Ammonite Studio Apps

Monster Nursery 1.9.5
Become a rancher and take care of monsters inyour way!Start from your beginner monster and fulfilling the library bookswith all the species you discover!Enjoy generating eggs from your Facebook friends and hatch themto see what’s inside. You can choose to raise from cute bunny-likemonsters to super cool-looking dragon-like monsters or even breedthem up to see what monster you will get.Train your monsters and earn money by doing part-time jobs suchas construction, cooking, farming, washing dishes and start anadventure in Ladder Attack to see how far you can go.And don’t forget to visit your friends’ home and see what theyare up to!Game Features- Create new monsters from your friends' identity.- Interact with your lovely monsters. You can feed and also playwith them.- Train your monsters and fight with others.- Discover more than 10,000 different species of monster!
Fanpantae 1.3.2
Legendary Quiz game that challenges your obsessions, favorite andmaniac topics!
The Mask Singer - Tiny Stage 1.22.4
THE MASK SINGER games on mobile !!!
Tenfaces 1.0.1
Do you really know your friends? Let’s find out! Peoplenowadayshave so many friends in Social Network. Some of thembarelyremember their friend’s face or name. Let’s have a littletest withTen Faces.
Dream Cat Paradise 4.2.3
Dream Cat exists everywhere. Even in your pocket! Are you ready tofind them?
Alpaca World HD+ 3.4.2
This is the loveliest alpaca app ever! (´・ェ・`)
เวทีทอง 1.1.1
Gold platform game with puzzle competitions for all participants toenjoy the legendary game competitions and hilarious.
ปริศนาฟ้าแลบ 2.3.0
ปริศนาฟ้าแลบ ( Lightning Quiz ) On Mobile