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Musical Piano & Drum Set 1.1
Musical Piano & Drum Set is a uniquemusicapp where you can play Drum, Electrical Drum pad andtraditionalPiano and Electric Piano Pad and experience real musicof thesemusical instruments.Musical Piano & Drum Set app will give you pleasurewhileplaying melodious music using Piano, Drums.By using Musical Piano & Drum Set app you can playtheseinstruments like a professional.In Musical Piano & Drum Set app we have traditionalPiano,Electric Piano Pad in 3 varieties and traditional Drum setandElectric Drum Pad to maximum fun while playing them.Musical Piano & Drum Set app is easy to use and freetodownload from android market.
Body Temperature Scanner Prank 1.3
NOTE: Body Temperature Scanner Prank app isafun and prank entertainment app it will not replaced for anyrealtemperature measuring devices. It’s just a prank app and itwillnot measure and show you accurate body temperature results.Body Temperature Scanner Prank will let you scan your fingerandtell you your body temperature.Body Temperature Scanner Prank app is a simulator version ofbodytemperature measuring, it will scan your finger and show youtherandom temperature values.How to use:Open Body Temperature Scanner Prank app and place your finger onthescanning device.It will run a virtual scanning test and show you randombodytemperature values.
Cross Word Search 1.1
Cross Word Search is an amazing WordSearchpuzzle game.You can play Cross Word Search in Easy, Medium and Hardmodeswhere difficulty is increased in each level.In Cross Word Search game you need to find a given word inthegiven table as soon as possible in given time. Like that youneedto find maximum number of words in given time to achieve atopposition in leader board.Cross Word Search game is very simple to play and easytounderstand. Please read instruction in the app if you want tolearnhow to play.Cross Word Search game is available free from Google Play.
Mobile Codes USSD 1.0
Mobile Codes USSD is an innovative MobileUSSDCodes app, where users will have access to all GSM networksUSSDCodes.Mobile Codes USSD will help you to receive an answer foryourquery from the GSM networks computer. These Quick Codes willhelpyou to know the service status in your phone.When you send message using Mobile Codes USSD, it received byGSMNetwork computer and it return appropriate answer to theusermobile.Mobile Codes USSD is available for AirTel, Idea, BSNL,AirCelVodafone, DOCOMO and Reliance GSM Networks.By using Mobile Codes USSD users can know their AccountBalance,Internet Data limit, SMS Balance, 3G, 4G Data Balance andmany moreservices details.Features of Mobile Codes USSD: Know Best Offers on your Mobile. Talk Time Balance. SMS Balance. Night Calling Minutes. STD, ISD Balance. 2G, 3G, 4G Data Balance. Activation/Deactivation of GPRS Services. Start/Stop DND Service. Special Deals and Discounts. Activation of Services. Know Service Request. Daily/Weekly packs. Recharge History. Voice Call details. Customer Care Numbers.Mobile Codes USSD app is easy to use and free to downloadfromGoogle Play.Install Mobile Codes USSD app and enjoy access to allitsfeatures without calling to the customer Care.
Boom Box Music Player 1.1
Boom Box Music Player is the androidsupportedaudio player with powerful graphic equalizer.This Boom Box Music Player lets you manage all your audiofilesquickly and easily.Boom Box Music Player is free application and user friendly.Key Features:* Boom Box Music Player supports and plays all types ofaudiofiles* Boom Box Music Player has ability to browse by album,artist,song, playlist and genre etc.* Graphic equalizer with pre-set music tone styles foryourchoice(Normal, Classic, Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz,Pop,Rock...)* Easy to navigate with one touch option.* Ability to search for a desired music file* Custom tone music style and manual equalizer.* Download music to your device and listen when you’renotconnectedYou can build and edit your songs in to playlists. You canaddyour favourite numbers to a list and enjoy the flow of Musicandmore ...Download this free Boom Box Music Player and enjoy withitsexcellent features.
Photo Sketch Effects 1.0
Photo Sketch Effects is an applicationwhichmakes sketch effect to your photo.Using photo sketch effects you can edit photos and also addmanydifferent effects to your photos.Features:Sketch EffectsPencil Sketch EffectsSepia Tone EffectsBrightness EffectsOil Sketch Effects
PIP College Photo Magazine 1.3
PIP College Photo Magazine Effects app will let you create yourPicture-in-Picture Photo College Magazine effects with verity ofCollege Magazine Templates which are available in the app. You cancreate beautiful photos using PIP College Photo Magazine EffectsEditor app. We have included creative and most beautiful PIPcollege magazine photo frames to choose from PIP College PhotoMagazine Effects app. PIP College Photo Magazine Effects Editorwill let you create photos as beautiful as possible. Very prettymagazine frames styles are available. Blur background of photo& set photo in different frame. Save image in folder “PIPMagazine Effects”. All Photo Frames will appear in app PIP CollegePhoto Magazine Effects. How to use: Open PIP College Photo MagazineEffects Editor app, select photo from the Gallery or take a pictureusing Camera and select a PIP College Magazine template and adjustthe picture as you require and save it. You can share saved imageswith your family and friends via social media. PIP College PhotoMagazine Effects app is free to download and easy to use. PIPCollege Photo Magazine Effects will let you feel that you’re seeingyourself on Magazine cover photo. Generally every human feel to seehimself on a Magazine as a Magazine Cover Photo, using PIP CollegePhoto Magazine Effects you can fulfill your desire by creating PIPCollege Magazine effect using this app.
