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App Lock Love 1.0
App lock Valentine Want to Customize yourAppLock Theme for your valentine 2017 ?,Want to see loved one withyouon your app lock ? then try Valentine App Lock .App Lock Screen brings a Customized AppLock to you. Just setyourphoto with your valentine photo and see awesome animatedlockscreen.AppLock Privacy security Apps is good tool for lock allapplicationson your phoneAppLock can lock any apps Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery,SMS,Contacts, Gmail,Messenger , Settings, incoming calls andanyanother app chosed by you . also this applocker can locksysteminstall/uninstall and enjoy powerful free security lock foryourappsHow to use:-The app is very simple to use After installing the App Lockyougot the list of an installed application . You have an optionforlock any application in your deviceFeatures* installed Apps will be protected using password lock orusingpattern lock* Easily To use app lock for Android Device* Hide app icon*Choose your background image for lock like zipper app lock*easy to use and protect your apps★ Coming fingerprint lockLock apps with password lock, pattern lock, or comingfingerprintlock.if you love us, please leave your well comment and 5 starstokeep us alive. Thank you for using applock it's free applock.