. Now in 3D.Includesimproved AI, 3D landscape, new exclusive features. ***Carcassonnefits that opening game niche that every game groupneeds. -TylerNichols, Board Game Quest *** Carcassonne = Greatgame, greatmechanics, great pieces, great fun! -The Board GameFamily ***Carcassonne's recent Android re-release and its fresh,new featuresare a joy to experience, whether you're playing againststrangersonline or testing friendships with existing pals - PocketGamer ATILE PLACEMENT GAME OF CREATING LANDSCAPES, CLAIMING AREAS,ANDGAINING POINTS Discover or re-discover Carcassonne,themulti-awarded tile-based game in which players draw and placetheirtiles to build a medieval city. Place your cities, roads,abbeys orfields to enlarge your landscape, then place yourfollowers, themeeples. Knights, robbers or farmers... Each meeplewill help youcontrol your territory and win points. But be careful,you willneed all your best strategy and tactics to maximum yourpoints!Place your tiles and your meeples wisely to stop youropponents andwin the game. SIX EXPANSIONS: ENLARGE YOURLANDSCAPE ANDOPTIMIZE YOUR POINTS Thanks to the mini expansions""The River""and ""The Abbot"", you can embellish your landscapeand vary yourgame to enjoy new ways to play! Double or even tripleyour pointsthanks to the new buildings in the Inns &Cathedralsexpansion! And with the Traders & Buildersexpansion,score more points with the trading commodities and buildfasterwith the builders! Discover the city of Carcassonne coveredwith ablanket of white snow in the Winter Edition... and look outfor theGingerbread Man and the bonus points he'll give you! Bewareof theDragon in ""the Princess and the Dragon"" expansion! He couldeatyour Meeples if you're not cautious. And be kind with thePrincess:she might prefer you to other Meeples and toss them out ofthecities! FEATURES • Accessible and tacticalgameplayadapted from the award-winning Carcassonne boardgame    • Six expansions: - The River, the Inns&Cathedrals, the Traders & Builders and the WinterEditionexpansions as well as the Princess and the Dragon expansionare allavailable to purchase from the Shop, - And you can unlockThe Abbotfor free using your Asmodee account. • Up to 6 players!Playagainst the computer in solo mode, face off your friends inPassand Play or challenge players from around the world in onlinemode• There is no more 3 but 4 different behaviors you can chosebeforestarting a game with AIs. They all propose a better challengethanthe previous ones. Players who want to experiment a truechallengewill play against the Conqueror AI who is the strongest AIof thegame. • Try out the aerial top view to refine your strategy!•Additional strategic layers compared to the physical version:-field view which allows you to see the field possession ofeachplayer - remaining tile list: allows you to see the tiles whichareremaining in the draw pile Languages available: English,French,German, Italian, Spanish You can follow us on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and You Tube!Facebook: YouTube:
Terraforming Mars
The digital strategy game adaptation of the famous board game.
A Game of Thrones: Board Game
Lead your House, scheme, betray and battle to seize the IronThrone.
30 Seconds™ Officieel 0.2.19
Asmodee Digital
SPEEL DE OFFICIËLE BEWERKING VAN HÉT PARTYSPEL, 30 SECONDS30Seconds is hét sensationele partyspel waarbij je kennisrazendsnelop de proef gesteld wordt. Het is een supersnel eneenvoudig spelmet meerdere onderwerpen. Iedereen kan de eenvoudigeregels van hetspel leren. Het doel is om je team zoveel mogelijknamen te latenraden binnen 30 seconden op basis van jouwbeschrijvingen. Elk teamvan ten minste twee spelers moet de restvan het team de vijf namenlaten raden die worden weergegeven op hetkaartje op het scherm.Het team dat als eerste de finish op hetspeelbord haalt, wint hetspel. 30 Seconds zit bomvol actie! Hetwordt zeker supergezellig!KENMERKEN • Het spectaculaire partyspelin Nederland • Inclusief480 kaartjes met telkens vijf namen Volgons op Facebook, Twitter,Instagram en YouTube!Facebook: YouTube: Een probleem? Hulpnodig?Neem contact met ons opvia<30seconds