Places NearMe - AR View 0.0.1
Places NearMe – AR View is a new way tofindplaces around us in Augmented Reality view (AR).Using Places NearMe – AR View app is very simple. Its workbasedon your mobile compass and Augmented Reality. For example ifyouwant to see which are the places around you in aparticulardirection, you need to open the app and just turn intothatdirection so that the app will fetch you and show you which aretheplaces like Restaurants, Temples, Hotels, Banks, FuelStations,Hospitals, Cinemas, Pubs, Clubs and many more are there inthatdirections.Places NearMe – AR View help you to find more than 60categoryplaces on the Map and AR view.Places NearMe – AR View will support both MAP View andAugmentedReality View. When you click on Map icon in the app, youwill seeall places on the map by zoom in or out. Also you can seeallplaces results in a List view.Places NearMe – AR View will simplify your searching needsaboutplaces around you. Places Near Me – AR View is very helpfulwhenyou want to know which place is there in which direction fromyourcurrent location.Places Near Me – AR View will help you to find places frommorethan 60 categories like Food, Hospitality, Utility,Energy,Government, Public places, Offices, Clubs, Companies,Restaurants,Hotels, Cinemas, Banks, ATMs, Transportation and manymore.
New Year Photo Frames 1.0
Capture all your memorable moments duringthiscelebration and give some mind-blowing surprises to yourfriendsand family members. Celebrate this new year with photoframeeffects. New Year Photo Frames is designed by accompanyingpictureson them.Make as many photo frames you like and send it to allyourfriends and family members. This app includes frames withwishesmessages and pictures. New Year Photo Frames lets you make aphotoframe with your photo in it and with New Year Wishes.New Year Frames are here to make your festival memorableandshare wonderful personalized Photo Greeting Cards withyourfriends, family members and your loved ones.How to Use:• Select your favorite frames from the app.• Choose photos from gallery or capture picture usingphonecamera.• Adjust selected photo in the frame by drag, rotate, zoom inorzoom out.• You can add text on this photo frame with different fontsanddifferent colors and various font sizes.• Save your beautiful designed New Year card.• Share it via social media once you done with editing.
Merry Christmas Photo Frames 1.0
Christmas Photo Frames suits yourindividualstyle and an excellent Photo frame can definitely enhancethebeauty of the picture it holds. So greet your friends, familyandloved ones specially with Christmas Photo Frames.Make as many photo frames you like and send it to allyourfriends and family members. This app includes frames withwishesmessages and pictures. Christmas Photo Frames lets you make aphotoframe with your photo in it and with Christmas Wishes.Make your festival memorable and share wonderfulpersonalizedPhoto Greeting Cards with your friends, family membersand yourloved ones.Increase Christmas spirit with photo frame effects such asSantaClause, snowfall and many others. Christmas Photo Framesisdesigned by accompanying pictures on them.You can capture all your memorable moments during thiscelebrationand give some mind-blowing surprises to your friends andfamilymembers.How to Use:• Select your photos from gallery or take fresh picture usingphonecamera.• Select your favorite frames from the app.• Adjust selected photo in the frame by drag, rotate, zoom inorzoom out.• You can add text on this photo frame with different fontsanddifferent colors and various font sizes.• Save your beautiful designed Christmas card.• Share it via social media once you done with editing.
My Photo Pattern Lock Screen 1.2
My Photo Pattern Lock Screen is a superblockscreen application where you can add your own photo or apicture asits background.My Photo Pattern Lock Screen will let you make phone lockscreenlooks more beautiful by adding photo or a nice scenery oranypicture which you feel nice as its background so that it looksmoreawesome.Most of the applications comes with predefined theme but MyPhotoPattern Lock Screen will let you make your own themebackground byadding your own photo to its background.My Photo Pattern Lock Screen is easy to use and its freetodownload from Android market.How to Setup and Use:You can simply setup a Pattern Lock Screen using My PhotoPatternLock Screen:Open the app go to Setup Lock and setup your desired LockScreenPattern.Now go to Setup Theme and select your loved photo asitsbackground.Once you done with the setup next time on words whenever you turnonyou screen Pattern Lock with photo background will appear soyouneed to draw a pattern that you setup as pass code to unlockthephone.
Number Lock Photo Screen 1.3
Number Lock Photo Screen is a superblockscreen application where you can add your own photo or apicture asits background.Number Lock Photo Screen will let you make number lockscreenlooks more beautiful by adding photo or a nice scenery oranypicture which you feel nice as its background so that it looksmoreawesome.Most of the applications comes with predefined theme butNumberLock Photo Screen will let you make your own theme backgroundbyadding your own photo to its background.Number Lock Photo Screen is easy to use and its free todownloadfrom Android market.How to Setup and Use:You can simply setup a Number Lock Screen using Number LockPhotoScreen:Open the app go to Setup Number Lock Screen and select desired4digit number to lock or unlock the phone.Now go to Setup Theme and select photo or a picture to add asNumberLock Screen's background.Once you done with the setup next time on words whenever you turnonyou screen Number Lock with photo background will appear so youneedto enter numbers that you setup as pass code to unlockthephone.
