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Ayatul Kursi 1.3.1
Ayatul Kursi is a very nice and beautiful Surah/Chapter of HolyQuran. It is the most exalted verse of the Quran. Muslims areencouraged to recite it after completing every one of their dailyprayers.
GPS Route Finder & Location Tracker FREE 1.2.2
Let's navigate and track your favorite routes and locations toreach on time through this free app. Unlike so many otherapplication available on the store, this navigation tool works as ahelpful means for users to reach public transport, hospitals, banksand airports on time. For real time direction finding, you can relyon this app like millions of other businesses have trusted. Avoidtraffic blocks and catch a bus with updated ETAs. Now save moretime through automatic rerouting to reach through different routesavoiding additional time delays. Find your current location andsearch addresses where you want to go. Explore the new way oftraveling with correct internet navigation. Get approximate time toreach at ATM machine, airport, hospital, pet shops, university orpolice station and know all the addresses of your town. Let's, takeadvantage through earth positioning with a simple online navigationapp which is totally free for all the users. Get all the cityroutes for better driving. Many apps also provide offlinenavigations as well but mostly work better when they are connectedwith internet navigation system. Features and Basic Structure ofRoute Finder & Location Tracker FREE -Save Your Favorite Places-See and Search Nearby Restaurants -Share Locations to Your Friends& Family -Lots of Features with Easy Navigation -Save NearbyPlaces and Their Routes -Search Nearby Places and Routes -See Wherethe Banks Are
GPS Map Route Planner 2.1.1
Looking for a way to navigate your way through traffic? Areyoualways looking for places while you are travelling? Start usingtheperfect navigation and route planner app - GPS Map Route Plannertohelp you navigate through roads when you are driving a carorriding a motorbike or walking. You will never be disappointedwhileusing the amazing and unique navigation features on the “GPSMapRoute Planner”. It is extremely easy to use with abeautifulinterface and smooth user controls. Along with navigationon theapp, you can also find locations of different places aroundyou.Whenever you are looking to find routes between two places, youcanuse this perfect map route planner app. With the “GPS MapRoutePlanner”, navigation is extremely convenient while driving orwhilewalking. The navigation routes on the app are regularlyupdated soyou get the most accurate navigation routes. APP FEATURESStilllooking for features that make the “GPS Map Route Planner” appthemost unique among all other navigation and route planningapps?Here are features of the app that make it incredible – -Choosedriving or walking mode - Get current location - Knowtheapproximate distance and time duration This unique navigationappis a must have for all travel-lovers who love travellingdifferentplaces. This GPS navigation app is available for free. Youcan alsodiscover new places while navigating. We are constantlyworkinghard on making this “GPS Map Route Planner” app better andmoreuseful for you. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems. If you have enjoyed any featureofthe “GPS Map Route Planner” app, do rate us on play store andshareamong your friends.
Real Signature Maker 2019 2.4.2
Signature style, signature maker, signature style of my nameandautographs are the handwritten depiction of someone'sname,nickname, or even a simple "X" or other mark that a personwriteson documents as a proof of identity and intent. Thisdigitalsignature creator and signature app real signature stylemakerallows you to create a sagittal signature for fun,entertainmentand personal use My signature style maker is not forany kind oflegal use (Do not use signatures to sign your ReviewsThese equityload, payday loan, cash advance, legal forms, bankstatements,contracts and bank's credit cards etc). So, do not usethis esignature style maker and signature designer for any type oflegaluse in banks or any other institution. Have fun withsignaturecomposer and see the glow signature feel as signaturecapturesetting. This is also a fancy signature and virtualsignature app.My name signature style maker is the one of the bestandroidapplication to create easy signatures as well asperfectsignatures. Real signature maker and easy signature makerpro willmake you happy for sure as it will work as signaturemakerassistant. This fingertip art handwriting signatureapplication canbe used for art signature practicing on anelectronic device ratherthan by using old techniques on paper padand writing notes onbooks. There is no need of pen and ink tocreate cool signatures.This digital signature creator lets you playwith your wordsbecause it is also a signature composer and anautograph maker.Signatory can choose auto or manual way to generateglow signatureand fancy signature. If signer uses the manual methodsignature,then he can draw on the screen as signature capture. Hecan createvirtual signature similar to a handwritten signature inthe manualway. Signer can also choose auto option to create aseries ofsignature with a series of different font styles with thisrealsignature maker. It is also considered best easy signature proandsignature maker assistant. Color of the signature writing isblackon a white background for both auto and manual cases. FeaturesofReal Signature Maker 2019 Professional Fingertip Art andStylishSign Collection Handwriting Signature and Cool SignatureOptionsAutograph Maker, Share the Image on Social Media DifferentESignature Styles and Signature Designer Simple and EasySignatureMaker with Art Signature Easy Signature Style of My NameSignatureBest Signature App and Perfect Digital Signature How toUse: Thereare two ways to create signatures. Signatory can chooseany type ofapproach / mode to generate the signature pattern. AutoMode:Select auto option from the home screen. Type your name ornickname in name text field. Preview signature by pressing thecreatebutton. Press the button next to find different variety ofdesignscollection. Press back button to see previous signature.Pressclear button for the new signature. After creating asignature,find and pick suitable design then press the save andshare buttonsto share picture of signature. Drawing Mode: SelectDraw signoption from the home screen. Drag your finger on thescreen to drawa signature just like painting. Press clear button torewritesignature. Do practice to find quality signature. Press thesaveand share buttons to share the signature image on socialmedia.Create and share a signature with your friends.
Perfect Route Finder - 2021 1.3.5
Be a smart driver and go anywhere with no worries at all. Asmartermore genuine more user-friendly route maps tool will nowgive youreal time updates and directions for your ease. Know whichroadsare more crowdy in rush hour which routes are more suitabletodrive free from city hustle. Get to the school, bus station,banksand hospitals on time with easy navigation. Get conciseinfo,search different routes, nearby favorite places and share itwithyour friends. A user-friendly route finder, just enteryourdestination and start navigating the place where you want to goandreach early. Know all the nearby areas with dedicated red,greenand orange lines. The red lines show the slow movement ofcars,vehicles in a certain area, the orange lines show medium, andgreenlines will tell you where is fast pace cars at the moment soyoucould make right decision to change your current route to amoreappropriate route. You just name the place you need to reach;itwill help you reach your destination on time. Whetheritshospitals, hotels, mosques, restaurants, airports or banks,nowfind the easiest route to guide you safely and timely onyourdesired destinations. All the ATMs, post offices,schools,universities, fire stations and parking areas are now inyour reachwith a simple tap on your phones and tabs. Now no need tofind acertain café and its fastest possible route. Enjoy all yourquickstops and transits with efficient maps making you morepowerful andcommanding to reach your destinations on your ownterms. KeyFeatures • Live Maps • Timely Alerts • Finding ShortestPath •Current Location