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Amazing Zoom Camera 1.8.4
★ New On Android ★SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE$5.99 >>>>> $1.99BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP AND SAVE $4!Easily extremely zoom your camera, take a picture and shareit!Now you can easily super-zoom (1x to 30x zoom) using yourAndroid device. Just reverse-pinch/pinch to zoom in or out, use thespecial buttons and easily take a great photo of the zoomedpicture.This is the best zoom camera app you'll ever use, Seescreenshots and try it out!Features of this version:- Easily zoom from 1x to 30x using pinch or special buttons- Works fully on every Android device camera: Use it as zoom cameraor as a zoom-mirror- Easily take a photo of the zoomed picture- Slick and easy to use design, See screenshots- You can also use the built-in flashlight- Universal app, Works perfectly on phone or tablet- Zoom to 30x magnification!- Photos saved to a dedicated folder and can be reached from theapp itself.If you have any issues with this app please contact us from thestore link. That's the only way we can contact you to solve it out.Leaving an issue as a review doesn't help us solve it.
Location Faker 1.22
Location Faker app help you easily fake your location and pretendto be anywhere else in the world. Mask your location by searchingfor a specific location or simply by long press anywhere on themap. The app hides your real location (like a fake gps locationchanger). After selecting the exact location you can go to anyother app and screenshot the new place to send to your friends.Start faking your GPS location and have fun with your friends!IMPORTANT: For the app to work you must enable "Mock Locations" onDeveloper settings. To do that go to Settings > About > taprapidly on Build Number until it says “You are now a developer.”Then go into your developer setting and check “Allow mocklocations“. For Android 6 and above in developers settings you needpress "Select mock location app" and choose there "Location Faker"
Amazing Magnifying Flashlight+ 1.8.4
★ New On Android ★ON SALE TO CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH.$5.99 >>>>> $1.99BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP AND SAVE $4!The best magnifying Glass For Android. Now withbuilt-inflashlight for FREE!You can choose between 4 auto-zoom (2x,3x,4x,8x).It's the smoothest magnifying glass for Android you'll everuse.See screenshots and try for yourself.Doesn't contain any annoying ads!!!Get it now!