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Free VPN Flash Browser Player 2.2
Free VPN Flash Browser for Android providesboth privacy and anonymity for users surfing websites. Its providesboth a normal browsing mode and a VPN mode. The VPN mode allowsusers :1) To surf the web anonymously and privately in public Wifihotspot using VPN private internet access.2) Change my IP address to surf the web with a different IP addressquite similar to what a TOR browser would do.3) Unblock websites on school Wifi such as Facebook, Hulu, YouTube,HBO4) Access Adobe Flash player content found on websites. The AdobeFlash Player supported in this private browser allows you to accessFlash videos, games and web content without downloading Flashplugin.5) Works like a proxy browser for the web and creates a virtualprivate network with free private internet access and unlimiteddata usage.6) The virtual browser acts as a sandbox for virus protection andremoval for Android. Since web content including any virus isdownloaded into the cloud sandbox, the virtual cloud effectivelyacts as a virus cleaner and removal tool.From the makers of Photon Flash browser, the Free VPN proxyFlash browser & player takes it up another level by offeringsecurity and privacy with an anonymous IP address.Note: This app can unlock block websites but does not unblockapps. If you need to unblock apps or bypass firewall protection,please download a general VPN app such as AnchorFree Hotspot Shieldor BetterNet Free VPN
VPN Vault - Super Proxy VPN 4.20
VPN app is a fast no log VPN for secure unlimited internet access
Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text 7.90
Private second phone number for texting and calling
Photon AppLock 1.3
Photon AppLock locks your apps securely with a regular passwordPINor pattern password to protect your privacy. Photon AppLocklocksyour text messages, photo gallery, pictures, pics,videos,contacts, camera, games, images, incoming calls and evenyour homescreen to guard your privacy. You can select to lockindividualapps or simply lock everything on your phone. If you lockevery appon phone, Photon AppLock allows you to access the appsecurely andconveniently without have to unlock with a passcodeeach time. WithPhoton AppLock, you can protect my phone from spyingand hackers.In addition, you can create multiple keys withdifferent passwordso you can share your phone with friends andfamily yet still lockand protect your privacy online and offline .You can choose whatapp your users can access by giving themdifferent keys to unlockthe apps you will give access to. This applocker with passwordsupports multiple keys and different passwords.With kids, you canexercise parental controls by locking your appsand only give themaccess to apps they can unlock. With friends, youcan just lendthem your phone allowing them to access onlywhitelisted apps withPhoton app locker. AppLock features: + Supportadditional passwordfor lock screen with a passcode lock screen +Support many lockscreen themes for Android + Support popular appsincludingWhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Viber, Messenger, SnapChat,Instagram,Dropbox and YouTube + Lots of beautiful themes and picsto choosefrom for your lock screen + Hide my apps behind a lockscreen andmake my apps invisible and disguised behind the lockscreen + AppLock with different passwords for different groups +Kids safe modeand parental control + App Lock that stays on evenwhen user triesto delete it From the creators of Photon FlashBrowser &Player, Photon App Lock is the best app lock for yourAndroid phoneand tablets with many background themes to choosefrom. PlannedFeatures: + Phone lock app that takes pictures whenentering wrongpin code, password or incorrect pattern with a selfiefor intruderusing a spy camera on the Android device + Lock Patternprofileswith fingerprint scanner , crash app, voice recognition +Hide myapps inside a disguised app + Picture gallery vault Anyquestions,please contact us at email address [email protected]
Text Vault - Texting App 1.52
Unlimited texting app that comes with your own private local phonenumber!