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All Format Video Player (HD) 1.0.5
Plays all Audio and Video Formats noneed to download extra plugin /script or font.No need to have multiple players for different formats,The player is specifically designed for personalized experience forwatching videos and listening to music of all the formats. Therealistic control buttons and interface.Features:VIDEO PLAYERPlays all the video formats smoothly, supports hd, full hd and 4kvideos.Supported formats:.3g2 .3gp .3gp2 .3gpp .amv .asf .avi .divx .drc .dv .f4v .flv.gvi .gxf .ismv .iso .m1v .m2v .m2v .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp2 .mp2v.mp4 .mp4v .mpe .mpeg .mpeg1 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg .mpv2 .mts .mtv.mxf .mxg .nut .nuv .ogm .ogv .ogx .ps .rec .rm .rmvb .tod .ts .tts.vob .vro .webm .wm .wmv .wtv .xescAUDIO PLAYERPlays all the audio formats, enjoy the best music experience.Supported formats:.3ga .a52 .aac .ac3 .adt .adts .aif .aifc .aiff .amr .aob .ape.awb .caf .dts .flac .it .m4a .m4b .mid .mka .mlp .mod .mpa .mp1.mp2 .mp3 .mpc .mpga .oga .ogg .oma .opus .ra .ram .rmi .s3m .spx.tta .voc .vqf .w64 .wav .wma .wv .xa .xmCOOL INTERFACERealistic control buttons and color combinationsADVANCED CONTROLSAdjust play speed, adjust audio delay, audio tracks, subtitledelay.10 Band EQUALIZERFor personalized audio and video experience.BROWSE FILESBrowse files and folders in storage, hide from library.GESTURE CONTROLSSwipe controls for volume, brightness and seeking.1 TAP CONTROLSFor Mute/Unmute, Day/Night Mode, and Screen Orientation.SUBTITLESEnjoy videos with subtitles, adjust speed, delay etc.Supported Formats:.idx .sub .srt .ssa .ass .smi .utf .utf8 .utf-8 .rt .aqt .txt.usf .jss .cdg .psb .mpsub .mp12 .pjs .dks .stl.vttPLAYLISTImport / Export playlists, enjoy personalized musicexperience.Supported formats..m3u .asx .b4s .pls .xspfSupport us with your positive comments and feedback.__________________Please note: This Version is for High-end phones.If you experience any lag or slow processing,please download our MKV Media Player,it also plays all video and audio formats.
MKV Media Player 1.0.8
MKV media player is all in one player, itplaysall the popular video and audio files.In addition lets you to stream over network.Features:- Video PlayerPlays all video formats smoothly. .mkv .ac3. .mp4 .flv .avi.3gp.webm .avi .iso and many more..- Audio PlayerPlays all audio format. .mp3 .wav. .aac .ogg- Gesture ControlsGesture controls for brightness, volume, forward and rewind- Child lockSafe lock for children, entertainment for everyone.- Smooth OperationEnjoy lag free operation and smooth play- 10 Band EqualizerAdjust 10 band to totally personalize the audio andvideoexperience.
ISO Video Player 1.0.8
ISO Video Player Plays your DVD andCDfiles smoothly in best quality.In addition, it has music player, network streamer, livevideosupport and file browsing functions.Features:◉ All format player, supports ISO, mkv, avi, webm, 3gp,mp4,ac3,aac, m4a, mp3 and many more..◉ Gesture ControlsEasy controls with gestures, swipe up/down for volume andbrightness& swipe left/right to seek video.◉ Smooth PlayLag free operation, even for the high quality videos like fullHD,UHD and 4K videos.◉ 10 Band EqualizerPersonalize the sound experience with adjustable bands.◉ Audio & Subtitle SynchronizationSynchronize audio and subtitles with video.◉ Auto Listing of all Video/Audio filesAuto lists all the media files◉ File BrowserBrowse files and folders, hide from library.◉ Online Stream SupportStream live videos and enjoy with ease.and many more features..._______________________________Please support us with your positive feedback.