Blood Pressure Scanner Prank 1.1
Blood Pressure Scanner Prank is a bestprankever seen to make prank with friends and family. BloodPressureScanner Prank will calculate or measure your bloodpressure.Blood Pressure Scanner Prank is an awesome prank applicationforeveryone.Download the blood pressure check application and play withyourfriends.This application shows your high blood pressure, lowbloodpressure, and normal blood pressure.This blood pressure checker calculates your bloodpressurereadings.Simply place the thumb in the thumb scanner area. Bloodpressuremachine at run time to calculate / measure your bloodpressure Thisapplication is very different from otherapplications.Note: Blood pressure scanner application is just a prankapplicationto calculate blood pressure.
GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions 11.57
Find shortest routes and directions to any destination in the worldusing GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app. It’s nevereasy to get to the desired destination fast and easy. Without theright Driving Directions it can be very easy to get lost in thecity, which is why GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions appis here to help you. This app provide you Live Maps, VoiceNavigation, Traffic Alerts, accurate Driving Directions needed toreach your destination. Comprehensive Driving Directions, VoiceNavigation: If you want to use GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation &Directions while driving you can totally do that. You can obtainDriving Directions with simple voice commands using GPS VoiceNavigation feature. Voice Navigation will help you to find anyshortest driving directions with simple voice commands. GPSNavigation: With GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions comesyou can easily see where you are located and how to reach desiredlocation by using GPS Navigation on Map. Live Street ViewNavigation Map will help you to find Street Views to easilyunderstand your current location. Satellite Earth view is best toexplore new famous places & draw routes on Map with travelinformation, safe & fastest route. Real-time GPS transit map isbest journey assistance, free navigation and GPS direction maps.Traffic Alerts: Learn the Traffic conditions. Before you leavingyour current location its better to understand traffic around youso that you can reach your destination on time in shortest route.Traffic alerts will help you to understand live traffic conditionsaround your current location. Near By Places: With the help of GPS,Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app you can explore variousneighborly places on Map like Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Pubs,Clubs, Fuel Stations, Airports, Public Transport, Schools,Theaters, Temples, Church and many more. You can also seeneighborly place and their Comments, User Ratings and locationdetails. Travel History or Mobile Location History: With help fromGPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions you can also see yourTravel History and Mobile Location History on regular basis. Youget to see what place you have explored. Digital Compass: DigitalCompass can be accessed on your Maps, Camera and Satellite Maps tohave clear view on Directions of GPS. Live 3D Maps: GPS, Maps,Voice Navigation & Directions gives you stunning 3D maps andlive maps using Maps that you can see right away. 3D Maps will helpyou to track your exact location around your near by place so thatyou can track your current location on 3D Maps with pinpointaccuracy. 3D Maps are always a great option to view any location in3D view. Street View: Since GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation &Directions app gives you access to Maps, you also get to see StreetView. This way you get to connect with your local area beforevisiting it. You get a feel for that place and you can access it aswell as enjoy it as you see it. Street View is amazing when youwant to see un visited locations right from your phone. Share yourlocation Be it for safety purposes or not, you can easily shareyour location with others using GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation &Directions app. This way people will know where you are and theywill come to you as fast as possible. Features: * GPS Navigation *Voice Navigation * Driving Directions * Live Maps * Digital Compass* Traffic Alerts * Street View, 3D Maps. * Near By Places. Withhelp from GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app youfinally get to find routes and directions in any city. You won’tever get lost again, as GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation &Directions has live maps, 3D maps and routes to any location.Follow Us On:
Borderlight Live Wallpaper - LED Edge 1.10
Borderlight Live Wallpaper app is a different from regular livewallpaper. Unlike general live wallpaper in phone, you can applyBorderlight Live Wallpaper only on edges of a phone screen.Borderlight Live Wallpaper shows a slowly moving colorful borderaround your phone screen's edges. It can be adjusted to fit anyscreen, with or without a notch you can manage these settings byjust opening the app and change the screen shape settings.Borderlight Live Wallpaper perfectly works with all mobile phonesmodels such as Samsung, Google, Oneplus, Redmi, MI, Xiaomi screensin both lock and unlock mode. When it illuminate on phone screenboarders, the LED light reflects on its edges of the phone. Turnyour phone screen beautiful with Boarderlight Live Wallpaper - LEDEdge app. Features: 1. Beautiful Borderlight Wallpapers with LEDEdge Lighting effect on phone screen. 2. Easily customize roundedcorners of phone screen borderlight as per your device corners& sizes. 3. Border Lights wallpaper with animated edge lightingeffects. 4. Borderlight app is an Edge screen live wallpaper,Border Light live wallpaper. 5. Customize Notch setting as per yourdevice notch from settings. 6. You can use any wallpaper withinborder light with opacity customization and set wallpaper. 7. Nowset it as a wallpaper and enjoy amazing light border effects onPhone LED Edge.
