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64 Ways To Propose 2.0
Download this free app to get the freeproposing tips.This app contains collection of tips..
Number Magic Game 1.0
Try this number magic app with your friendsandbe a number magician.How to do with this numbers?The example of this trick is given in screenshots.1. Select any number from all the given color boxes.2. Check the number in all boxes and remember the color.3. Eg. your choosen number is 07 then check all the colorboxesthat 07 is repeated in which given color boxes. Here thenumber 07is repeated in RED, GREEN & BLUE boxes.4. Then press get result.5. In result screen check the RED, GREEN & BLUE optionandclick on GET RESULT.6. Magically You'll get your choosen number.
Mehndi Designs 1.0
This Application contains the latestmehndidesigns collection.This app contains the HAND and LEG Mehndi designs..
Sex Tips & Facts Hindi 1.0
Tired of adult and naughty jokes? Wanttoenhance your knowledge of sex and learn about interestingsexfacts? Start using the Sex Tips & Facts Hindi app togetaccess to a large collection of sex tips and facts in Hindi.Whilethis app is the most popular sex fact app in India, it isalsoloved by people outside India for the kind of collection ofsextips.This app is only for adults and it is much better than adultjokes.With the largest collection of sex tips and facts in Hindi,thisapp is loved by all adults in India. You might learnaboutlittle-known sex facts that may surprise you. You can have averyinteresting and knowledgeable conversation with your friendsourspouse regarding these interesting and surprising sexfacts.You will find all the top collection of fascinating sex factsinthis adult app. This is better than naughty adult jokes, andyoucan always enhance your knowledge of sex while using this app.Theapp has a beautiful user interface that makes learning sexfactsand tips really easy. All these details are available in yourownfavorite language - Hindi. If you need more languages, do writetous. We will be happy to launch the “Sex Tips & Facts” appinother languages.The top collection of sex tips on this app are free! You canstartgetting better at your sex knowledge using this app. So, whatareyou waiting for? Download the “Sex Tips & Facts Hindi” appnowto start learning more about sex.************************SAY HELLO************************We are constantly working hard on making the “Sex Tips &FactsHindi” app better and more useful for you. We need yourconstantsupport to get going. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature ofthe“Sex Tips & Facts Hindi” app, do not forget to rate us onplaystore and share among your friends.
Beautiful Wallpapers Free 1.0
Personalize your homescreen with theBeautifulpictures.Collection of Beautiful HD Wallpapers.It is easy to view and easy to set as wallpapers and freetodownload.install this app on your device. And enjoy!I hope you like my app.
Whatscan Best Whatsweb
Note:If you are using a 2G Data Connection or slow internetconnection, Please wait a moment to load the page.The easiest app to open the same account on Two different Phones orTablets.You can use the same account on your mobile and tablet.The whatsap web for chatting.Control your children's account from your phone usingwhatsWeb.This app is not an official app of WhatsApp Inc.
MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker 1.0
Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker.A free app for making a ringtone from your best audio song andsaveit to Ringtone, Music, Notification and Alarm Tone.You can record the audio from your android device and Use itformaking the ringtone.The Easiest way to create a ringtone in couple of seconds.* Select audio from the list, It will open the editor.* In next display you can set the marker or enter the start andendtime to select the part of the audio.* Click on Save icon, you can save as Ringtone, Music, AlarmandNotification.Features:- Easy to find and view all audio in your device.- Record audio for editing.- This app supports the MP3, WAV, AMR and AAC audio formats.- Manage your audio.- Scrollable waveform view for audio representatioin.- Pinch zoom in waveform view.- Set start and end position for the audio and the music playerwillplay the selected audio part.- After saving your audio you can set it to your defaultringtone,alarm tone or notification tone.- You can easily assign the tone to specific contacts.