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ISSB & Entry Test Quizzes 3.1
Hey, this app will help you to prepare yourself for the questionsthat are frequently asked in ISSB and Entry Tests of variousuniversities. You can preperae yourself for * Entry Tests * ISSB *CSS * ECAT * MCAT * Interview But our main focus would be on ISSBalso know as Inter Service Selection Board. The app containsquestion from well know Forces academies like Noor Forces Academyetc. Where they prepare students for Initial and ISSB Testincluding the interviews and out door tasks etc. Soon, a daily quizfunctionality will be added, and you will be able to get a dailynotification having a trending quiz of that time related to ISSB.The app includes all those questions that are frequently askedduring some tests, or while you are called for a job interview.Many Questions are manually picked from Top Quiz Sites like GoTest,Ilm Ki Dunia etc This app will help you in both conditions, eitheryou are struggling to get admission in any institute or you want ajob. The app contains 30+ Abbreviation Questions, 50+ InterviewQuestions and 60+ Maths Questions and more are added time to time.Hope you'll enjoy this.
BDM - Fast Download Manager 1.5
BDM "Browse Simply Download Manager" isa simplest & easiest Download Manager app for android phone& tablets which can help you to download any file directly& quickly. Just copy the download link from the web and pasteit to BDM rest of the work will do by itself. It's aseparate version of Download manager from the Browse Simply Webbrowser. Give a feedback to help me to make Browse SimplyWeb browser a better browser for you.Features- Only 3 mb size.- Easy to use.- No in app purchase- Fastest download (Also big files)- Reconnect automatically when phone restartsHow to use?To download any file follow these steps.1. Just copy link2. Open BDM3. Click on "Plus" button4. And paste your download url and press "Download"What is Browse Simply?• Experience the best browsing feature with Browse SimplyWeb browser search a result and it instantly appear as youtype and you can check your previous pages as well if network isn'tavailable. If you need the latest exchange ratesor weather forecast, the suggestions have your answer.If you want to visit a site but you don’t rememberthe exact address, enter its name and Browse Simply willdo the rest for you. Browse Simply helps you to saveyour mobile data usage while browsing using Data Save Modeit will block all images from web which will speed up the browsingspeed rather you are using 2g.• Use Private Mode to browse without saving your history,cache, cookies etc and keep your browsing safe & private.Small in size it means it doesn't lag even in low ram/memorydevices which keeps your device running smoothly and make yourbrowsing experience more interesting.• Browse simply Web browser can be move to externalSD card which can helps you to save more internal storage. Downloador stream any video online directly from the web BPlayer isa built-in lightest, fastest and smoothest video player which givesyou a best experience you had ever seen. You can play video or saveto watch later. Download any file using Browse simply easily& you can also stream any video or audio online.• Get rid of annoying ads and popups which makes your browsing slowand annoying. Browse Simply comes with an built-in Ad-Blockwhich can block all the ads from websites and make your browsinginteresting and adblock can also helps you to save your data usage.• Multi tasking with Browse Simply Web browser nowyou can access unlimited number of tabs without any lag or crash.Watch a video, chat with friends or do anything by accessingunlimited tabs. Browse Simply is the app which can helps youto get things done.• Browsing with SPEED MODE enable is the best choice whenyou browser to read you favourite articles. SPEED MODE willdisable the javascript and compress the websites which can helpsthe page to load 2X faster and 2X smoother.Browse Simply gives you a best browsing experience in thistiny package. Please tell what you likes in Browse Simplywhat you think about Browse Simply by giving a review herein Google Play share your idea, ask questions or contactvia:Twitter, Instagram or Facebook(@browsesimply).Join beta testing program for official Browse Simply webbrowser to get newest features first:
Incognito Browser:Fast&Private
An ultra secure Incognito browser to surf the web privately [withan Ad-blocker]
Incognito Browser Pro
Stop using browsers that eats memory, Use Incognito Browser,Exclusively PRIVATE
Calculator Photo Vault
Hide photos like they never existed with Calculator Photo Vault!
Lite Incognito Browser
Enjoy the Lite Incognito Browser with extra fast speed and lessdata consumption