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Little Witch Planet LW 3.1.0
Aqreadd Studios
With Witch laugh sound and HalloweenCountdown!Slide your fingers to zoom out and out, up to see the wholeBewitched Planet, tap the witch and she use magic to so Halloweencountdown. Day and Night, three scenarios, pumpkin world, zooms,Halloween countdown, interactive and more!Zoom in the Pumpkin World and you can see three scenarios: Evilforest, Infernos and Oblivion Desert.★★Principal Features:★Slide to zoom in and zoom out★Day/Night mode and automatic change★Halloween countdown!★3 different scenarios plus Pumpkin world★Change color for all scenes★Config day/night mode★and more....Scenarios are filled of tombstones, crossings, Jack O' Lantern,scarecrows with gloomy hat and sometimes with two heads, eviltrees, evil fog in all scene, and more ... you can see screenshotsbut you need to see in your device to know how evil and funny itis.When zoom is totally out, you can see how Pumpkin Planet rotate,tap witch and she fly around planet while darkens with magic toshow countdown. Only in a Bewitched Planet this is possible!INSTRUCTIONS to set:Home/Menu/Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper-> select Pumpkin WorldLWBy downloading this app, you agree to the EULA at Our Website: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: Sending your feedback and suggestions [email protected]::
Solar Clock: Circadian Rhythm 3.0.1
Widget available on Premium pack!Do you experience different levels of sleepiness and alertnessthroughout the day? Would you like improve your sleep cycle? Haveyou ever felt poorly because of jet lag?Improve your sleep cycle, productivity and reduce jet lag withthis app.Solar Clock: Circadian Rhythm syncs the Solar time with yourLocal time and shows important events based on Circadianrhythm.What is the Circadian Rhythm?All species have a timing mechanism, or 'clock,' that controlsperiods of activity and inactivity. These clocks are known ascircadian rhythms and refer the cycle of physiological andbiological processes that fluctuate on a roughly 24-hour timetable.You have probably noticed these tendencies yourself, feeling moreenergetic and alert during peak periods of the day and morelethargic and run-down at other times of the day. Circadian rhythmsalso impact body temperature, pain sensitivity, mental alertness,physical strength, and the senses. disruptions such as jet lag put us in conflict withour natural sleep patterns, since the shift in time and light cueson the brain forces the body to alter its normal pattern to adjust.This is why jet lag can leave travelers feeling poorly and havingmore difficulty thinking and performing well. But these symptomscan also occur in everyday life, when the circadian rhythm isdisrupted by keeping long and irregular hours.Solar Clock: Circadian Rhythm helps you to keep a regularsleep schedule and allow plenty of time for quality sleep,allowingthese two vital biological components, the sleep/wake restorativeprocess and the circadian rhythm, to help you perform at yourbest.The app will notify when a circadian event starts.The alarm will adjust gradually as sunrise time change throughoutthe year.Use the app as a natural alarm clock that you can set to wakeup.Enjoy Solar Clock and reconnect with your circadianrhythm!By downloading this app, you agree to the EULA at out our account or website for more free apps: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: free to contact us for any issue or suggestion by e-mail:[email protected]::
Christmas Live Wallpaper Santa 3.1.0
Aqreadd Studios
Christmas live wallpaper 3D: run, run Rudolph!Santa has a lot of work this year over Christmas; many people areexpecting their Xmas gift! So, here is Santa making his magicaljourney to earth from the North Pole.Do you like Christmas music? Shake your device and you couldlisten to Christmas carols: “Jingle Bells”, “We wish you” and moreChristmas songs. Maybe, you like more Christmas sounds, so you cantap twice on the screen to listening to the sleigh bells andSanta's "HO, HO, HO" (disabled by default).Help Santa Claus to achieve his Christmas’ goal: deliver as manyChristmas gifts as he can. Let him teleport himself to your mobilephone in order to get your present in time. The more apps download,the more gifts will be delivered. Join us on social media to knowhow many gifts have been delivered!Now, this Christmas live wallpaper uses the gyroscope to give 3Dperspective, just move your device. If your device doesn't have agyroscope, it uses the accelerometer as a fake gyroscope in orderto get a 3D perspective effect. Of course, you can enable/disableHologram mode on Settings.Ready for Android Lollipop!HO, HO, HO! Merry Christmas!Features Christmas live wallpaper:★ Speed control.★ Sky light.★ Christmas snowfall (select amount, speed and direction)★ Fireballs gifts (select color and amount)★ Magic dust that is used by reindeers in order to fly (selectcolor and amount)★ Christmas carols: “Jingle Bells”, “Deck the halls”, SilentNight”, “Twelve days of Christmas”, “We wish you”, “What child isthis”, “Fairy”, “Sleighride”, “Rudolph”, “we three Kings”, “Iwonder as I wander”, “Oh Holy Night”How to set Christmas live wallpaper on the screen of yourphone:Home->Menu->Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper->select Christmaslive wallpaper SantaBy downloading this app, you agree to the EULA at out our account or website for more free beautiful livewallpapers: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: free to contact us for any issue or suggestion by e-mail:[email protected]
New Year Countdown premium
Aqreadd Studios
