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Live Greetings 1.1.0
Hysterically funny greetings that move, talkand sing can now be sent via text, email, and more – you can evenadd YOUR voice to the fun!With Live Greetings, outrageously funny is the rule, not theexception – so crack open the app that’s guaranteed to crack asmile. Because, really – who doesn’t love getting a singinghamburger for their birthday?Check out these features:- Lots of funny birthday and holiday greetings to choose from, soyou’ll be sure to find the perfect card – plus greetings forholidays and more are on the way!- You can choose to add a personal touch by recording YOUR voice onany card – how cool is that?- Get snap happy: you can add photos from your camera or cameraroll to ANY greeting.- Get personal: you can add a typed message and signature to anydesign!- Want to buy a real hold-in-your-hand version of a Live Greetingsfavorite? Our store locator will help you find a retail locationnear you!- 100% Trustworthy – Live Greetings is brought to you by the numberone trusted name in cards, American Greetings!So, what are you waiting for? Download some laughs, and startspreading the happy today with Live Greetings!
justWink Greeting Cards INTL 2.5.0.r228140
justWink lets you send realistic greetingcards from your phone to your friends.Where no greeting card has gone before? We just wentthere.justWink lets you personalize and send awesome, realistic greetingcards from your phone to your friends, family, and beyond, viaemail, Facebook or SMS.Always have the perfect card at your fingertips—cards that willwork for every who, what, where, and when in your crazy life.Cards that shuffle between, funny, bold, cute, trendy, sassy,heartfelt, sweet, and beautiful.Cards that open and flip and make people smile just like realcards.You can even customize these cards like you can real cards: Addyour own note, drop in a photo, and even add your own signature forthat authentic “I Actually Care About You” feel!FEATURESQuickly find great cards for:- Christmas!- Holidays!- Season's Greetings!- New Year's!- Valentine's Day!- Birthday!- Thanks!- Congrats!- Baby!- Wedding!- Friendship!- Couples!- Just Because!- And everything in between...Personalization – choose to add any or all (or none) of thefollowing inside the cards:- Your own message- Your signature- A photo from your phone- Facebook photosSend Cards Via:-Email-Facebook-Text MessageOther Fun Stuff:- Reminders – never forget an all-important (or entirely trivial)card-sending occasion again!Thanks for checking out justWink, and remember…when you need theperfect card, whatever the situation, don’t stress... justWink.
Creatacard Card Maker 1.1.4
Creatacard Card Maker by American Greetings is a fun app thatallows kids to use their creativity and our never-before-seentechnology to make real paper greeting cards that they can send tofamily and friends. Create and Send via Real Mail Kids of all agescan use their fingers and imaginations to doodle, draw, paint, andcreate their way to real printed greeting cards. Kids will have theoption to create a card from scratch using a selection of toolsincluding pencils, paint, markers, stickers, and more. Customizethe card in any way you'd like by adding a personal message, photo,and name to create a truly unique greeting card. Add Photos, Framesand more to create truly custom greeting cards Kids can add theirfavorite selfie or any photo from the device, pick a cool frame anddecorate the card to create their own one of a kind photo card.Never run out of drawing supplies again! Gone are days of brokencrayons, dried out markers and stickers stuck in all the wrongplaces. With the Creatacard app, your child gets to enjoy all thefun and creativity of creating a card from scratch without all ofthe mess. Send cards for your favorite holidays and specialoccasions, including Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, Mother’s Day,Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day and so much more. Kids love it andparents approve Kids want more screen time to play and have fun.Parents want kids to use their time more productively. We didextensive research to create this new app that gives them both whatthey want! You can teach your kids the attitude of gratitude whiledeveloping their creativity. Thank You cards, Thinking of You, andI Miss You are just a few of the ways they can share their love.Something for everyone…even those not feeling creative! Don't wantto make your own greeting card? Choose from one of our pre-madecards, and with a few taps, you can add pictures, a personalmessage, and more in order to create a personalized card just foryou. Once a card is created, it can be sent through the actualmail, for only $3.49 (stamp included!), to whomever you like,anywhere in the world. A Safe Space This is a fun and safe app foreveryone! Kids create, adults send, so the only surprise you'llhave is the awesome card when it's finished.
Nutt Putt - App Coin™ 1.0.1
Hit the greens with everyone's favorite putt-putt-playingsquirrelfor an awesome 18-hole mini-golf game! Collect specialtreats andmaster these challenging shots like a PRO!Details:•18 epic holes to master!•Puzzling putts you'll love trying to solve!•Nutty bonuses and squirrel-tastic surprises!The playful characters, bold settings, and action-packedgameplayof NUTT PUTT will surprise and delight you to no end. So,if you’reinto playing sports games, then you’re right where youneed to be.Because NUTT PUTT is all about playing for points andmastering yourskills like a true APP CHAMPION!So what are you waiting for?! Get gaming and have a BLAST!NUTT PUTT is an App Coin Game created by AmericanGreetings.Patent Pending. To learn more,
Celebrity videos and ecards, ready for personalization.
justWink Greeting Cards
justWink lets you send realistic greeting cards from your phone toyour friends.
American Greetings Ecards
Send Personalized Video Ecards For Birthdays, Holidays & More