All Video Format Player (Lite) 1.8.1
All Video Format Player plays all theaudio-video file formats smoothly.This Lite version is developed for low end phones.FEATURES:★ VIDEO PLAYERThe player is developed to support the low end devices.It lets you enjoy movies and videos by playing smoothlySupported formats:.3g2 .3gp .3gp2 .3gpp .amv .asf .avi .divx .drc .dv .f4v .flv .gvi.gxf .ismv .iso .m1v .m2v .m2v .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp2 .mp2v .mp4.mp4v .mpe .mpeg .mpeg1 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg .mpv2 .mts .mtv .mxf.mxg .nut .nuv .ogm .ogv .ogx .ps .rec .rm .rmvb .tod .ts .tts .vob.vro .webm .wm .wmv .wtv .xesc★ MUSIC PLAYERThe integrated music player lets you enjoy music in yourpersonalized way.Supported formats:.3ga .a52 .aac .ac3 .adt .adts .aif .aifc .aiff .amr .aob .ape .awb.caf .dts .flac .it .m4a .m4b .mid .mka .mlp .mod .mpa .mp1 .mp2.mp3 .mpc .mpga .oga .ogg .oma .opus .ra .ram .rmi .s3m .spx .tta.voc .vqf .w64 .wav .wma .wv .xa .xm★ SUBTITLESAdvanced subtitles options like add files, delay and adjustspeed.Supported Formats:.idx .sub .srt .ssa .ass .smi .utf .utf8 .utf-8 .rt .aqt .txt .usf.jss .cdg .psb .mpsub .mp12 .pjs .dks .stl .vtt★ EQUALIZERCustomize the audio experience, adjust 10 bandfrequencies.★ PLAYLISTSYou can import/export your favorite play lists to thedevice.Supported formats..m3u .asx .b4s .pls .xspf★ ADVANCED OPTIONSPlayback speed, audio delay, sleep timer, jump to time andintegrated file browser.★ TIPSDouble tap the "Got It"button,to get rid of onscreen tips.Press back twice to exit video.Please note: The performance is purely dependent on your devicecapabilities.The player can run on 256MB RAM also,but we recommend 1GB RAM for optimum performance.If you experience any lag or sluggish performance, Try cleaningdevice memory and RAM.If still problem persists,Please mail us your device specifications and issues with name ofthe player in subject.
Backup Apps 1.0
Generate or extract apk file from theinstalledapps on your phone.Features:✿ Save apk file for reinstalling later✿ Simple Interface✿ Lag free Operation✿ Auto-list installed apps✿ One Touch Backup✿ Light sizeBackup App is one touch apk generator or extractor foryourinstalled apps.Easy to use:➤ Click on app➤ Go to Download/apk(folder)➤ There is your app➤ Keep it for installing later_________________________________Please rate us to encourage our efforts
Slow Motion Video Player HD 1.2.2
The Media Player is most advanced featurepacked player available for free.Play Audio and Video files from .25x to 4x motion speeds.Control the playing speed of all audio and video formats of allqualities like 360p,480p, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K,48kbps, 64kbps 128kbps, 360kbps.Features:Video Player HDLets you play all the different formats and control the playing /motion speed of the video file.Audio PlayerLets you play all the audio/ music file formats and control themotion speed.Audio BoosterBoost the audio experience with 10 frequency equalizer.Online StreamStream and watch online videos with integrated onlinestreamer.Speed ControlsThe playback speed control lets you control the motion speed of theaudio and video files.Make audio videos run upto 4 times faster and 1/4timesslower.All Format SupportSupported Video file formats.3g2 .3gp .3gp2 .3gpp .amv .asf .avi .divx .drc .dv .f4v .flv.gvi .gxf .ismv .iso .m1v .m2v .m2v .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp2 .mp2v.mp4 .mp4v .mpe .mpeg .mpeg1 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg .mpv2 .mts .mtv.mxf .mxg .nut .nuv .ogm .ogv .ogx .ps .rec .rm .rmvb .tod .ts .tts.vob .vro .webm .wm .wmv .wtv .xescSupported Audio Formats.3ga .a52 .aac .ac3 .adt .adts .aif .aifc .aiff .amr .aob .ape.awb .caf .dts .flac .it .m4a .m4b .mid .mka .mlp .mod .mpa .mp1.mp2 .mp3 .mpc .mpga .oga .ogg .oma .opus .ra .ram .rmi .s3m .spx.tta .voc .vqf .w64 .wav .wma .wv .xa .xmPlease note:We have used best decoding techniques but still the performance ofthe player is entirely depend on your device capabilities.Slow and fast motions need more free RAM and powerfulprocessor.Low end device users please keep this fact in mind.