Ringtone Maker 1.6
Are you boring with regular ringtones? Need a special ringtoneswith your personalized voice text? Here it is Ringtone Maker appwill help you to make special ringtones by just giving funny text.You can create your own ringtones using Ringtone Maker application.Ringtone Maker is a useful and personalized ringtone maker appusing simple text phrase. Ringtone Maker app will help you to makevery much personalized ringtones with your desired text and words.Cut the best part of your audio song and save it as your favouriteRingtone and also assigned this ringtone to your favouritecontact/person. By using Ringtone Maker app you can createdifferent and funny ringtones and use them for any individualcontacts so that you can hear the same ringtone when they calledyou so that you can easily identify who is calling you. How itworks: * Ringtone Maker app is very simple to use. * Open theRingtone Maker app and Click on Create Ringtone Option, Give simpletext as you want to hear ringtone and save it. * Now you can go toSaved Ringtones and listen all your creations and set them as aRingtone for your phone or for individual contacts. * By usingRingtone Maker app you can create ringtones as funny as you can.Mp3 Cutter key features: * Select audio from your mobile or fromphone recordings. * Select area to be chopped from your audio. *Save as Ringtone. * This app Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR formats.Ringtone Maker app is very simple to use and available in GooglePlay for free.
PixAnimate 1.7
Create unlimited Photo Animations for free using PixAnimate app.Apply beautiful live picture animation to any photo and give lifeto it. Animated pictures will play like loop video cinematic movieplay and motion picture. Animated images will give stunning looks,life to any image and you can share them via social media and makeyour friends amaze with this live photo maker. Create beautifulvideo loop animation with few simple steps using PixAnimate app.PixAnimate app has powerful photo editing tools. You can edit yourpictures with more precise and powerful tools. You can applyvarious photo effects and motion effects, loop effects, imageanimation fire, flames, water, sky, and hair, dress or to any otherproperty in the picture. Apply mesmerising elegant photo animationsand create cascading waterfalls, flying flames, live waterfalls,flowing revere and moving sky effects using this live photo editor.Create awesome photos with swaying effect like move or cause tomove slowly or rhythmically backwards and forwards or from side toside. Edit Pictures into animated photos: Create awesome animatedphotos with swaying effect to move slowly front and backwards orside to side rhythmically using arrow and controls the speed of themovement and control what moves with anchors. These picture effecttools work based on AI (artificial Intelligence) make it easierthan ever to define whole areas of a picture, or some portion ofthe picture to animate. PixAnimate bring life to images, creatinganimation picture effects and cinema graphs that will wow anyonefrom your followers. You can share them in social media to makethem trending photos so its a best photo animator and loopingphotos tool. Create amazing loop video using animated pictures.Best of all, PicAnimation is a free photo animation app. Animatephotos with motion picture and add picture effects to watch yourimage come to life as incredible videos that flow like a GIF andcreate wow photos. How to create Animations: * Choose photo toanimate and create animated images with few simple taps and swipes.* Select area with arrows to animate with photo motion directiontool. * Freeze are on pictures not to animate using freeze brush. *Anchor points will help you to limit photo motion in the pictures.*Animate photo elements like hair, waves, clouds, and clothing. *Create moving masterpieces that gives you wow feeling and increasefollowers in social media. * Get pro photo animation result withease using this android photo animation app!
Live Wallpapers 1.7
We are bringing you most amazing and beautiful Live WallpapersandGIF Wallpapers. Using Live Wallpaper app you can make yourphonemore beautiful by applying Live wallpapers available in theapp.Get awesome Live wallpapers will bring new life to yourphonebackground. These are high quality images and bring real lifetoyour phone backgrounds. The uniqueness in the app ifGIFwallpapers, with these gif wallpapers you can setup animatedgifimages as a wallpaper on your phone’s background. GIFwallpapersare animated wallpapers with high quality colors andeffects andlive animations. * Live Wallpapers * GIF Wallpapers
Photo Lab – Photo to Video Converter, GIF Maker 1.6
