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Tumble Tiles 1.30.8
You've never played a puzzle game likethisbefore! Solve puzzles by tracing paths through ancient tiles.Playover 130 levels of strategy and chance, unlocking the tiles'powersand unleashing them for higher scores. Overcome trickyobstaclesand make clever use of the powers you discover toprogress.How deep can you delve into the mysterious ruins before theygetthe best of you?- Over 130 levels full of obstacles to test your wits- Replay levels for higher scores - can you earn 3 stars ineverylevel?- 7 unique magic powers - use them strategically to cleareachlevel- Plays great on phones and tablets
Nine-Ball Pool - Arcade Billiards Game 1.0.22
If you're a billiards fanatic looking for a challenge, looknofurther. Arkadium Nine-Ball Pool is a fast-paced, dynamic takeonclassic pool that will be sure to test your skills. Elaborate,richvisuals track your ball's path and give you a realistic feelforwhere it'll land. Play against an AI opponent and putyourexpertise to the test in this must-play pool game. No need togoout to play pool. Enjoy a realistic billiards experiencefromanywhere in the world just like it was a bar game. Our take on9ball pool will have you playing the arcade classic for hours.Playwhenever you want knowing you can put it down and pick backupright where you left off at a casual gaming pace. Features:✔Choose your difficulty! Select easy, medium, or hard AI tocompeteagainst. ✔ Customize! Pick your own avatar, table color andpoolcue to play with. ✔ English! Adjust your aim on the cue ball toputa side spin on your shot. ✔ Game, set, match! Play best of 1, 3,or5 games against your AI opponent. ✔ Smooth physics! Line upyourshot and watch as the balls move just like real life. ✔Timelessvisuals! Easily follow what's happening on the table with acleartop-down view. ✔ High score! Rack up points and track yourall-timebest. ✔ Offline play! No wifi required. ✔ Free to play! Nopaymentnecessary. How to play Arkadium Nine-Ball Pool: GOAL: 🏁 Yourgoalis to be the one to pocket the 9 ball. 🏁 You must always hittheLOWEST NUMBER billiard ball first with the cue ball. 🏁 Youmaypocket balls out of order only if it is hit indirectly, eitherbyanother billiard ball or by the cue ball after it has hitadifferent billiard ball first. 🏁 Only after all other ballshavebeen pocketed may you hit the 9 ball directly. 🏁 Should youpocketa 9 ball incorrectly (FOUL), it will reset to itsoriginalposition, or as close to it as possible. TURNS: 🎈 Youalternateturns with your opponent. 🎈 When you pocket a ballcorrectly, youmay shoot again. You can chain this effect multipletimes. 🎈 A foulwill ruin your streak, negate your free shot, andpass the turn tothe opponent. 🎈 Any balls pocketed by a foul remainpocketed butreward no score. A 9 ball pocketed with a foul is resetto itsoriginal starting position (or as close to it as possible).FOULS:📢 You foul when: 📢 You do not hit any balls or cushion (tableedge)with the cue ball. 📢 The first ball you hit does not touchanythingelse, is not pocketed, and does not hit a cushion. 📢 Youhit awrong ball first (not the one with the lowest number). 📢 Youbreakthe pyramid without any balls being pocketed and with lessthanfour balls hitting cushions. 📢 You pocket a cue ball, withorwithout any other balls. MOVING THE BALL: 🎱 When permitted, onemayplace the cue ball manually to the desired position. 🎱 Whilethecue ball is highlighted with a circle, you can drag itbeforestriking. 🎱 After your opponent fouls, you will always beable todo so; you can also drag the cue ball (in a limited area)whilebreaking the pyramid. ENGLISH SPIN: 💫 You can spin the cueball byaiming at specific points. 💫 The center: normal hit. 💫Slightlybelow the center: STUNS the ball, making it stop dead afterhit. 💫Above the center: FOLLOW, moving in the same direction afterhit. 💫Below the center: DRAW, moving backwards after hit. 💫 Leftandright: leans to left or right after the hit. EnjoyArkadiumNine-Ball Pool and be sure to write us a review on GooglePlay.Play more Arkadium Games:
Classic Majong Solitaire Game 1.0.151
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Bubble Shooter - Burst and Pop 3.5
A Classic Colour Matching Bubble Shooter Game. Drop Bubbles andBalls to Win.
Tap Tiles - Mahjong 3D Puzzle 1.3.75
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Mahjong Dimensions: 3D Puzzles 1.3.18
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Classic Spider Solitaire 0.34
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Lumeno - Match 3 Puzzle 1.0
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Daily Crossword Puzzles 1.16.8
More Crosswords everyday. Test your Puzzle Skills with Classic WordSearch Games
The Price is Right - Plinko 1.0.21
The Official Price is Right Pachinko Game. Play Arkadium's New BallDrop Game.