Welcomes New Years with this livewallpaper!Set a countdown to New Year with a 2017 full of sparks on a scenewith lot of colorful lights and fireworks.Change theme colors interactively by tapping twice on the homescreen, or you can choose it between more than 20 themes! Also, youcan set a random color after a time.Enjoy the automatic camera mode, you will see how the camera movesaround the New Year and how it focuses on the scene details. Seethe awesome scenes and enjoy the slow motion scenes. Choose manualcamera mode if you want to change the camera perspective whenscrolls home screens.Set the shape for the 2017, choose between sphere, sprinkle, radialor stretch radial.The New Year's Countdown is fully configurable, you can show days,days and hours left or disable it.Now screensaver - daydream with android tv support.Happy New Year!INSTRUCTIONS to set manually:Long press on Home screen -> Wallpapers -> select New YearCountdownVisit Our Website: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Google+: us on Pinterest: Sending your feedback and suggestions [email protected] downloading this app, you agree to the EULA at
Halloween greetings 3.1.0
Halloween greetings cards allow spooky greetings and Halloweenwishes to be sent right from your mobile phone. Do you need aHalloween party invitation for this year's soiree? No need to spendhours online looking for one, with this app you could send as muchhalloween cards as you wish. Also, these Halloween e-cards can beeasily customized with your own text and then you can send them outto your guests' email inboxes or on the most popular socialnetworks: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus... Enjoy Halloween!Surprise your friends! Send Halloween countdown with greetingscards!! Make sending Halloween greetings cards as painless aspossible by choosing some those texts example: New feature: now youcan set your own text!! Choose one of the text to send: (allpredefined texts are available only for english version, for otherlanguages you can use custom text option) ★X days until Halloween!!★Happy Halloween!! ★Halloween is coming are you ready?? ★Very soonlet´s go Halloween party!! ★Have a bewitching Halloween! ★Boo! Fromme to you. ★Wishing you a spooky and… Happy Halloween! ★Trick ortreat ★You’re invited to a Halloween Party! Witches, wizards andall scary creatures are welcome! ★Attention all ghosts and goblinsyou’re invited to my Spooktacular party! ★A Halloween Party:witches, goblins & ghosts welcome! ★Join our party On October31. It’s a zombies party! ★Halloween Party! We’ll have a“frightfully” goodtime! ★Come hang out with us! Pumpkin carvingparty! ★It’s Halloween! Let’s Party! ★You are invited to myHalloween Sleepover! ★Come to my Halloween Party for a SpooktacularEvening Of Fun! ★Have a freaky Halloween! ★BOO! ★Happy Boo Day andBest Witches! ★BOO! Trick or treat Happy Halloween! ★Boo! Have ahappy Halloween! ★Happy BOO to you ★Keep Calm There’s only X days‘till Halloween ★X more days till Halloween ★Just X days tillHalloween! Write permissions needed to share secret cards across3erParty apps (facebook, google+, twitter...). By downloading thisapp, you agree to the EULA at Visit Our Website:
 Follow us on Facebook: Follow us onTwitter:!/HalloweenWorlds Keep Sending yourfeedback and suggestions to [email protected] :::
Nature live wallpaper
Beautiful nature scene with real-time wind over grass flowers and atree
Depth Beam Live Wallpaper
Set a colorful and peaceful scene with beams from depth with thislive wallpaper
Nature Tree Milky Way live wallpaper
Nature live wallpaper with a tree guarded by ancient stonesilluminated by stars
Christmas tree live wallpaper
3D glittering Christmas Tree of lights with a 3D star, bells sound& snowfall
Christmas lights live wallpaper
Celebrate the wonder of Christmas with this free live wallpaper!
Christmas Time premium
Celebrate the wonder of Christmas with this live wallpaper!
Plumintus 1.2.0
Play this game and get math skills by overcome the levels.Addnumbers until you get the target result. Start with basic goalsandimprove your math skills by overcoming the difficulty levels.Thegame is specially designed for you to acquire mental agilitywhenadding numbers. Play on two different modes: Timer andInfiniteTimer mode is free and allow you to play over 16differentdifficulty levels. You have 60 seconds to get the minimumgoals setat each level to unlock next level. Play against yourselfandovertake yourself in each new game. Infinite mode is apremiumfeature and allow you to play without time restriction, theonlylimit is to fill one column numbers. Overtake you last scoreineach new game!
Set color, amount and sound of fireworks and enjoy it in 4Dparallax
Weather Live Wallpaper 3.0.1
Aqreadd Studios
This 3D Weather Live Wallpaper have awesome weatheranimations,clock and countdowns, show temperature and weatherforecast up to 7days, can change automatically the backgroundcolor, show sun ormoon and change particles direction on sunset andsunrise events.Also is interactive, and you can tap on clock andcountdowns froevents to start great particle light explosions andchange betweenclock and countdowns and slice to rotate the 3D view.This app isnot only a weather live wallpaper, is a great app thatpersonalizeyour background with great animations and usefulinformation andthat change every day! Android Lollipop ready! Bydownloading thisapp, you agree to the EULAat Visit OurWebsite: Follow us onFacebook: us onTwitter:!/HalloweenWorlds KeepSending yourfeedback and suggestions [email protected] :::
Christmas Countdown
Christmas Countdown live wallpaper with colorful Christmas Tree andwith Carols!