If you want to convert your photos to videos then you are atrightplace, photo to video converter and gif maker app welcomesyou.Yes, you can convert your beautiful photos to awesome videosbyusing this photo to video converter and gif maker app. PhototoVideo Converter and GIF Maker for whatsapp is an awesome tooltoEdit Pictures, convert pictures to videos by adding soft andmelodymusic into it. Is’t it an amazing to hear? But yes, usingPhoto toVideo Converter and GIF Maker app you can do all of them.You caneven create Photo to GIF, Video to GIF and animated gifmaker app.You can work as professional gif maker. Converting videosandphotos to gif is done by using any animated gif maker tool. Hereweare providing free gif generator app to gif lovers. PhotoLab-Photo to Video Converter, GIF Maker app will help you toeditphotos including, crop photo, beauty, smooth photo byusingdifferent editing tools. You can add text to animated picture,addemojis to photos, write custom message on picture by usingpicsvideo collage app. You can decorate photos with nice stickersandphoto frames, photo themes and photo effects etc. You can alsoaddblur effects to pictures. Ultimately you can make apersonalizedgreeting card using your own photos from your phone andshare gifswith friends. This photo to video converter and gif makerapp willhelp you to create awesome GIFs using your own photos orpicturesand you can make gifs using your own videos. It’s verysimple toconvert photo to videos and create Photo to GIF and Videoto GIF inthis gif maker app. With photo to video converter, you cansimplycreate videos by adding different images in a sequenceaccording toyour choice and convert them into a video. You canselect eachimage play time and can also select music to play alongwith thevideo. Once finish video converting, you can save or sharewithyour friends and family members via social media linksavailable inthis gif to mp4 app. GIFs are awesome way of expressionofemotions. With Photo to GIF maker, you can create GIFs of yourownphotos. Just select and add edited photos to make GIF and clickGIFmaker. Once GIF Maker finish and create gif, you can save andsharewith friends. Features of Photo to Video Converter, Video GIFMakerApp:  Photo to Video Converter  Photo to GIF Maker  Videoto GIFMaker  Photo Editor  Collage Photo Maker  PIP PhotoEffects Invideo to GIF maker, just select video to create GIFs andonce donejust save and share with your friends. You can also createfunnygifs using this funny gifs maker app. In Photo Editor, Youhavemany tools and effects to edit your pictures and create gifsusinggif maker app. You can make your pictures more beautiful byeditingthem using Photo Editor option. You have Photo Frames andPhotoEffects, Stickers and Emojis, Photo Themes and Colorcorrection,Blur options and Adding Text, Photo Editing and manymore options.This is also a collage maker app which will help youto createbeautiful photo video Collages. Simply select collagestyle frame,add photos to it and save it. PIP Photo Effects: Youcan createbeautiful PIP (Picture in Picture) Photo effects. PIPphoto effectsare unique photo effects but you can create awesomePIP photoeffects using this Photo to Video Converter, GIF Maker appveryeasily.
Photo Editor: Pics, Filters & Glitter Effects 2.8
✨ Photo Editor: Pics, Filters & Glitter Effects app is apowerful face editor with many wonderful effects and others. 📷 Thephoto editing app will help you to add Glitter Effects, Sparkles,Bokeh Effects & beauty, smooth photo filter by using differentphoto editing tools. You can decorate photos with nice sprinkleseffects, bubble effects, shining effects, and photo filter effects,etc. You can also add blur photo effects to pictures. Ultimatelyyou can beautify your photos. ✨ Photo Glitter Effects - PhotoEditor app is simple to use, you can apply Glitter Effect justusing hand draw or finger draw. It has a unique combination offeatures including photo glitters, glitter effects, photo editor,and other photo effect features. Create magical photo effects onyour pictures. 🎭 Beautify your pics by applying 3D shapes, PhotoBorders, Emojis, Text, and more in this Photo Presets Tool.Features: ✨ Glitter Photo Effects & Presets Apply differentphoto filter styles of glitter effects to your pics like BokehEffect, Sparkling Effects, Shine Effects, Bubble Effects, LoveEffects, Birds.. Etc. Add stars and glitters and different sparklesto your pic and create awesome photo effects. 🎨 Blur Photo Effect:Apply a blur effect to your pics. You can adjust the blur photoeffect to your photos. 🖼 Photo Frames: Add photo frames or bordersto photos to make them as most beautiful. 💫 3D Shapes: Add 3Dshapes to your photos to make them into different shapes likeHeart, Love, Flower, Star...etc. 😍 Emojis: Add emojis to yourphotos to make a final touch to your photos. 🎨 Text Effects: Addtext on your photos with different font styles and colors. 📸 PhotoEditor Tools: You can adjust your pics like rotate, crop, enlargeby using the photo editing tools option. You can also adjustbrightness and saturation to your photos. How to Use Photo GlitterEffects App: ✔ Select picture from your gallery or capture new onefrom camera ✔ Hand draw effects on your picture from multipleglitter dust effect patterns, stars, bubbles etc. ✔ Choose yourPhoto Effect, Photo Frames, Shapes, Stickers, Emojis, Style Text,Text Effects. ✔ Apply amazing photo effects, photo filters, editphotos using photo editing tools. ✔ Add different awesomedecorative stickers to your photo. ✔ Add text art or personalizedtext to make it more beautiful ✔ Save your art in your phonegallery. ✔ Share your beautiful pictures easily on socialnetworking platforms. ✨ Professionally designed filters, collagemaker, face editor touch-up tools and many more to create and shareamazing pics! Download NOW!
