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Change4Life Couch to 5k 1.2.0
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Download the Change4Life Couch to 5k app today and let it take youfrom couch to running 5k in just nine weeks.Millions of people have already got running with Couch to 5k.Now it’s your turn!Based on the popular NHS Choices Couch to 5k podcasts, the appbuilds you up gradually with a mix of running and walking. All youhave to do is listen to Laura and follow her instructions, it’s aseasy as that! It’s just like having a personal trainer and best ofall you can listen to your own music while you run!The app:•Features the voice of Laura who tells you when to run and whento walk•Displays a countdown timer so you can see how long you’ve got leftof each run•Lets you listen to your own choice of music while you run•Gives you a progress wall so you can keep track of where you arein the plan•Lets you share your progress with friends via Facebook, Twitter oremail•Lets you rate how you feel after each session•Gives tips and advice for new runners, as well as real storiesSo download this app, get off the couch and get started today!You can try week one or sign up to Change4Life to unlock all nineweeks of the plan.
Change4Life fun generator 1.0
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There’s something for everyone - outdoor gamesfor big groups such as dodgeball or tug of war, and indooractivities like ice lolly making and homemade instruments. So startexploring – and enjoy your adventures!• Start by choosing where your kids are playing – indoors oroutdoors• Use the slider to select how many kids are joining in• Browse the suggested activities – each with full instructionsexplaining how to play• Watch the videos and print the activity sheets• Save your favourites• Share with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email
Change4Life Smart Restart 1.2
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Going back to school after the holidays is agreat time to make a fresh start and get the kids into a healthierroutine for the new term. Change4Life’s Smart Restart app helps youintroduce a healthy change and stick with it for six weeks - withsupport, encouragement and good ideas to keep you on track.Get started today by downloading the app and picking one of fivehealthy changes:1. Stretch your legs – swap some of your regular car or busjourneys for walking, cycling or scooting2. Super lunches – help keep your kids going right through theschool day with our ideas for quick and tasty lunches3. Screen time switch – tempt them away from their screens for 30minutes a day, with loads of fun game ideas4. 10 minute moves – kids need to be active for at least 60 minutesa day. Break it down into 10-minute chunks and that goal is easierto reach5. Beat the treats – swap some of your kids’ treats for heathieralternativeOnce you’ve picked your healthy change, the app provides anumber of great resources:•Weekly action lists for each healthy change, providingachievable goals for each of thesix weeks•A progress wall so you can see how well you’re doing•A stretch your legs tool packed with great games to play whilstwalking or cycling•A lunchbox mixer packed with over 80 ideas for healthierlunchboxes•A 10 minute move timer which lets you build a workout from over 30fun moves before you set the timer ticking!•A treat machine that you can spin for over 50 healthier snackideas•A screen time switch tool which lets you pick from 20 fun games toplay•The ability to share your progress with friends via Facebook andTwitter
NHS Weight Loss Plan
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Develop healthier eating habits, be moreactive, and get on track to start losing weight with thiseasy-to-follow NHS Choices 12-week diet and exercise plan.
My Resident 3.0.7
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Guide for Care Home Staff
NHS Safeguarding Guide 4.7.3
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Safeguarding resource for healthcare professionals