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Mega Voice Changer 3.5.27
Change your voice and prank yourfriends.Change,modify,alter your voice with an array of different effects(female, child, male, tunnel) that can be combined together.This voice changer is the tool you are looking for. Please notethat this application can not change your voice during a call asthis is not technically possible on android.Once you're satisfied, you can save your altered voice, e-mail itto your friends, and even set it as a ringtone.★★★★★ This voice changer is the reference on Android !Record your voice and combine lots of effects to alter it, thenplay it back for your friends.The effects include:★ Helium: Sound like a baby or monkey!★ Tremolo: For a quavering voice★ Flanger: A pretty cool effect★ Echo★ Reverb: Hear your voice echo through the mountains!★ Distort: Crush your words under a wave of fuzz★ Play backwards: One of the most fun effects there available★Change speed: Make your voice sound male or femaleCreate lots of different voices: male, female, baby, monster, stuckin a tube!And the best thing is that you can combine ALL of them together.This voice changer lets you create all sorts of combinations toimpress your friends.You can play back your creation from a saved file, send them byemail or even set them as your ringtone.
PDF Converter:Documents To PDF 1.20
PDF Converter is absolutely free for those whowant to convert Photos, Pictures, Contacts and Text Messages in PDFFiles.The features of complete version of PDF ConverterEasy and fast converting to PDF- Documents from iWorks and MS Office- Web pages- Emails and Email Attachments- Photos and Pictures- Clipboard content- Text Messages- Contacts- Dropbox contentShare PDFs- Via Dropbox- Using iTunes File Sharing- By EMail-WiFiFeatures:* Really attractive, super easy to use interface* Using "Open In..." approach, print files from many popular onlinestorages: Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, Docs and other cloud storageapplications.* Save the following document formats to PDF:Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, RTF, RTFD, TXT,HTML, JPG, PNG.* Merge PDF docs into single PDF document.* Mail out documents as email attachments
* Send files to iBook, GoodReader, PDF Reader.* WiFi file transfer (Browser or Webdav clients).* Drive* Box* Dropbox
Notebook with Caller ID 1.2.376
Notebook with Caller ID is a caller identification app thatinstantly shows you who is calling you – this goes also for callersthat are not in your contacts list. With access to an enormousdatabase of a billion telephone numbers, the caller is quicklyidentified. After a call, you can easily take notes with just onetap. Don’t ever be afraid to forget what you just have talkedabout! You have this notepad feature at your fingertips everywhereyou go. It’s an easy-to-use and effective app! Forget the timeswhen you carried around a notepad, use Notebook with Caller ID tocreate text notes, lists, and more. If you ever need to change anote you can edit it and then share it via email and SMS withwhoever you want! Key features: • Real-time caller ID, so you canalways know instantly who is calling before you pick up. • Anautomatic warning appears to indicate spam calls. • Save newcontacts to your phonebook with only one click. • Take quick notesafter each call – so simple! • Edit and share your notes usingemail and SMS. • Search feature to look for keywords anywhere inthe notebook.
All Email Access With Call ID 1.410
All Email Access is an email app for Android that allows you toconnect to your multiple email accounts from a single app – it alsocreates a powerful link between mail and phone calls, andidentifies callers, with mail options directly from the caller IDscreen. In this fast-moving mobile age, you need quick email loginaccess and better ways to manage your inbox. This easy-to-usee-mail app simplifies email login and allows you to manage variousemail accounts with a single click. What sets All Email Accessapart from other email apps is the smart Caller ID. It identifiescallers in real-time, even if the caller isn’t in your phonebook.The link between calls and emails means you can also easily andinstantly send emails to the caller or access your emails directlyafter the call ends. It’s important to have a break from youremails, but sometimes you think of an important email you need tosend at a time or place that is not convenient. Now you can setyourself a location-based email reminder which will send anotification to your screen when you arrive at the location youhave selected, prompting you with the notes you wrote to yourselfin the reminder. This app will strongly enhance your mobilecommunication and productivity. What you get in this app: - Supereasy all email access: Universal email client lets you access allemails in one simple mail app (compatible with a large number ofdifferent mobile email providers). - Location Reminders: Helps youremember to send important emails when you arrive at locations suchas work. - ID Caller: Each time you receive a call you will see thecaller’s details. - Easy email access from the caller ID screenallows you to mail the caller quickly. - Save contacts: Saveunknown incoming contacts with one click after each call. - Make ityour own: You can easily adjust caller ID to your preferences inthe app settings. - Overview of call history: Call log and instantaccess to your phonebook in the app. - Dedicated customer support –Our dedicated customer support team will ensure you have greatfunctionality from amazing features.
Notes 1.0.774
Note-taking app features: ✔ Customize the look of Notes with colorthemes. Unlock a new theme each day. ✔ Handy to-do checklist optionthat lets you tick off items when they are complete. ✔ LocationReminders alert you of important notes when you arrive at aspecific place. You choose the location and add it to your note. ✔Connect your contacts to notes. You can then click-to-call directlyfrom a note. ✔ Undo and redo buttons help you easily fix mistakes.✔ Deleted notes section lets you restore notes up to 9 days later.✔ Handy note search feature for people who take a lot of notes. ✔Take, edit, share, and view all notepad entries effortlessly. ✔Backup to Google Drive and restore your notes easily. ✔ Identifycallers and search numbers in worldwide databases with 1 billion+numbers. ✔ Get warnings for millions of spam numbers. ✔ Useful callinformation screen where you can write a quick note, save thenumber to your contacts, call back, send an SMS, and more! Notes isan extremely useful note-taking app developed exclusively forAndroid that’s easy to use and packed with many great featuresmaking it more than just a notepad. For your privacy and dataprotection, we do not have access to any of your notes or store anyof the information contained within them. Therefore, we recommendthat you regularly use the useful backup feature on this app toavoid the accidental loss of any important information.