Internet Speed Meter - WiFi, 4G Speed Meter 1.11
Internet Speed Meter - WiFi, 4G Speed Meter is simple but powerfultool to measure Internet Speed of any Mobile Networks (LTE, 3G, 4G)and WiFi Network’s of any internet broadband service provider.Internet Speed Meter - WiFi, 4G Speed Test safe and secure app touse for measuring Internet Speed. Internet Speed Meter - WiFi, 4GSpeed Test app is useful daily to measure Internet speed ofandroid mobiles and displays internet speed in notification-bar andkeeps track of daily internet usage. Internet Speed Meter - WiFi,4G Speed Test makes it easy to test your mobile’s internet speed orbroadband internet speed or wifi internet speed. It’s easy, fastand accurate and the test results are presented in a user-friendlyway with icons explaining what the internet speed can be used for.Using internet speed meter - WiFi, 4G speed meter app you canmeasure daily Internet usage using the Mobile data or usinginternet broadband over wifi. It’s easy to monitor to how muchdaily data you consume using mobil data and wifi data. You canmonitor internet data usage for last 30 day in dailyintervals.  Using this app you can measure Internet speed inreal time. It's very helpful to know the speed of any internet dataconnection. Using this app you can monitor internet data inrealtime in your status bar.  Feature Internet Speed Test -WiFi, 4G Speed Meter: - Internet Speed measure.  - InternetSpeed Test of WiFi Connections. - Speed Test of LTE, 3G, 4GInternet Connections. - Real-time internet speed test in statusbar. - Monitor last 30 Days Internet data usage over Mobilenetworks, WiFi. - Graph to monitor internet usage activity. -Battery and memory efficient app. - Daily and monthly basisinternet usage record. - Live Internet Speed Meter show real timeinternet speed in status bar, screen lock. - Separate internetusage stats for Mobile network like LTE, 3G, 4G and WiFi network.
Offline Maps, GPS Navigation & Driving Directions 3.8
Offline Maps offers free GPS Navigation with Driving Directions andReal-Time Traffic Alerts. Best Offline Maps app with GPSNavigation, Driving Directions and Voice Navigation. It offers bothOffline Maps and Live Maps Offline Maps, GPS, Driving Directionsapp is a free navigation app that works without internet in 160+countries 👍. This app is suitable for travelers who have limitedcellular data coverage with minimal battery usage. Users candownload the maps offline with accurate route suggestions. This isthe best GPS Navigation app which works in both offline maps andlive maps mode. Voice Navigation feature provides hands-free usageof mobile offline maps with Turn by Turn Navigation with your locallanguage support. It provides GPS navigation features both offlineand live mode. This a best maps app with free gps and freenavigation features. Free GPS navigation will provide all types ofroutes that are suitable for Car Navigation, Bike Navigation ,Pedestrian Navigation with different modes of public transport andTransit. When there is a delay in the user's route, this app willsuggest the best alternate routes to the destination throughreal-time traffic alerts. Walk guidance is an important featurethat guides Pedestrians Routes step by step suggesting best routesand alternative routes. This app will suggest various PublicTransit Maps. Offline Maps, GPS, Driving Directions app will helpyou in offline location tracker and Offline Route Planner. This appis very helpful in drawing the shortest route path on a map andfinding the nearest public place without the help of the internet.This app helps you find live weather reports in your currentlocation. You can search for a live weather forecast using Weathermaps. You can access and visualize any location in 3D Maps. You canalso access Street View maps and Satellite view maps. This appgives accurate GPS coordinates which can be translated into maplocation. It has Voice Directions and Voice Navigation for avoidingtraffic by suggesting the best alternate routes. So, you can sharethis offline driving direction app with your friends without anyhesitation. Find Millions of interesting Places offline usingnearby places. Search through offline USA maps and explore theworld on map free offline, different categories e.g. hotels, pubs,restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, banks, fuel station,airports, ATMs, and public transport (metro, bus, etc.). You canaccess millions of places offline using this GPS Navigation mapsapp. Through the Offline Maps app, you can explore 3D Maps, 3DLandmarks, Offline Directions, Offline Navigation, Street View ,Nearby places, Offline Maps & Street Maps. This is the bestmaps app. Download unlimited offline free maps to access them whenthere is no internet connection. It has a Digital Compass to finddirections. You can use Digital Compass in offline and live mode.Features: ☆ Offline Maps with search, Route Finding, navigation ☆Search Millions of interesting Places offline using Nearby Places.☆ Pedestrian Navigation with walking directions and touristattractions ☆ Offline route finding with GPS offline location ☆Traffic Alerts, Daily Weather reports ☆ Open street maps offlinewhile on public transit ☆ Voice navigation with free GPS navigation☆ Free maps updates for lifetime ☆ GPS voice guided, GPS Navigationwith precise directions offline ☆ Searching the nearest publicplaces with GPS navigation for driving directions ☆ Save yourtraveling history in offline maps app for free ☆ Save money onroaming charges with offline maps free ☆ Route finding whiledriving in GPS offline app
MP3, Offline Music Player 1.30