Christmas Live Wallpaper HD
Christmas live wallpaper HD with sounds, Santa, Christmas carols& 3D Hologram.
New Year countdown premium
Colorful New Year 2022 with countdown!
Halloween Live Wallpaper with sounds premium
Halloween scene with countdown and lights moving around pumpkins inthe night
Christmas tree 3D live wallpaper HD
3D glittering Christmas Tree of lights with a 3D star, bells sound& snowflakes
Hearts live wallpaper premium
Lot of hearts and lights forming a big heart in a Love scene,youneed to see it!
Halloween live wallpaper with countdown and sounds
Halloween live wallpaper with sounds and pumpkins!
Halloween Live Wallpaper world
Interactive World with hordes of crazy and evil characters,enjoyHalloween 2019!
Christmas Live Wallpaper 5.3.1
Christmas live wallpaper free: run, run Rudolph! Santa has a lot ofwork this year over Christmas; many people are expecting their Xmasgift! So, here is Santa making his magical journey to earth fromthe North Pole. Do you like Christmas carols or music? Shake yourdevice and you could listen to Christmas songs: “Jingle Bells”, “Wewish you” and “Rudolph”. Maybe, you like more Christmas sounds soyou can tap twice on the screen to listening to the sleigh bellsand Santa's "HO, HO, HO" (disabled by default). Would you like tohelp Santa Claus to achieve his Christmas’ goal: deliver as manyChristmas gifts (presents) as he can? Get the premium version andlet him teleport himself to your mobile phone in order to get yourpresent on time. If you buy the premium version, you will getsnowfall, more Christmas songs, reindeers, magic dust, fireballsgifts. Indeed, you will see Santa magical abilities: alter theappearance of himself into other objects, teleport himself acrossthe world and generate snow! Now, this Christmas live wallpaperuses the gyroscope to give 3D perspective, just move your device.If your device doesn't have a gyroscope, it will use theaccelerometer as a fake gyroscope in order to get a 3D perspectiveeffect. Of course, you can enable/disable Hologram mode onSettings. HO, HO, HO! Merry Christmas! Features Christmas livewallpaper Premium: ★ Speed control. ★ Sky light. ★ ChristmasSnowfall (select amount, speed and direction) ★ Fireballs gifts(select color and amount) ★ Magic dust that is used by reindeers inorder to fly (select color and amount) ★ More Christmas carols Howto set Christmas live wallpaper on the screen of your phone:Home->Menu->Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper->select Christmaslive wallpaper lite By downloading this app, you agree to the EULAat Check out our account orwebsite for more free beautiful live wallpapers: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Feel free to contact us for anyissue or suggestion by e-mail: [email protected]
New Year countdown
Fireworks, sparks and lights to keep the countdown to New Year
Hearts live wallpaper
Love scene with lot of hearts and lights forming a big heart,youneed to see it!
Flower photo Live Wallpaper
Your photos with cool live effects like sun rays, lights andcolorful flowers!
Little Witch Planet free LW
A witch flying on a halloween planet full of evil creatures wholaugh and wink.
Spark Live Wallpaper
Turn around your device to get sparkles!
Zombie Dare 1.5.2
Enjoy Christmas season activating Christmas theme! This Zombiegameoffers a truly unique and entertaining adventure. Join toyourfriends to share the fun: available as a multiplayer game.Zombiesare everywhere! So, it is your job to prevent the zombiesfromescaping! If you are not quick enough they could cross thecemeteryborders making you lose your mission. Simply tap yourfinger on anymatching zombie to make them flee back to their holes.You canchoose Winter theme with Christmas ornaments and snow on awinterscene! HOW TO PLAY There are three modes available to enjoy:★TIME:you have 30 seconds for tapping on the zombies in order toavoidthey run away out of the cemetery. ★INFINITE: there is nottime,but if one zombie is crossing the borders you havelost.★MULTIPLAYER: you can play against someone else. Play withyourfriends to see who can get the highest score! As you get youplayyou can get coins that will make your game easier as you canbuyboosters that will help you in your mission: ★★Destiny’scrossmakes that all the zombies returning to the cemetery.★★Snailsubstance slows the time a few seconds every time you useit.★★Jump’s trap makes the zombies jump in order to avoidthemcrossing the cemetery borders. ★★Dark holes swallows untilthreezombies, it helps you with the mission. Must be 12+ to play.Enjoythis Halloween inspired game! Please note! This game is freetoplay, but it contains items that can be purchased for realmoney.Some features and extras mentioned in the description mayalso haveto be purchased for real money. By downloading this app,you agreeto the EULA at Check outouraccount or website for more free apps: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: Feel free tocontact us for anyissue or suggestion by e-mail:[email protected] :::