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Places near me 4.1
Places near me, my local places BEST RESULT OFSEARCH!!!! Best locator!Features :-• Quickly find nearby bars, restaurants, museum etc. with a singletap using Places near me, local places• View contact details, address, distance and location of eachplace.• Places Near Me locates your phone with GPS and then provides youwith the top local searches nearby so you can find where you needto go.• Places Near Me Works worldwide.• Customize favourite places on your favorite page• Get directions with Map with estimated time and distance.• Free Search for any keyword.• Display search results in either list view with photo, rating,price level, and SPECIALS!Places near me, my local places, places around me is a SimpleFun App that helps you find a local place near by your currentlocation. eg. local parks, restaurants, cafes, pubs,museums, andmany more!You can save your places to favorite folder!Place2Go offers a convenient way to find places around you. Findrestaurants. Hotels near to you, any places near your currentlocation. You can find places in 3 clicks. Just 3 clicks and theprogram will show all close, near and around you. The search radiuscan be adjusted.You can ask - what the places around me? App Places near me,local places - can answer on any question about places!Sample: places near me? Places around me? Where to go? Restaurantsnear me? My local places?Answer: Place2Go! Can find all places! Near you? Around you?Restaurant? Local places? It's easy!Place2Go can always find where to go in your hometown or anyother place. Works worldwide!Search places by title! You can ask: restaurants near me with pizzanamed "PIZZA JHONN? Places near me can answer!Search places near you by category! You can choice category likerestaurants, pizza, food, museum, art, park, hospital! And appPlaces near me, my local places find it!The list of categories in which you can find the nearestlocation near you:restaurants, cafes, Japanese cuisine (also includes the search forplaces where you can eat sushi), Italian food, pizza, Argentinerestaurants, Asian restaurants, Ukrainian restaurants, Brazilianrestaurants, Chinese restaurants, coffee shops, fast foodrestaurants, Gastropub, bars, night clubs, movie theaters, grocerystores, supermarkets, gyms, fitness centers, hotels, beauty salons,arts and entertainment, concert halls, children's entertainment,museums, circuses, zoos, car washes, hospitals and clinics, traumacenters.If you feel bad, or someone needs urgent medical attention - usethe program and find the nearest hospital, or the hospital can findeverything around you.Special attention is given to the group - the restaurants. Alsofind restaurants - you can see the picture, the rating of therestaurant, the price category of restaurant, restaurant hours, insome cases, you can even see the menu of restaurants near you, orrestaurants in your city. Each restaurant has its own rating, whichyou can determine what restaurants you like. If you choose arestaurant by rating but do not know where to go, you can view theprice category of restaurants and decide! If you still do not know,then see what restaurants look like on the photo. Photo restaurantsuploaded by other users on the Internet, ie Photo real restaurantand not specially treated. The same feature special offers,promotions, restaurants. All restaurants load their shares, you canview them and select what you are interested in any restaurant. Ifnow you are undecided, you can choose restaurants by distance fromyou, and right in the program to see where the restaurant on themap and a route to it, directly to find a place near me, you cansee the phone the restaurant to make a call to book a table, andyou come to the restaurant you will have to wait for your table:)If you want in a movie - the application Place2Go can find thenearest cinema, theater show address, telephone and distance.
Flash Alert On Call & SMS
The LED flash will blink when you receive an incoming call, SMS ornotification
Notes - Notepad
Simple notepad with a password to create quick notes. Diary andshopping list.
Flashlight app with a quick start and works even if the screen isoff