Music Player - Free MP3, Offline Music Player app is an excellentMP3 Music Player for Android it’s a better then a Default MusicPlayer app to play all mp3 music available with in your androidphone in offline mode. Its a Best Music Playing app where you cancreate hit playlist, to play awesome music as per your mood usingmp3 music player. You can create unlimited MP3 playlists to listenparty music, cool music and devotional music and pop music etc.This unique mp3 player app will let you playing music from yourandroid phone. 👉 The best features include a Bass Boost andEqualizer Support, a decent file browser, dark mode, shake toswitch to new music tracks, sleep timer and more. This defaultMusic Player app is quite good if you want a full-featuredhigh-quality free offline music player app with Equalizercapabilities. 👉 MP3 Music Player supports most common music filetypes, including mainstays like MP3 Player Files, MIDI, WAV AudioFormat, FLAC, AAC, APE. You can browse and play music from yoursmartphone by Albums, Artists, Genres, Songs, Playlists, Folders.This default music player lets you manage all your audio files, MP3Music Files and play the great music quickly and easily. It's aBest Music Player app. ⭐ Equalizer and Bass Booster ⭐ This MP3Music Player has Powerful Equalizer and Bass Boost with presetslike Rock Music, Pop Music, Jazz Music, Flat, Normal, Dance, Folk,Classical, Heavy Metal, Reverb effects, the built-in equalizer willenhance your music listening experience. It's a Powerful MusicPlayer and best MP3 Player for Android phone. ⭐YouTube MusicVideos: Now you have power to listen to millions of YouTube MusicVideos. We have created default music playlists over a variety ofGenres, Moods and Trending Content. You can seamlessly switchbetween YouTube Music tracks and offline local audio tracks. ⭐MP3Cutter & Ringtone Maker: Now you can easily create uniqueringtones using MP3 Cutter feature. You can select any song fromyour music library and cut the desired part from the song and setthem as your favorite ringtones. Create variety of ringtones usingmp3 cutter. MP3 Music player app now supports 36 languages. Nowenjoy browsing music content and MP3 Music in your local language.Media Player Features: ⭐ Play music 100% in Offline Mode. ⭐ Shuffle- Play songs in Shuffle, Order or Loop modes ⭐ Browse, play musicby Playlists, Songs, Artists, Albums, Genres, Folders. ⭐ Equalizer- It has Powerful Equalizer with Bass Boost ⭐ Sleep Timer – Set theSleep Timer and forget. ⭐ Dark Mode – Make beautiful Night ModeEffect ⭐ Driving Mode – Let you control music easily while driving⭐ Themes - It has a variety of Music Player Themes and Skins. ⭐Shake Control- Shake phone to Play, Pause or Play Next, PreviousSong. ⭐ Music Player now available in 36 Languages. We love to hearyour suggestions and feedback @ [email protected] us on social media for up to date updates and for futuredevelopments. Facebook: Instagram: Disclaimer:Music Player - Free MP3, Offline Music Player is a third party mp3player. It is not affiliated to YouTube in any way. All kinds ofYouTube music, artist images and videos are provided by YouTube APIServices. We have no control over the advertisements that are shownand played in the YouTube music videos. So, our Ad Free or Pro packcan’t remove Ads in YouTube Videos.
Flash Launcher: Call Screen Color Themes 3.1
Flash launcher: Call Screen Color Themes is the best free callflashapp with unlimited colored call screen themes. Color callflash appis simple and easy to use for everyone to have differentcolorthemes on incoming calls screen. Enjoy the unlimited flashscreenfun with this flash wallpaper launcher app of 2019. Multipleflashringtone alert apps to screen calls are available on playstore withlovely and attractive flash screen themes but thiscaller wallpapersapp is unique and best among all. Once installthis theme basedcaller screen launcher app, you will really enjoyflash calling.This love screen calling app will make your callscolorful andentertaining. DIY call screen. If you are watchingsame callingscreen wallpaper on your phone from a long time andwant to havesomething different then come here install this supercolor callscreen app and enjoy hundreds of different simple andemoji callscreens. Calling themes on phone screen alert you duringincomingcalls using Flash Launcher: Call Screen Color Themes. Theywillattract you more than simple calls screen. This colored flashappflashes the phone screen in different modes according toyourchoice. If you love to update your calls screen with theselovecaller GIF themes then install it without wasting time. Thisrapidcall color app will not disappoint you. Blinking light onphonescreen will add something more fun to your calling taste. Ifyoudon’t want to miss any incoming call of your beloved ones thenusethis flash wallpaper live app as your default call screen app.Itwill be cool to have blinking screen during ringtone. Whilehavinga call, the dial screen will light up like a super LED flash.Whenit is dark or your cell phone is in mute state, you can alsosetdifferent screens for different friends. You will be able toknowwho is calling you just by screen lights. You must havecoloredflash call screen to make a phone call, especially when youdon'twant to miss any call. Hundreds of phone call screenwallpaperslike teddy bear dance, funny panda, skeleton dance andlove screenGIF theme etc… IAP for more coloring and emoji callscreens topurchase. Simple and easy caller screen flash app UI touse andenjoy. 2D and 3D flash alert themes will add something extraintoyour call screen fun. Super color call launcher contains afreelight tool to bright phone screens. You can use the powerflashscreen as a little part of colorful LED light in the dark.With oneclick, you'll get a more useful multi theme call screenapp. Flashcolor GIF themes will run in the background of callingapp. Rapidcall color wallpaper changes the screen colorsimmediately within asecond during incoming calls. We have hundredsof Animatedwallpapers, Live wallpaper and GIF Wallpaper. These GIFwallpaperscan be set as Flash Call alert screen or animatedwallpaper. It'san awesome feature. Animated wallpaper is super coolfeature andyou can animate your mobile screen and give livewallpaper effect.Flash launcher: Call Screen Color Themes AppFeatures 100+ freecolor flash themes to DIY call screen andWallpapers. LED flashscreen reminder for calls and SMS Hundreds ofAnimated Wallpapers,GIF Wallpapers and Live wallpapers. Fast andrapid call color appSimple and easy to use for everyone Doesn’tconsume battery, powersaving app Necessary to install if you don’twant to miss lovecalls The brightest flash screen and phone screenapp Download andenjoy flash launcher: call screen color themes appfor free.Eye-catching caller screen with different theme styleswill letyour phone be the special one for you. Give your feedbackafterusing this caller flash launcher app. It will help us toimproveand to add more themes in this app. You can also send usimages toadd in this cool caller screen theme app.
