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Legend of Heroes:Eternal Arena 1.3.13
Legend of Heroes is a legend RPG card game. The grand worldsettingand wonderful plot can bring you an immersive gameexperience.There are hundreds of cool hero cards in the game, andtheprobability of drawing cards is extremely high. You can easilygetyour favorite hero character. There are various ways toplay,casual hang-up, hero collection, adventure, strategicduel,competitive ranking... how The game is up to you. Thebackground ofthe game is set on a magical dark continent. Theorigin ofeverything is the conspiracy of the devil. As a summonerwith theability to summon the devil, the task of saving thecontinent andleading the continent back to the light falls on you.It is alwaysdark before dawn, and you, as a brave man, shoulder themission ofbringing back the light. -----Features----- [FantasyStyle] Thegame screen is biased towards a Fantasy style, withbright colorsand diverse scene designs, allowing you to discoversurprises inyour adventures every moment. [Immersive plot] The upsand downs ofthe plot line, just the right bgm, bring you adifferent adventureexperience. [Strategy Card]Different from thetraditionalturn-based card gameplay, strategy and some operationsare added tothe game, which is easy to use and increases the fun ofthe game,making your game no longer monotonous. [DiversifiedGameplay]Heroic adventures, strategic competitions, challengingworldbosses... Rich gameplays can bring you a unique gameexperience![Elite Level] Each level has higher difficulty, andthere are somechallenges that are defended by the player. You canget rich gameresources from it!