Call Blocker - Blacklist
Call Blocker – Blacklist, the FREE top performing call blocking appfor Android that stops all unwanted calls including spam numbers!Features of our call block app: ✔ Block calls easily by addingnumbers to your personal call blacklist. ✔ Identify incoming calls.✔ Identify spam calls. ✔ Easily reject and block spam calls ✔ Smartcall information screen packed with useful details ✔ Schedule atime-period for blocking specific numbers. ✔ Option to receivecalls only from numbers in your contacts. ✔ Block numbers manually.✔ Block numbers from your contacts. ✔ Add a personal note to eachnumber you block. Install Call Blocker – Blacklist for FREE todayand enjoy an interruption-free life!
Email & Caller ID 1.0.294
Email app allows you to easily connect to your multiple emailaccounts and identifies who is calling. This simple to use, yetpowerful app allows you to manage various email accounts with oneclick. The smart Caller ID in the app identifies real-time who iscalling even if the caller isn’t in your phonebook. On top of thisgreat feature, you can also easily and instantly access your emailwith one click after the call ends and mail the caller on one go!This mail app for Android will enhance your mobile communicationand productivity and simplify your email account management. Ourapp will let you conveniently consolidate your email gratis formultiple email accounts. All Email gmail yahoo outlook and variousother mail options supported. Download this email application forAndroid and get: - Super easy email access: access all your emailaccounts in one simple email app – it’s compatible with multiplemail providers. - Efficient Communication: send emails and startconversations easily - Simple and intuitive interface: send emailswith one click from the Caller ID screen. - ID Caller: The bestfeature to show who is calling you, even if caller is not in yourcontacts. - Save contacts: Save unknown incoming contacts with oneclick after the call. - Overview of call history: Call log andinstant access to your phonebook in the app. - Make it your own:You can easily adjust Caller ID to your preferences in the appsettings.
Audio Recorder with Caller ID 1.0.480
Audio Recorder with Caller ID is the best recording app forAndroid. It is an easy-to-use audio recorder packed full offeatures. It also includes an intelligent built-in caller IDfeature which allows you to easily make a quick recording followinga phone call. This powerful sound recording app provideshigh-quality HD recordings. As well as being great for recordingvoice memos, you can also record meetings, interviews, lectures,songs, and much more. The digital recorder is extremely easy to useand offers many additional features to help improve yourexperience. A special shake mode gives you the option to stop orpause your recording by shaking your phone. You can adjust thesensitivity of the shake mode in the settings menu. You can thenvery easily save and name each recording once you have finished.You can always listen to your recordings and rename them at anytime. You can also forward your recordings using email, SMS andother messaging and communications apps. The audio recorderincludes a fast caller identification feature which even identifiescallers who are not in your contacts. Searching from a database ofover 1 billion numbers, you will instantly know who is calling you.You will be able to detect spam calls, telemarketing and more.After each call, an information screen gives you details about thecall, plus the option to make a recording using the call details onyour screen. Audio Recorder with Caller ID has many powerfulfeatures: • Superb HD audio recording for voices, music and otheraudio. • Simply tap the microphone to start and pause recordings. •Click the stop button to save, name or delete the recording. •Adjust the audio recording quality in the settings menu. • Shakefeature allows you to stop and pause recordings by shaking yourphone. • Sensitivity of the shake feature can be adjusted to fityour needs. • Caller identification: Identifies callers in realtime including those not in your contacts list. • Make usefulrecordings directly from the call information screen. • Useful‘Player’ function lets you see and listen to all your recordings. •Play, stop, pause, rename and delete your saved recordings. • Setrecording as default ringtone, notification or alarm (long click onrecording to enable feature). • Send and share your recordings byemail, messaging apps and SMS. This is the ultimate audio recordingapp! Making recordings has never been easier and you will enjoy themany great functions this app has to offer. If you have anyquestions or suggestions, please contact us – we are always happyto receive feedback.
Call Name Announcer & Blocker 1.289
The multi-functional hands-free Caller ID, Call Blocker, and CallAnnouncer app to help you hear who is calling when you’re driving,engaged in other activities when it is unsafe to look at your phoneor if you are visually impaired. Features: ✔ Caller ID: Identifycallers including unknown numbers and spam calls. ✔ Call Blocking:Instantly block numbers after a phone call. ✔ Call Announcer: EasyActivation at the touch of a button. ✔ Flash Alert: Easily turn onthe flashlight notification with just one touch. ✔Useful ‘Places’Feature: Mute announcements or block incoming calls at specificlocations of your choice. ✔ Mode Settings: Choose if Call Announcerand Flash Alert work when the phone is on silent or vibrate modesin the settings menu. ✔ Flash Length Test: Select the length ofeach flash for your phone flashlight and touch the test button tomake sure it’s right for you. ✔ Blocked numbers: Clearly presentedlist of blocked numbers which can be sorted by name or reason. ✔Search Function: Search by name or number. Take control of yoursafety and productivity by installing Caller Name Announcer –Caller ID & Blocker today!