Free Ringtones 2021 1.70
Free Ringtones 2021 is one of the best free ringtones app. Are youbored of hearing the same ringtone every time when you receive anincoming call or an SMS or notification? now you need not worryabout hearing the same mobile ringtone. Here we are presenting youall a new free ringtone 2021 app with lots of interestingringtones, SMS tones, and notification tones. You will never boredagain with our latest and interesting ringtones. We will update thelist of tones regularly so that you can try out new and upcomingtones for free. You can listen to all free tones and set them as amobile ringtone for all contact or you can set as a ringtone forspecific contact or set as an SMS tone and set as a notificationtone. All you have to do is to browse through the ringtones listand click on the play button and enjoy listening to the tones. Ifyou like the tone then you can set them as a ringtone, SMS tone ornotification tone. Enjoy a nice and rich ringtone experience. Wehave crafted these free ringtones 2021 app just for you to haverich experience and get access to a lot of new and different topringtones of other brand cell phone tones. You will be amazed byour collection of unique ringtones, SMS tones, notification tones.You can listen and play with all top brands mobile phone ringtoneslike iPhone, Samsung galaxy s10, Samsung note, HTC one, oppo, motox, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi and a lot of other brand mobile ringtones.You can personalize your phone with our fabulous list of highlyselected ringtones it is super entertaining, impress your friendsand family and obtain these ringtones for your android phone onyour device and be the coolest guy around because you have the bestfree ringtone 2021 app, the new ringtone works offline it's 100%free and can be used without internet after you download freeringtone 2021 app. You want to use a perfect ringtone and feel likea VIP then you have to install a free ringtone 2021 app. We havecarefully selected via melody sounds and melody tones just for you.You can personalize your phone with beautiful sound effects asringtones. We have a lot of sound effects and melody tones andpopular ringtones in this app. We have different categories ofringtones like popular tones, animal ringtones, baby ringtones,standard ringtones, emotional ringtones, nature ringtones and manymore. Install the lovely Free Ringtones 2021 right now!
Laser Level & Smart Measure Tools 1.6
Laser Level & Smart Measure Tools (leveling instrument) isanexcellent level measurement and distance measurement app.LaserLevel & Smart Measure Tools is a perfect levelinginstrument tomeasure the level and distance using your smartphone’s camera. Itis fully equipped with laser pointer, regular3-mode spirit level,bubble level and inclinometer for measuringvertical angles anddetermining the exact horizontal plane. It'sperfect, handy andprecise laser level, bubble level tool for everyhandyman. LaserLevel & Smart Measure Tools app has 3 majorfunctionalitieswhich include, Laser Level, Bubble Level andDistance Measure. Itsvery helpful tool for handyman in his dailylife. Instead ofcarrying all tools, you can have only this app todo all theseworks. Laser Level: It’s an innovative laser levelingtool withlaser pointer - using built-in sensors like gyroscopeandaccelerometer and camera, helps you to determine the verticalandhorizontal levels on a plains. Regular spirit level (bubblelevel)works like a traditional bubble level tool, place yoursmartphone,on the table or a surface or on the object to bemeasured or set atany angle. Inclinometer, is primarily used tomeasure verticalangles and to determine the angle of inclination ofany object fromthe vertical determined by the gravitational force.You cancalculate angle between horizontal and vertical surface andyou canfreeze or unfreeze the laser. You can use camera flash tomeasuremore accurately in low light. Bubble Level: Using bubblelevel youcan measure the center point on a vertical and horizontalsurface.You can adjust the calibration of the tool easily. Bubblelevelwork as a spirit level tool but you can also measurehorizontal andvertical center points. Distance Calculator: Usingthis tool youcan easily calculate the distance between any givenpoint to anygiven point on using your smartphone camera. You haveto open theapp to measure distance between any 2 points using thistool.Select point 1 and select point 2 and free them so that toolwillcalculate distance between 2 given points. Depending onthecorrectness of phone sensors the measuring results can haveadeviation up to 10%. Use this app to measure the distanceandheight! This distance app is easy to use and you can directlystartto measure distances to objects. This rangefinder(telemeter)measures the distance and height of a target usingtrigonometry.The important point is that you must aim your cameraat the GROUND,NOT the object. For example, in order to measure thedistance fromsomeone, aim at his shoes.